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This is a discussion on PTSD? within the Veterans Affairs forums, part of the Armed Services category; Originally Posted by 00F4B CAVman, you didn't mention the term used for Vietnam; "flashbacks." e.g. Drop to the ground and look for cover when fireworks ...

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Originally Posted by 00F4B View Post
CAVman, you didn't mention the term used for Vietnam; "flashbacks." e.g. Drop to the ground and look for cover when fireworks went off on the 4th of July.
Fresh home (three days) from Dong Ha in Apr '68, walking on downtown sidewalk in Minneapolis just under the ramp that led to a parking garage when a car backfired. I hit the ground, rolled over against the building, looked up at all the people staring at me. Boy did my face flush!

Thanks from CAVman
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Originally Posted by M14E2 View Post

Now I hear todays (non-vet) millennial/snowflake generation claiming PTSD for every negative childhood or adolescent event they experienced. They're not responsible for their actions , they need drugs , they can't hold a job and must go on disability for the seemingly mildest event.

I'm sure many are claiming PTSD because of the recent election results!
I am going to make some Generalizations here to make my point:

There is a huge difference in PTSD as viewed by Veterans Administration Psychiatrists(et al) versus 'Civilian' Doctors.
Because for Decades, the VA system has been inextricably tied to the VA Disabiity Ratings System. A Veteran only receives a Disability (Monetary) Benefit if they are Diagnosed with PTSD BY the VA(having a 'Civilian' Medical Diagnosis does not work) and given a percentage rating by the VA. A PTSD Disability Rating could range from 10% to 100% and the monthly benefit would be based on that % Rating. A Rating of Less Than 10% will not generate a Monetary Benefit.
So, the VA is historically reticent to Diagnose Veterans with PTSD because of the resultant Monetary Benefits. At various times, there have been 'exposes' where the VA has been shown to have directed Doctors and staff to be more 'conservative' in issuing PTSD Diagnoses for that reason.
On the other hand, Civilian Psychologists, Psychiatrists, et al...have no such concerns when diagnosing PTSD! They are Not Employees of the Social Security Administration(versus the VA)so they cannot be told to be more...Conservative!
Also, a Diagnosis of PTSD is virtually never a stand-alone Diagnosis, but is tied to a diagnosis of, for example, Major Depressive Disorder, AND PTSD.
The Social Security Adminstration in granting a Disablity based upon a psychological condition relies upon Civilian Doctors, not 'SSA' Doctors, however they do use Administrative Law Judges to Deny(Contest)claims for disability it does agree are justified.

So, Yes, in the 'Civilian World'...a Psychiatrist might well add a Diagnosis of PTSD to a Diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder...solely on the basis that the individual was very close to a Relative or Friend who died, and now is significantly depressed...simply because that is the best Explanation of what is going on...and because there are no direct and immediate (Financial!) compared to the VA System!

CAVman in WYoming

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I know for a fact your right (above) about VA being stingy (my words), they have more in this than a civilian Dr would, they're wrapped up in the financial compensation part, I know they seem keyed up for fraudulent claims. But my VA Audiologist, after I had been examined and awarded 10%, I was called back in and when I asked her why the re-exam, her words "They told me I'm giving away too much disability".

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I gotta say although we have stessful situations and what not life overall in the good old USA us pretty good .Not discounting people who have been through real stuff but it does seem we have become a nation of complainers and in some cases people looking for a disorder to latch onto .We put our military people in units that work and live together and they become as close or closer than family .Then we throw them into combat where they are fighting for their lives and the lives of their military brothers and sisters .I can't imagine a more stressful situation .If you are a combat vet and you hear me bitching and complaining just tell me to " shut up " you earned that right .

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I spent 18 years as a cop and I was diagnosed with PTSD after I left the job. I'm not taking anything away from any Vet, but what I experienced was over the course of 18 years and at times it still comes back. Not as often as it once did.

PTSD is the minds way of dealing with a traumatic incident, that incident can be anything from sexual abuse to witnessing and accident or robbery.

I think since the introduction of Medical Marijuana, many younger folks have used this as a way to get a license to smoke freely.

When I first came out of Law Enforcement and was having problems a friend I had known for longer than I was a cop (He's an old hippie basically) gave me some Marijuana and it was the only thing that worked to calm my mind and take away anxiety and anger.

Now, I do not smoke it anymore, but all I can tell you is that it helped better than the pharmaceutical drugs the witch doctors gave me with less side effects.

You have to understand, I spent a career enforcing drug laws so the use of Marijuana was a hard decision, but I was at the end of the line and it helped.

Each persons mind handles trauma differently and I am not now or ever was a proponent of the drugs doctors deal out like candy, so I made a conscious decision to try it and it worked for me.

I mean look at the Opioid crisis we are facing now, the fault of this lays directly on the doctors who give this stuff out for whatever reason, but you hear them on talk radio shows trying to address and understand a problem that they created.

Medical Marijuana has been proven to be an effective treatment for many issues, but it can easily be abused as well.

I am sorry if I got off topic here a bit, but understand two people can witness a traumatic event and both handle it differently.

I also think there needs to be a more specific screening process for true PTSD and not an excuse to get a prescription for something.

Thanks from 00F4B
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