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How are Hilux's Cheaper Optics ($150-$200) ?

This is a discussion on How are Hilux's Cheaper Optics ($150-$200) ? within the Optics forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Originally Posted by MuppetMeat4Me (SNIP) Secondly, in consideration of what China is doing in the world, and how every dollar we send in that direction ...

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Originally Posted by MuppetMeat4Me View Post
Secondly, in consideration of what China is doing in the world, and how every dollar we send in that direction gets turned around and used against us, if not directly, in leverage, do we want to be sending money in their direction by buying stuff just because they're able to manipulate circumstances to make it cheaper for the individual buyers?

By all accounts that is becoming more of an issue every day.

We are funding a possible future enemy, and providing them plenty of advanced technology.

All China cares about concerning the U.S. is the money and technology we provide.

Thanks from MuppetMeat4Me
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ART Scopes

Several years ago, I got a deal on the Leatherwood ART 2.5-10 scope and base combo.
It took both hands to turn the power adj. ring. I disassembled the mount and adjusted the tension on the screws that hold the top moveable piece onto the base. Worked well then. I still didn't like the nylon roller that the cam turned on.
At the SHOT show several years ago, I asked a "foreign" rep for Hi-Lux about the durability of the nylon roller. That person had no idea what I was talking about.
Jim Leatherwood had an amazing solution for one of the problems facing our snipers in SE Asia. When given to the soldiers, they quickly found the deficiencies in the system. (There is some truth in "Marine Proof") Like all inventions, it can be improved upon. But with the 1960's technology, it worked pretty good for the conditions.
The system that I have works pretty good, clear optics, tracks accurately.
Main problem is the amount of bases needed to make the system work.
All in all, optically good.

Thanks from nf1e and MuppetMeat4Me
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Sorry if this is not apropo the discussion.

I have a Leatherwood Hi Lux CMR 1-4x24 on an AR in 5.56/223. The glass is pretty good and the reticle is one of the better ones among the 1-4x scopes of any price. HOWEVER, the eye relief is really, really bad for that type of scope. They may have better optics as you go up the price chain and/or as you scale up for higher magnification. I couldn't speak to that. I was pretty disappointed in this particular model and would have purchased something else had I known about the eye relief.

Thanks from MuppetMeat4Me
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Awards Showcase

I have their XTC scope.
Under $500.

Does what it’s supposed to.
Sometimes my 100 yard zero need to be adjusted a bit after dialing in the 600 yard dope.

I’ll eventually upgrade, but for now, it’s good.

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I have had two (2) Leatherwood ART scopes from Hilux. Sent the first one back under warranty. They no longer made/carried that ART so for $$ I got an "upgrade" ... neither would hold a zero on my M14 ... FWIW, I've got three (3) LRB M14's. With Bassett mounts and low end Leupold scopes, the M14's do just fine.
Now, FWIW, I've got two (2) Hilux CMR scopes, one is on my 300 Blackout (it's the AK47 CMR) and the other is on a 223 AR. Both of them seem to be just fine.
I have quit buying Hilux Chinese scopes ... for just a bit more I can get Leupold's and they have been without any problems.
Your mileage may vary.
Best of luck to you if you spend $$ on Chinese scopes.

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