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US Rifle Cal. 30 M1 (Post em' if ya got em')

This is a discussion on US Rifle Cal. 30 M1 (Post em' if ya got em') within the Steel and Wood forums, part of the Rifle Forum category; We used to have a big thread with tons of beautiful pictures of John Garand's fine design, the M1 rifle. Sadly that thread has fallen ...

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US Rifle Cal. 30 M1 (Post em' if ya got em')

We used to have a big thread with tons of beautiful pictures of John Garand's fine design, the M1 rifle. Sadly that thread has fallen prey to the "gremlins of the interwebs"

What do you say we do another??

It's a perfect chance to show off what ya got.

carry on!


Thanks from cs137 and savage99nc01
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I picked this up from a friend of mine several years ago. He has a whole slew of them, eight I think now including a few correct Win-13's. It's a Feb '41 SA #2026XX M1 Garand w/ Danish VAR barrel (1.5 muzzle & 1.5 chamber), NM sights and NM op-rod.

I am practically in love with this rifle. One of my all-time favorites. It's a heck of a shooter and has never let me down.

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Mine is a Service Grade CMP HR made in 54-55 with original barrel. Kept her stock and just tweaked her a little. Shot her in the CMP Eastern Games last Saturday. She held her own and I did not disgrace her.

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My favorite.


Thanks from cs137 and savage99nc01
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I love my M14s and M1 Carbines, but the Garand will always hold the top spot in my heart.

'42 Winchester, '40 Springfield, Arl. Ord. Tanker conversion ('43 Springfield). As I type, I'm waiting for FedEx to show up with a new walnut stock for the Winnie.

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Here's my stash of Garands with an M1A on the right.

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Sure thing 9th,,,I'll play,,,, Here is my H&R Service Grade from CMP,,I have had it a few years,,Beautiful Rifle,,,Crappy Stock,,,LOL !!

Here is my Springy from 42,,it started life as a Rack Grade when it came to me,,it was a Tanker for a while,,but had it rebareld with a Criterion GI Profile,,Beautiful Rifle and shoots great also,,,,

Last pic has my IHC M1,,I call it my Tractor Gun,,, its the one on the Left,,my H&R in the Middle & My Bro-In-Laws Tanker on the far right !!

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My first CMP M1, a Dec. '44 SA with the original barrel. It was a field grade rifle. When I stripped the stock's old finish off it was too pretty to cover up with stain so I polyurethaned it.

My second CMP M1 (by luck also a Dec.'44 SA but with a 1953 LMR barrel on it). This was a Greek return rack grade but the barrel is like new (why I picked it over many others in the rack).

This one is a May'43 Greek return rack grad with a 1947 SA barrel on it. Also chosen for barrel condition vs. anything else. My youngest son believed the pistol gripped stock might help with his "canting" issue when slung up prone. No evidence to support it yet as he hasn't shot the rifle since the new stock went on it.

The H&R's will have to wait for another day. This is Springfield day!

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top to bottom:

April 1943 Springfield, CMP "Special"
1954? (4799***) HRA CMP Service Grade
July 1944 Springfield, Blue Sky
October 1942 Springfield, Fed-Ord T-26 replica
NPM Rack Grade Carbine

Some more pics of the CMP "Special"

And one I'm most proud of... the HRA detail stripped for cleaning. First time I've ever done it, though it's likely second nature to many here.

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1.00 mil-4.32mil-5.86mil

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Great looking M1's guys.

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2 - Springfield Corrects, 1 HRA Correct, Feb 1944 Correct Restoration, Toole Rebuild, The rest are mutts

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Awards Showcase

Here is my M1 Garand from July of 43. It is a SA but I had some work done on her. This was my fathers rifle and he bought it for a fraction of what they are going for today. It was a blu sky armory rebuild and had a 1964 barrel on it. Shortly after I ordered my M21 from SAI I decided it was time to take the M1 in for a tech inspectio because no matter how many times I cleaned the barrel I could never get rid of the pitting. LOL I know I cant clean the pitting away. Anyway it was an excuse to my then fiance that it needed to be rebuilt. I live on Long Island and I discovered Orion 7(Tony Puchi). I had the inspection done and he said it needed a few components first off the barrel was toast showing a 6.5 on the TE gauge. I was way ahead of him because I already purchased a Heavy Krieger CM 1/10 twist barrel. The gas cylinder was out of spec so it was replaced as well. A few smaller parts needed replacing as well. I had the NM mod done on the gas system and unitized the front handguard, had NM front and rear sights installed as well. Also had everything reparked and new boyds furniture install. Tony complained about having to do the upper handguard work with the installation of the heavy barrel but he eventually got out his jig and router. It only had 80 rounds of BH match through it so far. Its not even broken in yet and preforms better than I would have ever imagined. PS although my father gave me this rifle long ago I still consider it his. When I brought it home and showed him the work that I had done he was close to tearing up. He was most thankful. He has a great love for the M1 because it is what he went to battle with in Korea as a Marine. He had it broke down before I could even tell him the few mods I had done, like he was in his 20's again. So here she is!!!!

Here she is with her sisters

Here she is with her younger sister before she got her glass. Catching some rays on the back lawn

Can't wait to get to the range again!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks from f1fanatic, SDC454502 and Ozarksgent
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I have a CMP Springfield rack grade Garand (5 million # serial range/Post WW2) that I purchased in 1999 without the stock. I sent the rifle to Fulton Armory for restoration and added a new walnut stock and new USGI barrel. I restored it with plans on getting it out to the firing line for a Garand match one of these days.
Fulton Armory also re-parkerized the rifle and they did a great job.

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43 Springfield, used as a prop in Flags of Our Fathers.

Thanks from cs137 and savage99nc01
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