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This is a discussion on New here, new M1A owner within the New Users forums, part of the Welcome category; Howdy from the nanny state of NY. Just brought home my first M1A and stumbled across this site while looking for info. Looks like a ...

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New here, new M1A owner

Howdy from the nanny state of NY. Just brought home my first M1A and stumbled across this site while looking for info. Looks like a good group of knowledgeable people, whose brains I fully expect to pick as I suspect the configuration of my rifle is rather different than your typical users.

After drooling over M1As for years I finally found myself in position to purchase one. What was available locally that worked within my financial constraints (and thus came home with me) was an M1A Scout model, with a 16" barrel and a rail section forward of the action. I'm actually planning to run it as a scout rifle, and have mounted a Vortex SPARCII red dot on the rail; though I expect I'll need to make some tweaks as I go.

Any tips, tricks, or things I should know?

Thanks in advance!

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Now you have made a good decision in registering here this morning and most definite you came to the correct place to learn more about the M14 Battlerifle and military surplus ammunition for her nutritional dietary needs, welcome on board and enjoy the site and I hope you post often gaelrond.

Thanks from gaelrond
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Cheers from CT

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Welcome aboard from Florida.

This is a bad influence type of forum! By that I mean you will now want more M1A's, more ammunition, more accessories, more range time. The folks on this forum are enablers, that's for sure!

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Welcome from CT.

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Welcome from Florida

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Welcome from SE GA.

And condolences to your soon addiction!

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Welcome to the forum

Start by watching Tony Bens videos on YouTube.
Buy quality ammo federal gold medal match 168 when benchmarking for accurcy.
Buy good mags, USGI , or CMI who also makes springfields mags.
That's a good start.

The search box is your friend.

Enjoy the new rifle

Thanks from gaelrond
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Welcome from Southeast Texas.

First lesson: Be clear on the model of rifle you have to avoid confusing those that want to help.

The Scout has an 18" barrel and the SOCOM has the 16" barrel, unless the Scout has been modified.

So which do you have?

Thanks from gaelrond
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Welcome from Kansas

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Welcome from Pittsburgh

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Welcome to the forum from central Mississippi

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Welcome from down south. New owner as well. The pre and after purchase info and suggestions are priceless here . Heed them without fear.

Thanks from gaelrond
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A couple things to check if accuracy is a concern are -

Make sure when you tilt the rifle that the gas piston falls freely in the gas cylinder. Rifles that do this are inherently more accurate shooters.

Switch out the Springfield polymer stock with any USGI stock, Boyds stock, or any chassis for increased rigidity which in turn increases accuracy.

Check where the hand-guard and stock meet each other. If they are touching, remove the hand-guard and sand it a little bit so that it does not contact the stock at all.

Remove the gas plug, apply anti seize lube to it then reinsert it tightly. Some come from factory loose.

Do the pencil test on your muzzle device. Take a #2 pencil and stick it in your barrel but the end is still sticking out of the muzzle device and check alignment. If you have difficulty then the muzzle device may be off and might cause bullet strikes.

Look up shimming an M14 or M1A gas cylinder. Its simple, easy, and works. A good accuracy improvement if needed. To check if it is needed try to wiggle your front band. If it moves easily then shimming is needed.

When firing for accuracy don't rest the rifle towards the muzzle. Rest the rifle towards the magazine.


Other things to consider that don't have to do with accuracy are -

Make sure you are lubricating the rifle correctly. Look up Tonybens video on lubrication on Youtube.

Buy a USGI extractor and other bolt guts and have it on hand just in case.

Get a US contract green nylon sling or 1903 leather sling for an authentic look.

Buy at least the M14 combo tool or get the full combo tool set. Put it in the butt-stock trap door and forget about it until you need it.

Buy only CMI magazines if you want no worries.

Buy more M14's for more spare parts.


Welcome from Florida!

Thanks from gaelrond
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Welcome to the forum, in less then a day look at all the info that has been shared with you. The best news is there is so much more coming your way. Good to have you with us.

Thanks from gaelrond
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