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This is a discussion on 2016 Match Results within the Rifle Competition forums, part of the Rifle Forum category; Thanks. Luckily NH, NJ, PA and DE all have healthy HP programs and are within reasonable driving distance....

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Old September 30th, 2016, 07:12 PM   #31
Old Salt
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Thanks. Luckily NH, NJ, PA and DE all have healthy HP programs and are within reasonable driving distance.

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Awards Showcase

Originally Posted by NYCSTRIPES View Post
The Season in the Northeast is winding down to an end but I managed to grab two 6-point legs at the CMP New England Games and at Millville NJ in September.
I am at 22 points now and just lack a Hard Leg to go distinguished. Not a bad way to end the season.
Come down to TX for the hard LEG. Our first LEG match is in March, good time to get away from the cold.. Fly to Austin, you can ride with me to Houston. I have a spare cart, mat, and spotting scope/stand. The heavy stuff you don't need to fky with, just bring personal gear.

The Regional is across 3 days; team on Friday, Individual on Saturday, LEG match on Sunday. You can send plenty of rounds down range to zero and get used to the range before the LEG match

Thanks from NYCSTRIPES
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Thanks Nez. Much appreciated.

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Old October 8th, 2016, 07:10 PM   #34
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Went to the Benchrest Rifle Club of St. Louis, Wright City, MO today. Full distance range with 200, 300 and 600 yd f.p. Sunny, perfect temperature (mid 60s F) and not humid. Very little wind, but plenty of mirage, switching direction. Shot the Armscorp M14NM, "match conditioned".

10/08/2016 80 Rnd NRA XTC Match
Match 1 (200 yd Standing): 178-1x (1st: 94-1x, 2nd: 84-0)
Match 2 (200 yd Rapid Sit): 180-1x (1st: 89-1x, 2nd: 91-0)
Match 3 (300 yd Rapid Prone): 187-2x (1st: 94-0, 2nd: 93-1x)
Match 4 (600 yd Slow Prone): 170-2x (1st: 86-1x, 2nd: 84-1x)
Aggregate: 715-4x

I shot the only M14. Only six shooters (??!!), two with match rifles, the rest with AR-15s, some with scopes. I wish you guys could have teleported to this range today; you'd love it. The match director shot with us, then cooked burgers after that.

No real wind at 600 yd though the mirage was running east-west, then reversing. That caught me! Probably 2 MOA worth of rear sight travel around MZ. Still, a great day.

Standing is finally coming around, but too many 8s on the second string (changed ammo brass, was hitting 1 MOA left of center).

Rapid sitting had 15 of 20 shots centered, but leaked five 8s. Trigger control! Breathing and cadence were perfect.

Overall, I shot my average for the season. Have two LEG matches in Ohio and look forward to them. Then, Talladega CMP Matches in early December.

Thanks from Shad Cramer and NYCSTRIPES
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Old October 9th, 2016, 02:31 AM   #35
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Shot there many times, the Wind can be deceiving at times.
Good Shooting, Missed you at the Missouri Mid Range Championship, But Family Duties are First.


Thanks from arcticdog
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Old October 9th, 2016, 03:09 AM   #36
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Missouri Mid Range ChampionShip

Missouri Mid Range Championship Held in Marshall, Mo. at Bucksnort Rifle Club.
Match Day, Dark Overcast Chilly in the Morning, Warmed up a wee bit, made shooting enjoyable, but stayed Dark all day.

Match #1 176-6X, with a Crossfire 9 on my 3rd shot, and a 6, #%@!
Match #2 191-4X
Match #3 190-6X
Match #4 189-3X
AGG 746-19X

This being Shot with my SM M1A, with 6,662 Rounds through her.

I'm in Marksman Class, Lost my Expert Card with the Mid Range Redo awhile back. Do not shoot many Mid Range Matches as I used to.
That being said, got beat by a AR with one of them "Evil" scopes. he had a
785-34X, was dropping 3-5-8 points a Match.

Next day, Team Match, 2- 20 Rounds with Sightseers.
Same Cloudy Dark Day

Match #1 187-3X, All shots below the Fold, failed to move the sights, 8's or better, 96-2, 91-1X.
Match #2 192-3X, Came up 2 Clks, 95-2, 97-1X, pretty Centered Group.

Note, I did not clean the Barrel from Sat to Sunday, I wiped down the F/H, Q-Tipped the Op Rod w/Hoppes 9, Cleaned the Breech, Breech Face, and Bolt face.
The Barrel is a SAK Heavy, Wish I would have bought 2 of these back in the 90's.
This Winter for sure she will get a new Tube, a Satern 5R Stainless.

My load I was shooting, Sierra, 175 a top 43.0/4064 OAL 2.950
I have done this load on the Original Barrel, when it was on it's last leg. Normally I shoot 42.5/4064 and chase the Throat, but she was getting hard to find the lands.
Just a gentile nudge when she goes off, felt good.

Enough of my Early Morning Ramblings.


Thanks from arcticdog and NYCSTRIPES
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Old October 23rd, 2016, 11:07 AM   #37
Old Salt
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Creedmoor Cup & EIC

Well, the final matches are in the books and so here is how I did.

Ben Avery Shooting Facility, Phoeniz AZ

NRA Team Match
Oct 12, 2016 89.02 96.02 89.00 91.01 365.05

Creedmoor Cup NRA 240 shot Aggregate Match
Oct 13, 2016 165.02 198.03 185.01 175.02 723.08
Oct 14, 2016 174.02 191.06 186.02 179.04 730.14
Oct 15, 2016 170.03 112.02 189.01 189.07 660.13

CMP - 50 shot EIC Match

Oct 16, 2016 88.01 86.00 93.01 171.02 438.04

Reflections on my performance:

The results weren't what I was hoping. After my last few matches here in Colorado, I was on track to shooting a master score, but that was not to be in at the Creedmoor. Each and every day, I had some sort of fowl up which cost me. All in all, I shot expert scores (malfunction during the sitting rapid match on the final day of the 240 shot notwithstanding), so I can't be too upset about my performance, but I will be honest in saying that I was hoping for 3 solid days and getting a master card as the result.

Pro's: Think I finally figured out how to tighten up my groups at 300.

Con's: Not having kept a data book with my AR15 cost me dearly...Also, it's not a good idea to swap out scope mounts the week before a big match.

I am going to be much better about keeping a data book for each rifle from here on out. Just when I think I remember what the zero is, I end up being a couple clicks off and it cost me badly. Also, I need to figure out a way to get control of my pulse in the rapid strings. My pulse was bouncing the rifle from 11o'clock to 5 o'clock 9 ring to 9 ring.

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