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Best Oil for M1A?

This is a discussion on Best Oil for M1A? within the New Users forums, part of the Welcome category; I am 1st time owner of an M1A standard loaded. I havent even fired it yet. I have heard it is good to remove the ...

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Old February 9th, 2012, 05:16 PM   #1
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Best Oil for M1A?

I am 1st time owner of an M1A standard loaded. I havent even fired it yet. I have heard it is good to remove the factory oil before 1st use. My basic question is what type/brand of oil do you recommend for the interior working parts of the rifle, and what type of oil would you recommend for coating the exterior metal surfaces? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have never owned such a beautiful (& expensive) firearm and I want to treat it with the utmost care. With that said, does anyone recommend using solvents as well? Thanks.

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Old February 9th, 2012, 05:19 PM   #2
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Use grease instead, if you use oil on some parts or as an exterior protective coating I use CLP, BreakFree usually

heres a diagram-

Thanks from DukeBuddy
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Old February 9th, 2012, 05:21 PM   #3
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Hey Dukebuddy! Welcome to the forum.

I am fairly certain ( others know better than I , I am still a newb compared to the guys on here), that grease is better for the working parts of the rifle, oil for the outside.

I use tetra gun grease on the internals and I clean the outside, ( and the inside I guess as well) with Ballistol. Some folks might not like to use ballistol but its safe on the entire rifle so that is a plus.

There are alot of different greases out there that people swear by, lubriplate etc. Tetra is a relatively new one but so far it seems to be pretty good.

As for why grease and not oil? I believe the rifle was designed back in the day with grease in mind, its a little more durable than oil too.

Good Luck

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Old February 9th, 2012, 05:29 PM   #4
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I use tetra grease as it stays where you need it to as apposed to oil which runs allover the place. But when i get into the smaller parts like the bolt i use 3 in1 oil to seep in to the small spaces.
Good Shooting.

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Old February 9th, 2012, 05:34 PM   #5
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Any quality NLGI 2 rated grease with the proper viscosity ---108 to 172.6 cS----will work.

here are Picks from "Different" the resident GURU
straight from his Lubrication spread sheet.

Valvoline Multipurpose GMbest value, easy to
Valvoline Durablendeasily
Amsoil Snythetic Multi-purpose Grease GLCgreat ASTM test
Lubriplate 630-2 service down to 0 deg
Lubriplate 630-A what Different
Henkel / ATE Plastilue USGI,
Lubriplate 130-A USGI, old stand

Thanks from DukeBuddy
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watch out for 3-1 Oil, its a crap magnet and will gum up, of course YMMV but FYI

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Welcome aboard.

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Awards Showcase

Thanks from Ken W and DukeBuddy
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As far as solvents go. I've used a variety over the years. I find that Simple Green mixed 50/50 will strip the gunk off the metal of my guns very well. Also I'm more motivated to wipe on a good coating to protect from rust afterwards. Lately I've been using Balistol more and more and haven't any complaints yet.

But certainly lube your M1A with grease!! I see no problem with any of the one's mentioned previously.

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Old February 9th, 2012, 06:28 PM   #10
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good info!!!

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Old February 9th, 2012, 06:42 PM   #11
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For oil I use CLP, for grease I use TW-25B (the same stuff we use on our MK-19s). TW-25B is a synthetic grease, much better than the old conventional grease.

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CLP for oiling Mobil 1 for grease. I had M1 before I had M14. Went on the premise for M1's. If rotates oil it ,if it slides grease it

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I also use Simple Green for degreasing -- non toxic and smells better than most stuff.

For grease I use XF7 or Lubriplate 130.

To oil the outer surfaces, I use a silicone cloth.

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Old February 10th, 2012, 01:44 AM   #14
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CLP for oil and Tetra or High temp wheel bearing grease for metal to metal area. I agree about keeping away from 3 in 1.

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Old February 10th, 2012, 02:58 AM   #15
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I oiled my M1A for right at 30 years because that's what I was taught in the US Army. Nope, no grease, ever, not in 4 years. 3n1 oil kept my M1A going for all that time with no issues. No, I didn't shoot 300 rounds a day. Just target practice, load development efforts and deer hunting. No issues.

Then I got my first M1 Garand and started greasing. Now I grease my M1A, too. I use marine grade bearing grease since that is more resistant to water/moisture than standard greases.

I use Mobil 1 motor oil (10W20, 10W30, etc. - depends on what I used last in one of my vehicles - I set the empty jugs up for a few days and let the left over oil drain to the bottom and then pour it into the little clear GI oiler bottles - works great) for lubing the trigger assemblies, sights, wiping the outside surfaces, etc.

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