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This is a discussion on M14/M1A health check... within the Reference forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; I have a Fulton Armory 18" rifle. I placed a scope on it and took it to the range for some sighting in. Firing from ...

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I have a Fulton Armory 18" rifle.
I placed a scope on it and took it to the range for some sighting in. Firing from a bench with front and rear support at 100 yards it seems to be shooting about a 5" spread. Using 168gr atomic match reloads from CMP. I've been shooting for 35 years and with a bolt action can keep my rounds under an inch at this range.

I ran through the health check.
Tilt test: pass
Stock clearance: pass
Front band/stock ferrule alignment: Fail, overhang is over .050" on one side
Flash supressor alignment: pass
Screws and loose hardware: pass
Op rod and gas cylinder alignment: fail, does not contact in center but off to one side of the op rod. No overhang but not in the center.

I just don't have a large amount of time to spend tuning the rifle. My first reaction was to sell the rifle and buy somthing less tricky. Yet, I really enjoy the rifle and love the way it feels.
Can you all make some suggestions ?

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Stock liner causing SF/FB alignment issues and mag issues

Adding a new one to the database...

Originally Posted by m1ajeep View Post
Earlier this year I purchased a Springfield M1A Scout Squad with a Walnut stock.
From the start, I experienced difficulty installing the magazine, and was also unable to squeeze the barrel and stock together to relieve the ferrule/barrel band contact, or move the barrel right or left, with respect to the front ferrule.

First I addressed the magazine insertion problem by polishing the top of the op-rod spring guide and adding grease to the contact area. This appeared to solve the mag insertion issue.
I wanted a range trip before getting serious about performing “performance enhancing” mods to the rifle.

My first trip to the range resulted in 4 to 6-inch groups, and difficulty inserting mags; not good.

Back at the ranch, I discovered that the Op-Rod guide was in solid contact with the stock. After relieving the area under the guide, it became obvious that the gas cylinder was also in contact with the stock ferrule. No matter how large I made the opening in the ferrule, the gas cylinder remained in contact with the left side of the stock, resulting excessive misalignment between the stock ferrule and the barrel band.

It was obvious the receiver/barrel assembly was not parallel with stock centerline. Pressing the barrel to the right would cause the receiver to “rotate” to the right, but immediately spring back to the left when released. At this point, I decided to get Springfield Inc. into the act. They agreed to “inspect and repair” the rifle and furnished me a return authorization.

4-weeks later I received my rifle back from Springfield. It was exactly as it was when I sent it.
The invoice (no-charge) stated an inspection had found no problems, thus, no repairs. They included the test target, which has a 5-shot group of 1-1/4 inches.

I spent afternoon at my local range. Group results were not equal to Springfield's test group; I didn't expect it to be. However, my magazine insertion problem again reared its ugly head; had a hell of a time inserting magazines. Of the three magazines I took to the range, two were “Korean” made; these would not go in with out serious grunting! Back at home, my Springfield supplied mags, and my CMI mags would insert, but with way to much effort; all of my mags are easy to insert into my SAI Super Match. So it was time to get serious.

I pulled the stock liner and started analyzing potential areas affecting receiver alignment and magazine insertion issues.

The culprit appeared to be the stock liner itself. While in the stock, the Left side liner has ~ .003 clearance with left receiver leg, while the Right side appears to have solid contact. The action was tight in the stock, but canted to the left.

With the liner out of the stock, placing a T-Square across the front of the rear liner legs showed them not to be parallel. Measuring the top end of each leg with my dial calipers, showed the top of the right leg to be .413” long, while the top of the left liner leg is only .400” long. The bottom of the right leg was .473” long, while bottom of the left leg was .447. It's clear to me that the liner is causing one or both issues. It's causing the receiver to be twisted left, resulting in the gas cylinder to contact the left side of the stock ferrule. I verified this by grinding the front of the the right rear leg down to match the left rear leg. The grinding resulted in the receiver setting straight, but now the receiver legs fit loosely in the liner “slot”; not good. To use this liner, I would definitely have to bed the rifle.

I purchased a new liner from Fulton Armory. Initial observation of the Fulton unit vs the Springfield part was night and day; the Fulton part was much higher quality, with almost perfect measurements.
The new liner fit the stock much better as well.

Now my action sets straight in the stock, all of my magazines (Korean, Springfield, and KMI) are easily inserted, and I have repeatable left, right movement of the barrel. Additionally, I have light “draw” pressure between the stock ferrule and the barrel bands lower lip. I'm a happy camper.

I do not understand why Springfield did not catch the poorly constructed stock liner; that bothers me. They so readily issued the return authorization, then did nothing but test fire the rifle. Now I can't complain with their results (1-1/4” group from a Scout??), but still a proper inspection should have turned up the liner issue.

Onward and upward with my “accurization” project. I also installed a Sadlak Op-Rod spring guide, and I'm still leaning towards bedding the rifle to get ??better draw?? (better than 1-1/4 groups??-not likely), but I'm having fun.

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