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Non-vets wearing military bling?

This is a discussion on Non-vets wearing military bling? within the Veterans Affairs forums, part of the Armed Services category; Originally Posted by Douglas Haig I compare the wearing of military garb (excepting medals for valor) to the popularity of NYFD and NYPD hats after ...

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Originally Posted by Douglas Haig View Post
I compare the wearing of military garb (excepting medals for valor) to the popularity of NYFD and NYPD hats after 9/11. I think most who bought those hats did it as a show of support and solidarity not to somehow get a rush pretending to be a fire or policeman.

Brave men died in jungles and frozen wastelands holding M14s, Garands and M16s. Isn't it a bit out of the same respect to those soldiers that we shoot those weapons.

It seems to me a boonie hat, field jacket or bit of cammo is the same thing.

In making this comment I'm not talking about posers. That's a whole different and dispicable issue.
You are so right Douglas Haig... My dad always spoke highly of the M1 Rifle he slept with...

Thanks from tomdokulil
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Originally Posted by Rich D View Post
The Rastas would be naked! Mon, I don't care mon. What bothers me more is the f&%@ing war mongers that didn't put their ass on the line and run around waving the flag. They are the lowest of low.
get ready for the chicken hawks to crow like never before

Thanks from nf1e and Rich D
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My humblest apologies to anyone I may have offended. Those who have picked up a weapon and sworn an oath will probably appreciate my sense of humor, others may not.

I have worked in over a dozen countries and met thousands of people. Regardless of their culture, within a few minutes you can get a pretty good idea if they have ever stood hours in line to be fed or peeled bloody socks off their feet following a road march that ended in the same place they started.

There is something about having been insulted and abused by professionals that tempers one's approach and attitude to just about everything.

I have family members, friends and associates that have never served in the military. OK, they annoy the crap out of me, but I love them dearly and only insult them when absolutely necessary.

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I won't wear any of it personally. Some Marine almost started a fist fight with me for wearing woodland camo uniform once back in the day, one day we were going shooting. I explained it had NO EGA, or anything, it was generic, and I think that was the only reason he walked off.
We that didn't serve have our own category of things to wear (Come and take it, Don't tread on me, III%er, militia, etc.) Patches, pins, shirts, etc. Unmarked camo items are open season.
I have my Dad's Lt. bars, ribbons, and other uniform items, but I would never put them on under any circumstances. If any non military guys I know buy from the surplus store, I suggest removing the rank, patches, and nametags.
In JROTC I reached the rank of Sergeant First Class, I know that is not the military, it is under the California National Guard, but I am allowed to still wear it if I ever desired if I was not trying to pass it off as U.S. Army or anything else.

Thanks from ATCDoktor and SGT John SWF
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I was raised in a Gold Star family so I'm somewhat biased! Thanks to all those that sacrificed so we can have these discussions

Leon McKee

Thanks from Old Sarge, nf1e, High Hat and 1 others

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Between my Dad, 3 brothers, a sister, and yours truly, we put in over 120 years of US military service. Our service extends from Bataan, Korea, Vietnam, and the first Gulf War. About the only thing I would wear on the range someday that I did not earn is a campaign hat as a tribute to my Dad, who was a trooper with the famed 26th Cavalry.

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Originally Posted by Rich D View Post
I heard Marine Air retired their last radial engine bi-plane this year.
You probably read it a little wrong. We retired the last F-4. I only worked on them for a few years, but it is like the funeral for a friend.

Semper Fi
Sgt USMC 66 - 72 RVN 67 -68

Nothing worse , in my book , than the current occupant of the WH wearing the Com. in chief leather jacket. A total disgrace and he supposedly earned it. Opinion only.
If the shoe fits, wear it.

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Originally Posted by rickgman View Post
Gentlemen, I see no problem with folks wearing uniform items as long as they do not display unearned rank insignia or awards. Just my two cents worth. Rick
I always choke when I see civilian police officers wearing military rank insignia. Especially little town USA chief wearing 4 stars . That's just wrong.

Thanks from hardheaded
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[QUOTE=WaM14gunner;2355954]The first sentence is a highly inflammatory remark with or without a stupid emo. Totally uncalled for. " don't expect (civilians) to understand things like courage, honor or self-sacrifice"? Then a little emo is supposed to make that OK? That's baloney. Thought we were supposed to be civil around here.

I always thought that we served so the women, children and others wouldn't have to.

Thanks from Lazerus2000
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I put all my Dad's military things from WW2 in glass display case, casket flag, ribbons and medals, service stripes, dog tags, fired cartridges cases from his cemetery ritual. I look at it every day! Love ya Dad! Tom from MN

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As has been said, " you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig".

For all that have served, Thank you for your service.
For all others, please just do your part and try to understand the sacrifices that some have made so you don't have to.
For me, it tears me apart to someone wearing and dishonoring a uniform they didn't earn.
After only 6 years of service, there are many times that I am jealous of those that didn't have to see and feel what my comrades and I did. If you have ever had to look at a set of dog tags to id what was left of a friend, you know what I am talking about. For others, consider yourself lucky.
Innocence and teenage years were given for a larger cause.

Semper Fi

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Originally Posted by M14E2 View Post
It's been my feeling that nobody should wear military insignias , decorations , medals , badges of rank , etc that they did not earn.

I've been seeing some members of certain motorcycle riding groups who never served wear them saying ''it's my Dad's/son's/relatives. I wear it to honor them''.

Then IMO , you should get a patch made that says "In honor of Sgt. Daddy"!

My Dad was a Staff Sgt during WWII. Lots of medals. He's gone. I have them now. I don't wear them.

I wear my own Navy PO2 'crow' , Aircrew wings , AO insignia , station/squadron patches , etc. I earned them.

Your thoughts?
I fully agree.
Those items Earned should not be 'stolen' by those who didn't Earn them...whether they also served or not!
'Garb' is different. Most of us have worn some kind of Mil-Surp clothes, boots, hats, gear at one time or another, and it's hard to characterize just doing that as 'Posing' UNLESS it's clearly being done to Mislead. There was a guy at a LGS this year that was doing that...wearing various pieces of Marine uniforms and buying more, but not wearing or buying Insignia of any kind. My Daughter pointed him out and his behavior and I discounted it until it became clear he wouldn't look me in the eye(wearing my 1st Cav/VN cap)and I actually heard him say to his girlfriend? That something he just bought would 'look good' with something else he had at home...
And as to the 'Patches', etc...I have seen that too!
I was at the Sturgis Bike Rally a couple of years ago and a guy walked by me wearing a vest with a large Vietnam Service Ribbon Patch... I saw the Patch first and then looked up and saw it was a guy way too young to have served in Vietnam. I asked him if in fact he had served in VN, and he got red in the face and started stuttering that His Dad had served in VN, and the Patch was in his honor! I just looked at him...
Of course I get irritated too if I see a Vietnam ERA Veteran wearing the Vietnam Service Ribbon Patch... A number of times I have seen a guy wearing that Ribbon and when I asked the standard-typical-normal question one VN Vet always asks another---Who Were You With Over There?---They start waffling about how they weren't actually deployed but WERE in the Military During Vietnam!
Frankly, My Dear---That Ain't The Same!
(There are Patches that do say---'Vietnam ERA Veteran')
As to The Marines...I have and had many Marine friends since my own time in service, They always make it abundantly clear that the 'EGA'-Eagle, Globe and Anchor)is Earned and not to be worn by Non-Marines, nor is the 'Blood Stripe' to by non-NCO's.

CAVman in WYoming

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Originally Posted by KurtC View Post
I give civilians a pass when it comes to military protocol, simply because they lack the character to know better. I don't expect them to understand things like courage, honor or self-sacrifice
I take issue with that statement, big time.
I agree with the OP and have the utmost respect for all that serve our country in any capacity but strength of character, courage, honor and self sacrifice can also be found in many other places as well. You do many fine people a disservice with your statement and the implication that if they never served then they are by definition without character. Yes, our country is full of those types too but that doesn't give you the right to that sort of blanket judgement. Many of our "heroes" never served...

Thanks from harleyvato, Rich D and WaM14gunner
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If you didn't earn them, you shouldn't be wearing them.

Thanks from nf1e and jpowen
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