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Texas natives and residents: Sound off!

This is a discussion on Texas natives and residents: Sound off! within the Texas forums, part of the Regions category; Over time Iíve noticed thereís a bunch of TX natives and residents here on the forums. I thought Iíd start a thread for us to ...

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Texas natives and residents: Sound off!

Over time Iíve noticed thereís a bunch of TX natives and residents here on the forums. I thought Iíd start a thread for us to tell our stories. Letís see who all joins in.....

Iím Houston born (1955) and raised. Grew up just northwest of Hobby Airport which was Houston International for most of my early years. I used to sit in the backyard and watch planes on short final for what is now runway 12R, this fueled my lifelong interest in aviation and becoming a pilot. Class of Ď73 in high school then off pursue aviation, a little bit of higher education, and the pains of realizing I have to behave like an adult now. I laugh now, not so funny then. After moving around several states chasing aviation jobs over the years, I came back to Houston with a new job in 2000. We (wife and daughters I picked up along the way) settled in Friendswood as I was Hobby based once again. My employer transferred me to the Charlotte area in Ď07. I just retired from them after 20 years and we are planning to move back to the Mother Land to property we bought near Bulverde within the next couple of years.

OK enough of me, how about you folks? Wiz? Ray55?

Thanks from wiz1997
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Houston born 1957.

Grew up in the home my parents bought in 1954 that my Mom finally sold in 2018.

House is just a mile North of Hobby Airport, East of Broadway.

Attended, Lewis, Hartman and Milby.

Lived up around Hobby until 1986.

Moved to Palacios Texas while working at the South Texas Nuclear Project. 1983-1988.

Moved to Asbury Park, NJ in 1988 for work, spent two years up there and decided I didn't care much for the cold.

When my Dad retired, he and my Mom started traveling and every time they went somewhere the house was broken into.

Dad "suggested" I move back and stay at the house while they were out seeing the country.

Moved back to Houston and stayed at my parent's house until I found work and saved up enough for a down payment on a house.

Bought my house here in Pearland in 1991 and been here ever since.

House has survived a few hurricanes and two floods.

Before they built better fences around Hobby, we would breech the fence and lay in the tall grass at the SouthEast end of the runway and watch the planes takeoff and land twenty feet above our heads.

Did I mention tall "grass"?

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where men are men and sheep run scared

Thanks from XM25Ren
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San Angelo born in 1941. Both parents were Texas-born as were most of my grandparents. Since my mother's parents were residing in San Angelo, she went there to have me while my dad was serving in the Air Department of the heavy cruiser USS Portland in the Pacific. He flew their OS2U Kingfisher observation planes. Since my father was career Navy we moved regularly between East and West coasts.

I received a USN scholarship to the University of Texas in Austin and graduated/commissioned in 1963. Over a 20 year career I continued the family tradition of never staying any place for more than two or three years. I have four children - three born in service hospitals (Navy/Air Force/Army) and one in a civilian one. My son continued the Navy tradition and became a Hospital corpsman and is the only one of us to have experienced combat.

I am now fully retired and residing in rural Virginia.

Thanks from wiz1997
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Originally Posted by POLACK View Post
where men are men and sheep run scared
Goats not sheep.

You ain't from Texas, are ya boy?

I prefer horses and hay bales.

Giddy up, whoa, back.

They didn't call me Kenny whinny for nuthin'.

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born in Port Arthur, Texas, 1947.. moved to Louisiana with my Mom and sister when she remarried in 1954.. raised in NOLA, graduated HS in 65, enlisted in the USMC in 66.. came home after a "extended" tour of RVN in 68, returned to TEXAS (Houston) in 78, Dallas in 86,back to NOLA in 92... been with the LA State Dpt. of Veteran Affairs since 96 keep thinking of retiring, but don't know what I'd do with myself if I did...

Thanks from wiz1997
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Youíre not from Texas . . .

But Texas wants you anyway.

Born (1957) and raised in Detroit, Michigan. College at VMI, Artillery officer in Germany. Came back to Richmond, VA taught high school school played rugby, sold sporting goods got married and had two boys then got hired on by the petrochemical construction division of Brown & Root (1988). Last B&R project was in Pascagoula, MS. Fella who hired me had moved from B&R to John Brown. He brought me to Texas (Baytown) in 1993 to set up a division wide training program. Transferred to Houston a couple of weeks after moving. Lived on the SW side of Houston in a little incorporated city called Meadows Place. Had several training poisons with different Houston headquartered companies. Traveled a lot. When the beltway first opened Hobby was like having my own private airport. 20 minutes door to door, close parking and SW to take me wherever I needed to go. Had to split to Florida and Indiana 2008-2012 to stay employed during the recession. Boomeranged back to Port Arthur in 2012 and retired from Huntsman there last March. Looking at maybe one more move to Kerrville.

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Born and raised in Baltimore, MD in 1960. Other then 3-1/2 years in DE (1993-1997), I have lived in Maryland my entire life, not counting military duty. Enlisted in the US Army Reserve in 1978 and attended Basic in Ft. Jackson at the age of 17. Actually turned 18 while in Basic. Got a used cigarette butt from DS Prater as a birthday gift lol. Went to Ft Eustis as a 68B10 aircraft powerplant repairer. Mainly worked on T-53’s and T-55’s on Hueys and Chinooks (actually, more like 95% on Chinooks). Proud to be a Happy Hooker.

Parlayed that experience into becoming an unlicensed aircraft mechanic for a defense contractor and worked my way into getting my A&P in 1987. Started my airline career as an AMT in 1989 and eventually became a line maintenance manager. I transferred from PHL to IAH last June. Definitely a sea change between MD and TX for sure. Got my LTC in October. I could have lived to be 125 years of age and never got a license to carry in MD.

My wife and I moved to The Woodlands just south of Conroe. Although Marylanders are not as surly and impolite as, say, New Yorkers or Bostonians (heck, anywhere in the NE), I’d say Texans seem to be a more polite and friendlier group. I do know from being in the Army that native Texans love their home state, and that’s a good thing. I’m a history buff, and Texas has a lot of history.

My major goal is to A-find someplace local (less than 50 miles) to bowhunt (looking for an existing lease or to lease some property on my own); and B- a range where I can shoot my SOCOM and other rifles that is not overcrowded. I belonged to a great club in Stewartstown, PA that I miss dearly.

And I miss steamed crabs!

Name’s Brian.

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Born at an early age in '48 in Dallas. Graduated Sunset high in '67. Tried to join the Marines, but couldn't because one kidney. Went into aerospace while in college. Laid off in '71. Became Dallas PD in '73. Went into computer and robotics engineering in '75. Apprenticed myself to an HVAC company, learned the trade & ran a successful part time business for 32 years. Back into aerospace dark projects in '85. Peace broke out in '90 so went into instrumentation. Got my Ham license. Got my EMT cert but figured I was too old to ride a bus, so just volunteered as a first responder on tornadoes, hurricanes, and such. Got recruited by an old DPD buddy for a security/bodyguard job in '04. Went to armorer school on a bunch of different handguns/rifles/shotguns. Trying to quit/retire but they won't let me.
I like to consider myself "A man for all seasons".
My wife calls me "Jack of all, master of none".

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My favorite Uncle was born and raised in the Dallas/Fort Worth area... Does that count for something!?

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Originally Posted by JEFFJP_N_JJ View Post
My favorite Uncle was born and raised in the Dallas/Fort Worth area... Does that count for something!?
Well... life's not over yet... you can still escape CA and take 40 days and 40 nights to get to the Promised Land. Better hurry... rumor has it they are going to build a wall to keep the taxpayers in CA to support the ne'er do wells.

Thanks from JEFFJP_N_JJ
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Born in Austin in 1954 while my father was at UT. Family was from Corpus Christi so really grew up in Corpus until we moved to South Texas (Edinburg in the Rio Grande Valley) in 1968. Started college in Austin in 1973 but that only lasted a little while, I joined the Army in 1974. Got out in 1977, back to Austin working in a dental laboratory until I had enough of that then joined the Army again in 1984. Started off as a 19A/E then 19K, retired in 2001 as a senior NCO NCOIC Abrams NETT instructor/PSG. A couple tours in Germany and Fort Knox. I got to Fort Hood in 94, PCS'd to Knox in 99 but came right back to Hood TDY on the Abrams New Equipment Training Team. I had left my family here at Hood when I PCS'd to Knox because I knew I was retiring in the next year or so, it was pretty sweet TDY at home. Retired in 2001 and became one of those terrible military contractors and retired last August.

I've been told that you can always tell a Texan, you just can't tell him much. We are pretty ate up about being from Texas, just can't help it.

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As the saying says, “I wasn’t born here, but I got here as fast as I could”. Lived in San Antonio and now in the Dallas area.

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In case anyone may not know; Texas has it's own Forum.


The rest of ya'll (Southern for you's guys) are grouped in regions.

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