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I'm beginning to understand the complaints.

This is a discussion on I'm beginning to understand the complaints. within the Veterans Affairs forums, part of the Armed Services category; You have to give it more time and exhibit more patience, ~6 months isn't really how they work, I bet the stats are puffed up ...

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You have to give it more time and exhibit more patience, ~6 months isn't really how they work, I bet the stats are puffed up for easy digestion. You've gotten the letter that your claim was received, just relax, there's nothing you can do about it from here on.

When you do get given appointments, SHOW UP. Every one of them. As mentioned they have cause to line out that claim if you don't show up.

I could only pull 10% from VA for Tinnitus though my hearing is reduced and is burdensome in every day life. Im not going to appeal. Once I received my rating, (and was told to pound sand on every other claim and exam that I had made), received a letter about 120 days later telling me I had to come in for a reexam on my hearing.

The audiologist told me verbatim why I had to come back "VA says I'm giving away too much disability".

....How about that. HA!

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Was discharged from the U.S. Navy in August 1973. Never had to apply for any type of disability, lucky I guess. Lots of my American Legion buddies over the years have had problems but I heard first hand from them that the Minneapolis VA Medical Center is pretty darn good! Can't speak for the others, just repeating from what they told me. I might want to add, also heard from my buddies that your County Veterans Service Officer is hired to help you cut through government "red-tape". Some are better than others, the best are worth their weight in gold! Tom from MN

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Awards Showcase

I have a couple more observations I'll share with you.

1. I too have tinnitus and was given 10% for it but the VA would not increase my overall disability. I'm thinking that 10% for tinnitus is pretty much standard.

2. This one will really make you boil, but it's not a result of VA policy ....

My late father-in-law was a truck driver in a hospital unit during WWII and served in North Africa and Italy. He never heard a shot fired in anger and was never in danger. He was an unskilled and poorly educated man, and for many years worked marginal jobs as a laborer, mostly in steel fabrication where he was continually exposed to high levels of noise. He tried for years to get benefits from the VA, particularly after he retired and had little income. He lived in a small town in Oklahoma and after his wife died he began seeing a woman whose daughter reportedly worked for the VA. In 2011, a couple years after he began seeing this woman, he again filed a claim with the VA and stated that his hearing loss was due to "loud noises" he was subjected to during WWII. He was referred to a private audiologist in another small Oklahoma town and the audiologist report said he had "profound hearing loss." I don't dispute that because you had to yell at him for him to hear you, but that was primarily due to him not wearing the hearing aids that the VA had provided him several years prior. His claim was processed fairly rapidly and he was awarded 80% disability for his hearing loss and the VA determined that because his hearing loss was so bad he was unemployable. And then because he was unemployable they concluded he would be paid disability at the 100% rate. I'm sure you'll find it odd, just as I did, that him being 91 years old at that time was not considered by the VA when they ruled that it was his hearing loss that made him unemployable and not his age. I guess their view is that any 91 year old vet, as long as he does not have hearing loss, is otherwise employable and can hold a job. And with that 100% award he went to the county tax office, showed them his award letter, and they set his property tax rate to zero because he was a 100% disabled veteran. With 100% disability, no property taxes, and no income taxes, he had more money coming in each month than he had ever had in his life. He went out and bought a brand new car to replace his 24 year old pick-up truck that barely ran and he started writing big checks to his lady friend for "cleaning his house." He spent the last two years of his life supported by the VA and with more money in his pocket than ever before. I'm not saying that someone "put the fix in", but a prudent person would reasonably think there was something fishy going on.

Thanks from CHARLIED308

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I remember reading a news item on the VA back in the "90's". Seems they had made some sort of prosthetic for a guys foot. The device was too small so they wanted to pare down his foot to fit the device. That was when I decided I would avoid the VA.

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