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2005 National Trophy Match Rifle Shooters 28 Jul

This is a discussion on 2005 National Trophy Match Rifle Shooters 28 Jul within the Rifle Competition forums, part of the Rifle Forum category; Hi folks. Here's an e-mail I received from CMP today (I assume other folks who are registered got the same thing). Posting this as a ...

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2005 National Trophy Match Rifle Shooters 28 Jul

Hi folks.

Here's an e-mail I received from CMP today (I assume other folks who are registered got the same thing).

Posting this as a "Public Service Announcement" for those folks headin' to Ohio this week... ;)



Information Bulletin/Email message for 2005 National Trophy Match Rifle Shooters

To 2005 Rifle National Trophy Matches Competitors:

Your entry in the 2005 Rifle National Trophy Matches was received and confirmed. This information bulletin provides information to help you prepare for this year’s matches that are now just a few days away. The National Trophy Rifle Matches, the Presidents, National Trophy Individual, M16 EIC, Springfield and Garand individual matches and the National Trophy Team, National Trophy Infantry Team and Whistler Boy Team matches, take place at Camp Perry on August 2-6. Entries in this year’s matches are higher than ever so we expect record attendance.

ON-LINE ENTRY CONFIRMATION. The CMP Competitor Tracker on-line entry and results system now offers a new feature that allows competitors to confirm their event entry data on-line. To check your 2005 National Trophy Rifle Matches entry, click on http://clubs.odcmp.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi. Then select “NT Rifle Registration.” When the “Match Information” screen comes up, click on ‘Entry Confirmation.” You will be asked to provide your CMP competitor number and date of birth or your registration number for that match. After you provide that data, you will be shown your complete registration page including category information and the matches in which you are entered. Starting on 30 July, when rifle competitors are squadded, you will also be able to see your squadding assignments.

IN-PROCESSING. All competitors and non-firing team captains or coaches in the National Trophy Rifle Matches must check in at National Matches In-Processing when you first arrive at Camp Perry. The In-Processing Center is again located in the Camp Perry Arcade, Bldg. #3 where CMP offices are located. After you go through the Camp Perry guard station, proceed straight ahead until you see a Chapel on the left and a long, low building with a CMP Headquarters sign on the right. Park in the lot on the left (west) side of the road and walk across the street to the entrance with the In-Processing sign. To view the Match Directors Bulletin for High Power Rifle Phase click on http://www.odcmp.com/NM/05HPBulletin.pdf

COMPETITOR CHECK-IN. At the In-Processing Center, you will:

Complete a Post Locator Form to facilitate emergency contacts.
Pick up your National Matches Welcome Packet.
Sign a CMP Eligibility Affidavit and Liability Form or confirm that you previously signed one of these forms.
Confirm your match entry data and pay any unpaid entry fees.
Receive your competitor labels with squadding, individual match scorecards and “Competitors Firing/Pit Assignment Relay Rotation Schedule” (you will not have to return to In-Processing to pick up these items later).
Receive your National Matches Competitor Packet and parking permit, if applicable.
CANCELLATIONS. All five CMP National Trophy Rifle Matches are filled to range capacity and have waiting lists. If you entered any CMP National Trophy Rifle Matches and now know you will not be able to come to Camp Perry, please notify the CMP Competitions staff immediately. As soon as we receive cancellations, we try to move shooters on the waitlists up into the matches so they can be squadded. Please let us know about cancellations because any shooter who is a no-show effectively denies another shooter the opportunity to fire in that match. To cancel, call 419-635-2141, ext. 1114 or 1132 or email competitions@odcmp.com.

SQUADDING. Competitors in the President’s and National Trophy Individual Matches will be squadded in six relays through a random draw. You will have different squadding for each match. The squadding draw will be done on Friday, July 29. Competitors who enter after that date will most likely be placed on waiting lists (all events are now full) and will receive standby instructions or squadding at In-Processing. Your competitor labels will show your squadding for the President’s and NTI matches. Your label also shows the categories in which you are entered and whether you are scheduled to fire in the morning (AM) or afternoon (PM) groups in the Springfield and Garand Matches.

M16 EIC, GARAND AND SPRINGFIELD SQUADDING. Your competitor labels will indicate whether you are scheduled to fire in the morning (AM) or afternoon (PM) for the Springfield and Garand Matches. All M16 EIC competitors will fire in the morning. Check the “Competitors Firing/Pit Assignment Relay Rotation Schedule” (http://www.odcmp.com/NM/05HPRotSch.pdf) that is issued at In-Processing to determine when you must report to the range to obtain your squadding. Squadding tables will be set up in the center of the range. Squadding tickets with your relay and firing point assignments can be picked up at these tables starting at 6:00 AM on the day of the match. PM squadding can be picked up at the range starting at 11:00 AM on the day of the match. YOU WILL NEED A COMPETITOR LABEL TO PICK UP SQUADDING. If you wish to be squadded with a friend or family member or want to share a rifle in the Springfield or Garand Match, report to the squadding table together with those shooters. All squadding for the M16 EIC, Springfield and Garand matches will be issued on the range on the day of the match. Sufficient squadding tables will be set up to complete this process as quickly as possible. Last year, squadding was available the evening before, but there were several pre-squadded shooters who did not report to the range so it was necessary to do time-consuming roll-calls to fill in the empty spots to make sure there were pit pullers and scorers for every shooter.

WAITLISTED COMPETITORS. Record numbers of entries this year made it necessary to set up waitlists for all five CMP rifle matches. Any competitor who is on one or more waitlists will be given a National Trophy Matches Waitlist Status Card when you check-in at In-Processing. Waitlist Status Cards will list each event where you are on waitlist status and your priority number on that list. It will also indicate the range where you should report. There are always some late cancellations and no-shows in these matches; those spots will be filled by calling waitlisted competitors in the order of their waitlist priority numbers. We will work with the NRA range staff to get as many waitlisted competitors as possible onto firing points, but unfortunately cannot guarantee a firing point for every waitlisted competitor.

M16 EIC MATCH. The M16 EIC Match is restricted to competitors, military or civilian, who have not previously earned any service rifle EIC points. If you entered this match and subsequently earned EIC leg points in a regular EIC match, you are no longer eligible to earn a 4-point leg in this match. If you become ineligible to earn EIC points in this match, you may want to check with CMP staff to see if your spot in the match can be given to someone on the waitlist. You will be given a full refund.

M16 EIC MATCH NEEDS VOLUNTEER RANGE AND PIT OFFICERS. The new M16 EIC Match is being run with the support of military and Distinguished shooters who are not involved in the Whistler Boy Team Match. These shooters will act as range officers and coaches or pit officers. M16 EIC Match rules allow range officers to provide assistance to competitors who may not be familiar with the M16 rifle. If you are a Distinguished or experienced service rifle shooter who would like to help shooters in this match get off to a good start in service rifle competition, please inform the CMP Staff at National Matches In-Processing of your interest in assisting with this match. You will be required to work on Viale Range on Thursday, 5 August, from 6:00 AM to approximately 1:00 PM, when the match concludes.

NON-FIRING TEAM OFFICIALS. Anyone who will be a non-firing team captain or coach in the National Trophy Rifle Team Match or the National Trophy Infantry Team Match and who is not entered in the National Trophy individual events is still required to enter the matches. There is no entry fee for this, but it is necessary to have non-firing captains or coaches recorded in our database so that CMP competitor labels can be issued and their names can appear in the results bulletin. Non-firing team officials should request a set of CMP competitor labels when they go through In-Processing.

SCORECARDS. The CMP will again use scanable scorecards in the 2005 CMP National Trophy Rifle Matches. They are designed to be read by optical character reading software that the CMP uses to facilitate the rapid posting of your scores. The scorecards require a different method of recording Xs and misses. Be sure to read the instructions printed on the back side of your scorecards. The CMP is also using divided scorecards for the President’s, NTI and NTT Matches. Please be sure to detach and turn in each part of these scorecards as soon as they are completed and signed by the scorer and competitor. This will make it possible to post preliminary results on the Internet so that match leaders can be identified during the match. Remember that scorecards should be turned in by the scorer, not the competitor.

ON-LINE RESULTS. Two years ago, the CMP pioneered a match results system that allows competitors and other interested persons to see results for every National Trophy Match on-line within 30 minutes after scorecards are turned in. This year, the CMP Competitor Tracker system will again let anyone who wants to see the day’s National Trophy Match results right after they are fired. Click on http://clubs.odcmp.com/ntrifle.

DISTINGUISHED BADGE PRESENTATION. Shooters who earned their Distinguished Rifleman Badges at the 2004 National Matches or in the 12 months since are eligible to have their badges presented on-stage during the National Trophy Rifle Award Ceremony on Friday evening, August 5. To be part of the presentation ceremony, Distinguished Rifleman Badge winners must bring their badges to Camp Perry and CHECK IN WITH TAMMY LIMESTAHL AT CMP HEADQUARTERS BEFORE THE AWARD CEREMONY. Please do this no later than 12:00 noon on Friday, August 5. If you do not check in with CMP staff before the ceremony you will not be called up on stage during the ceremony.

NATIONAL TROPHY TEAM MATCH ENTRIES. Team entries may be made at the In-Processing Center starting on Monday, 1 August. Team entries must be made not later than 4:00 PM on the day before the match. Scorecards and team squadding for the National Trophy Rifle and National Trophy Infantry Team Matches will be issued at the In-Processing Center when team entries are submitted. The Team Entry Confirmation Card with competitor labels for the six team firing members, coach and captain affixed to it, must be returned to the CMP (at In-Processing or to the CMP Results Center on the day of the match) not later than the start of the team matches on 5 August (NTT) or 6 August (NTIT). Team Captains, there will be a mandatory Infantry Trophy Team Captains meeting at the Viale Range tower immediately after National Trophy Team Match firing concludes on Friday, 5 August. All teams entered in the Infantry Trophy Match must be represented at this meeting.

OUT-OF-COMPETITION TEAM OPTION. The “out-of-competition” team entry option (see CMP Rule 4.11) makes it possible for more competitors to shoot the team matches when they cannot form an eligible team. If your team, club or state association does not have enough shooters at Camp Perry to form an eligible team or you do not have or do not want to burn a new shooter, you can still form an out-of-competition team and fire in the team matches. Out-of-competition team scores will be posted and listed in the results bulletin, but new shooter eligibility is not affected and, of course, these teams are not eligible for awards.

AMMUNITION ISSUE FOR M16 EIC, SPRINGFIELD AND GARAND MATCHES. Ammunition will be issued to competitors in these matches on the day of the match. To draw your ammo, report to one of the ammo wagons on the range. You will need your match scorecard with a competitor label on it. Issued ammo must be fired in these matches; the only exceptions are for Krag or foreign military rifle shooters who may use handloads or commercial ammo.

PIN, T-SHIRT AND MEDAL ISSUE FOR M16 EIC, SPRINGFIELD AND GARAND MATCHES. The procedure for issuing competitor pins (M16 EIC) or T-shirts and medals (Springfield and Garand Matches) was changed last year and will remain the same this year. The pin, T-shirt and medal issue will be done on the ranges, starting immediately after the pits are unsealed for the group of firers that just completed firing. This facilitates keeping the matches on schedule by assuring that competitors are available for their scoring and pit duties without delays caused by waiting to pick up these items during the match.

NATIONAL TROPHY MATCHES RESULTS AND CHALLENGES. During the National Trophy Rifle Matches, the CMP Results Center is located at the rear of Rodriguez Range. Results will be posted there as soon as scorecards are received and entered. Anyone who believes that their score or award category is not properly recorded should contact the CMP staff at the Results Center as soon as possible. There is no fee for this; the CMP wants to provide complete, accurate results and your inquiries will help achieve that. Challenge periods for all CMP National Trophy Matches will be posted at the Results Center.

NATIONAL TROPHY AWARDS. The complete awards list for all CMP trophies to be presented at the CMP Award Ceremony will be posted at the CMP Results Center as soon as applicable scores are available. This list is subject to challenge until the close of the National Trophy Matches challenge periods. The CMP Award Ceremony will take place at Hough Theater on Friday, August 6, starting at 7:00 PM.

PRESENTATION RIFLES. Special presentation rifles will be awarded to the winners of the President’s and National Trophy Individual Matches, to the high junior in the Deneke Trophy Aggregate and to the high overall National Trophy Matches individual competitor. 2005 Presentation rifles are an M1 Garand prepared by Arrington Accuracy Works for the President’s Match winner, an M1 Garand prepared by National Match Armory, Rendon, Texas for the National Trophy Individual Match winner, a Bushmaster DCM AR-type competition rifle for the overall junior individual aggregate winner and a Bushmaster DCM AR-type rifle for the shooter who fires the highest overall score in the Presidents-NTI-NTT aggregate (Mountain Man Trophy). All 2005 presentation rifles are displayed in a window at the CMP offices. An M1903 Springfield presentation rifle, prepared by the National Match Armory, and an M1 Garand presentation rifle, also gunsmithed by the National Match Armory, will be awarded to Springfield and Garand Match competitors who are selected from among competitors whose rifles were drawn for post-match rifle inspections. The CMP expresses its sincere thanks to Bushmaster, the National Match Armory and Arrington Accuracy Works for their outstanding support of the National Trophy Matches.

JUNIOR HIGHPOWER COACHES MEETING. There will be a special exploratory meeting of junior highpower rifle shooting coaches to discuss ways to promote increased junior participation in highpower service rifle shooting and the sharing of information to supports the competitive efforts of coaches and junior highpower shooters. The meeting will take place in the CMP Perry Range Operations conference room (Bldg. #930, upstairs) on Sunday, 31 July, starting at 5:00 PM. All junior highpower coaches or individuals interested in promoting junior highpower shooting are invited.

CMP RULES FORUM. The CMP will host an open meeting on CMP Competition Rules and National Matches procedures on Tuesday afternoon, 31 July, in the CMP conference room (Bldg. #3, enter through the CMP lobby), starting at 3:30 PM or as soon as the President’s Rifle Match is completed. Anyone interested in offering comments, questions or recommendations regarding CMP Competition Rules or National Trophy Match operations is invited to attend.

INFANTRY TROPHY CLINIC. The USMC Rifle Team will conduct an Infantry Trophy Clinic on Thursday, 4 August. The clinic will begin with classroom instruction in Hough Theater starting at 2:00 PM, or as soon as possible after the Whistler Boy Team Match is complete. Anyone who plans to fire the Infantry Team Match on Saturday is encouraged to attend this clinic, especially if you are an inexperienced Infantry Trophy shooter. After the classroom instruction, the clinic will move to Viale Range where all attendees will have a 500-yard live-fire opportunity that should give them an Infantry Trophy zero for the competition on Saturday. Be sure to bring your own service rifle and enough ammunition for the live fire exercise.

SPRINGFIELD AND GARAND MATCH CLINICS. Three clinics for Springfield and Garand Match shooters will be offered. Anyone who has not previously fired in a Springfield or Garand Match is required to attend one of these clinics before they shoot these matches. The clinics will take place at the bleachers located behind Petrarca Range. The first clinic will be offered at 6:00 PM on Thursday, 4 August (after the Infantry Trophy Clinic), the second at 4:00 PM on Friday, 5 August, and the third at 9:00 AM on Saturday, 6 August. If you are new to these matches or want a refresher on match rules, range procedures and firing techniques, be sure to attend one of these clinics.

CMP NATIONAL TROPHY AWARD CEREMONY AND RECEPTION. The CMP National Trophy Award Ceremony will take place in the Camp Perry Theater at 7:00 PM on Friday evening, 5 August. The ceremony is always well attended and features the presentation of new Distinguished shooters and all trophies except those for the Garand, Springfield, M16 EIC and Infantry Trophy Matches. All competitors are invited to a Shooter Reception in the Petrarca Range covered firing line from 5:30 to 6:45 PM that will be hosted by the CMP. Plan to attend both events to honor the 2005 National Trophy winners and the newest Distinguished shooters.

NATIONAL TROPHY RIFLE MATCHES FESTIVAL CLOSING. The National Trophy Rifle Matches Festival Closing will take place on Saturday evening, 6 August. This special event is at Petrarca Range. Vendors will be there to provide food service. The CMP will provide beer and soft drinks. Food and beverage service will begin at 6:00 PM or as soon as Garand Match firing concludes on Viale Range. The final National Trophy awards for the Garand, Springfield, M16 EIC and Infantry Trophy Matches will be presented at approximately 7:00 PM. Drawings for the winners of the CMP Rifle Raffle and the Garand and Springfield Match presentation rifles will also be held at that time.

National Match Rifle Raffle. The CMP again offers National Match competitors and visitors a chance to purchase raffle tickets to win one of four raffle rifles. Rifles for the 2005 raffle include an M1D Garand (new in box), an M1 Carbine, a Remington 40X and a Kimber 82. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each. Each ticket purchased is eligible to be drawn for any of the four raffle rifles. Purchase your Rifle Raffle tickets at CMP Headquarters, National Matches In-Processing or the CMP Store. The drawing will be held Saturday, August 6th, during the National Trophy Rifle Matches Festival Closing.

GARAND MATCH SHOOTING JACKETS AND MATS. Shooters entered in the M16 EIC, Springfield/Vintage Military Rifle and John C. Garand Matches who do not have their own shooting jackets will want to stop by the CMP Store at Camp Perry to check out the new CMP Special Edition Shooting Jackets and Shooting Mats. These products are designed and priced to meet the needs of recreational shooters who compete in these matches. Creedmoor Sports, Inc. produces them. Both the jackets and mats come in CMP blue only and have embroidered “CMP Games Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military Rifle” logos on them. The shooting jackets are $69.95 each. The shooting mats cost $64.95 each. A soft service rifle case with the same logo and color will be available shortly. These items are currently only available at the CMP Store at Camp Perry. The Store will be open seven days a week from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

RIFLE SAFS. Additional entry spaces in the Rifle Small Arms Firing School on 31 July - 1 August are still available. If you have shooting friends who are interested, tell them they can register on-line at http://clubs.odcmp.com/cgi-bin/match...gi?matchID=696. SAFS students must check-in at Camp Perry on Saturday, 30 July, not later than 8:00 PM.

DISTINGUISHED SHOOTER RECORDS. The CMP is compiling a complete, accurate list of all Distinguished shooters from the beginning of this program in 1884 to the present day. The current CMP list can be viewed on the CMP web site at http://clubs.odcmp.com/cgi-bin/report_distinguished.cgi. If you are a Distinguished shooter, please check your record and let CMP staff know if it is not complete or accurate. Each Distinguished listing should show the shooter’s name, badge number, date or year when they earned the badge, military status or home town at the time the badge was earned and date of birth. If your record is incomplete or inaccurate, please contact CMP Competitions with the correct information. 419-635-2141, ext. 1132 or competitions@odcmp.com.

We hope you have a safe trip to Camp Perry and a successful 2005 National Matches. If the CMP staff can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will have staff on duty at National Matches In-Processing and CMP Headquarters throughout the Matches and at the CMP Competition Results Center at the rear of Rodriguez Range during the National Trophy Rifle Match days on 2-6 August.

Gary Anderson
Director of Civilian Marksmanship

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