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VA disability and Social Security

This is a discussion on VA disability and Social Security within the Veterans Affairs forums, part of the Armed Services category; My question is, when I start receiving Social Security, will it affect my VA disability payment as to the amount I recieve or will my ...

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VA disability and Social Security

My question is, when I start receiving Social Security, will it affect my VA disability payment as to the amount I recieve or will my social security be decrease because of th V.A.?

Thanks Van

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Contact the DAV National Service Officer at your local DAV chapter or VA hospital, then contact your local Social Security office. Make sure the two agencies agree. There are too many variables for anyone to 'blindly' tell you.

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Originally Posted by VanHahner View Post
My question is, when I start receiving Social Security, will it affect my VA disability payment as to the amount I recieve or will my social security be decrease because of th V.A.?

Thanks Van

There is no ambiguity here, the answer is no as long as the money you are receiving is a "service connected disability" and not a "non-service connected pension". Pensions can be effected by social security payments.

VA pensions are awarded to veterans on an income based concept. Basically to get a pension you would have to be just about totally penniless or saddled with very high medical expenses. If your social security payment results in a higher income then the pension might be affected.

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Thanks, good to know !

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Thumbs up Va & ss

I had the same question as you. I called the VA and ask them
if I could draw both SS Disability and VA Service connected disability and I was told I could. Next I called the SS office and ask them the same question. They told me that I could draw both disabilities without any problems. Call the VA and SS and ask them the question and here it for your self. Hope this helps.

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Since 1957, if you had military service earnings for active duty (including active duty for training), you paid Social Security taxes on those earnings. Since 1988, inactive duty service in the Armed Forces reserves (such as weekend drills) has also been covered by Social Security.
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•From 1957 through 1967, we will add the extra credits to your record when you apply for Social Security benefits.
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How can you tell if your military service has been credited to your account?
I get annual statements from SS with earnings records back to stone age/present along with estimated benefits at retirement.I see where my service income has been recorded but I dont see a statement of any added
credits/income '76'-'80'?Do I need to make an inquiry?
I was aware that my SC disability payments wouldnt interferre with ss retirement but I wasnt aware of added credits for service income.How long has this been law?

PS; Good Info!

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