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San Diego, September 1970...



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Great Lakes feb 03'

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Charlie Co., 3/2, Ft Polk, Louisiana. July, August, '74. -Lloyd

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Great Lakes. Went on my 21st birthday in 2009

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Snappin In
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Co. 700
RD1 Jasnoch (spelling?)
November, 1965

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June/July 1969, Fort Bliss Texas

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USGC Cape May NJ January 1991 India company first time I had ever seen snow on the beach danm it was cold. We were issued M14's for boot mine was the ole ' tringle TRW' shot the old M16A1for quals. CC's name was Cheif Gunners Mate Kenny Martin.

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First day was April Fools day 1969. Company 259 at San Diego. Boot camp was easy as I was 20 years old, in very good shape. At one point in boot I weighed 118 pounds as just about every one was sick. I quickly learned they wanted to see teamwork and so I helped out the 17-18 year old kids.

Thing I remember most was the other side of the fence was marine boot camp. When they ran in the 100 degree heat there was always an ambulance following. We watched while eating chocolate bars and drinking coke.

I have 2 step brothers who were Marines, one an officer and one a E6 who must have been 4.oh as he got embassy duty.

I was Outstanding Recruit and best friend David Lord was Honor Man. I still know his ID number, B869159. To this day don't know which award was more prestigious, we didn't care as we were called out for the awards in front of our families.

Made E5 in 16 months and was in charge of aft engine room for a while until we got a Chief.

I found it easy in the navy, I always had the best shined shoes on the ship, that was good for many early liberties. Thinks I went 4 years with one tied neckerchief, perfection only achieved once.

I hated when Zumwalt became CNO, he thought it OK to look like a slob, and many not only looked like a slob but acted like one too.

Three times a Shellback, ceremony MUCH different than today's mambe pambe stuff.

First photo me 1970 off Yankee Station getting haircut.

Other photos was the first crossing the line not showing the really bad (good) ones.
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San Diego ....26Jun74 Company 192 FTSC Merkley was my Company Commander.

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Great Lakes, Feb/Mar 1978, Co. 120 "if" I am remembering correctly.

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Boot camp

Great Lakes! 10/30/2001 to January-ish...

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NRTC San Diego, June 1983

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Parris Island , 1972

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Wow, late to this party.

San Diego, 1963, Company 321, CC was EMC Mueller. Aug plus 13 weeks, then to T.I. (Treasure Island) for RD"A" school. Then to USS Morton, DD948, homeported 32nd Street NS. To you non Navy types, that is the Snortin' Morton, the saltest ship in the fleet. We had a flag from the Morton Salt company that we broke out after a unrep that said so. After 3 VERY interesting SEA deployments (mixed in with tours of duty as Station Ship Hong Kong, during the Hong Kong riots, where I stupidly volunteered for Ships Shore Patrol auggie, darn billy club hardly seemed defensive enough). After 4 years, 3 months, and 5 days, not that I was keeping track, became a civilian in a very unappreciated time when all Vietnam Vets were treated like trash.

3 years later, went into the USAF, DDA, (direct duty assignment) Luke AFB, AZ (607TCS). Who knew there were mobile tactical radars in the Air Force? Then Campion AFS, AK. Wonderful year, note the sarcasm?

Off to Germany at another mobile radar site, a Tac Control Flight, 611 TCF, Alzey. That would be a TPS-44. See, in TAC Squadron level, you got TTKs (Tac Trained Killers) then in Tac Flights (next command level down from Squadron) you got TCFs (IBBA's, Itty Bitty Bad Azzes). For those that don't know, TCF's are about 5 miles behind the front edge of the battle area (FEBAs), bringing in the aerial ordinance to the ground troops. Great tour of duty in West Germany.

Alright, I hear the chuckling from you grunts and devil dogs. Keep the missions of each of our organizations in mind. We all were part of the BIG picture. Learned that lesson in my last tour of duty (mentioned later in this posting).

Back to stateside to a small radar site on a mountain top on the coastline of Oregon, Mt Hebo, Or. just down the road from Tillamook, Or, looking for Soviet missile launches off the west coast. SLBM site, FSS-7 (Fuzzy 7) missile detection system.

Up to McChord AFB, finally, for a radar that doesn't redeploy down the road. BUT, never fear, 3 years later the AF decides I needed a tour in Iceland at a place just up the road from another members tour at Kef., Rockville AFS. In my 17th year, ended up at Colorado Springs, Peterson AFB, eventually in NORAD/ADC and then into USSPACECOMMAND, Cheyenne Mountain Complex and the Chidlaw Building, downtown. The irony of this litany of assignments that I relate is that USSPACECOM was a unified command so we got all the services mixed into the command. My immediate supervisor was a Army Lt.Col, whose boss was a Navy Captain, whose boss was a USMC BG whose boss was a Navy Rear Admiral (Upper) whose boss was a USAF Lt General whose boss was a USAF General. AND to top it off, we were a MOBILE command center. The circle of a career. And, finally, a salute to our Marine brethren: we had a detachment of Marines at the Chidlaw Building, who every morning at 0700, promptly mustered in front of the flag pole, in their green T-shirts and red shorts, jogged miles up Platt Avenue and around downtown Colorado Springs, led by a Marine Colonel, (a little fireplug of a guy, who led from the front, highly respected by all of us). BTW, this was 1986-87. Retired in July 1987 and it snowed in the pass crossing over to the western side of Colorado as we were sneaking home to Washington State. Very appropriate.

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