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Shooting jacket question

This is a discussion on Shooting jacket question within the Rifle Competition forums, part of the Rifle Forum category; My new Creedmore (Canvas Deluxe) shooting jacket arrived today. Fits perfectly. Question about how to strap in in the various shooting positions. I know that ...

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Shooting jacket question

My new Creedmore (Canvas Deluxe) shooting jacket arrived today. Fits perfectly.

Question about how to strap in in the various shooting positions. I know that standing it's fully closed tightly to keep your back as rigid as possible. However in various videos I see in sitting and prone the lower part of the jacket open. What is the general practice? Top strap only? Top two/three straps? How tight?

Grateful for any advise.


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I tighten the top three straps of my shooting jacket for prone and sitting. Feels good for me and the shooting jacket stays close (not flap around). However, in sitting, loosen your belt; some shooters unbutton their pants button. This prevents restriction on your diaphragm.

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16 different ways to skin a cat... or button your coat. Most of the guys I'm seeing on the line leave the very top slightly loose in offhand to allow breathing and movement to load and shoulder the rifle. For sitting-top two straps get buckled, others are open. Sitting is where the zipper in "all position mod" gets opened up. For prone-either top only, or top two straps seems to be the majority. When you do your dry-fire pracrice, try a particualr method for at least 20 minutes in position. As you shoot matches you will develop what feels "right" for you.

A little anectdote: One match I was all out of whack and fired my offhand with only my top two straps buckled. Didn't realize it till the string was over. My score was no worse than one of my "bad" days (as if there's such a thing as a bad day shooting). Match director saw me and was laughing when it was over-I was too. Moral of the story: The jacket helps, but it isn't that critical to worry about which straps get buckled.

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For me, as I got older, my spare tire grew also. So comfort and breathing only buckle what you need and focus on the sight and target not the spare tire. Good luck

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In sitting and prone, you should feel the jacket 'tighten up' a little across your shoulder blades.

In prone, some jackets can 'ride up' and put unwanted pressure on the back of your neck. If that happens, the neckline of the jacket can be cut and resewn to give more clearance. Some people add straps on the back of the jacket to allow adjustments.

After you put the sling on your arm and tighten it, DON'T pull the sleeve, just leave it where it is.

Jay Kosta
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Good advice on the shooting jacket but I always wore a fairly heavy cotton hooded sweat shirt under it as well. Hood protects the neck from the sun and any rubbing of the jacket in that area as well. You see shooters using one of those long billed shooting caps which can serve to shield your vision from distractions to either side or even the glare of the sun and would use the hood to do the same thing if needed. Shooters show up at matches with loafers, tennis shoes, etc. and not the best for Off Hand shooting, you need firm footing and solid pair of boots can be a plus for that position, tends to make you more stable or at least you think you are.

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I undo everything below the 2nd buckle on the jacket (and above my shoelaces) for sitting. Belt, and pants unbuttoned included. I see less of a pulse that way.

For prone, I buckle all the buckles, but only the top 2 are snug. I do the other ones just so they don't end up sticking me in the ribs.

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