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Springfield Armory shipping used guns?

This is a discussion on Springfield Armory shipping used guns? within the Modern M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Hey all Just picked up my Socom 16 M1A I bought online from Sportsman Outdoor Superstore which is supposed to be brand new. I got ...

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Springfield Armory shipping used guns?

Hey all
Just picked up my Socom 16 M1A I bought online from Sportsman Outdoor Superstore which is supposed to be brand new. I got it from my local FFL the other day and brought it home. Gun looks mint as it should and came in the nice case they supply with their rifles as well as all the original packaging (I think). Only thing that's odd was the box it was in was just a plain shipping box and not the white and blue Springfield box I've seen it in with some unboxing videos. Also on the side of the box their is a half torn label that says "USED LONG RIFLE" along the side and with the description showing the gun make and model as well as the serial number that matches it shows "STATUS:USED". This is the second gun I've got from SOS and that was also brand new. I registered the gun online for the warranty with no problem so that's fine I guess. It also has two tags hanging from the trigger guard with one of the tags reading as a shipping tag that was checked by a technician on 2/17/17. Just confused as I'm not sure why it says used rifle on the box. The gun is clean as a whistle and lubed with factory lube as well. Is it possible this is factory refurbished?

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They use the generic boxes when they include the black carry case. They won't fit in the white and blue boxes.

I suspect the "used" moniker was attached by the distributor, since used guns often come in generic boxes.

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use what ya have available .they should have crossed out that on the box

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Very odd is all. The last gun I ordered was in a factory box and was without a doubt brand spanking new. I at least figure at the sight of the gun that it's brand new except the odd label on the box. I emailed Springfield to make sure. I have to be honest I didn't pay the MSRP for this gun since SOS sells guns pretty cheap. But obviously you buy a gun you want to make sure it's new if that's what you figure you pay for.

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Originally Posted by POLACK View Post
use what ya have available .they should have crossed out that on the box
That's what I thought at first, use just whatever spare box you have but its an actual printed label that has my Serial # printed on it as well. That's what concerns me.

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Some years ago I bought a "new" M1A with a used TRW barrel on it that didn't last long before the throat was gone. That's the one I sent back for SM upgrade. I wasn't sure why accuracy fell off so quickly but when I got the barrel back and could see the throat it was somewhat obvious, throat was toast. I put maybe 300 rounds thru it.

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Are you thinking it's a returned rifle?

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Do you know anybody with a T&M erosion gauge ?

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Unfortunately no. And I feel like worse case it could be a rifle that was sent back and repaired and refurbished perhaps. I'll find out indefinitely tomorrow by calling SOS and Springfield.

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Very strange. I'd call SOS and see what they'd have to say. If it is indeed a used rifle have that sucker sent back. My M1A arrived in the same packaging but it did not have the "used - long gun sticker" on it. I received mine from SOS in early January.

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id give them a call for an explanation.
It might have been on display and they lost the original carton along the way.
Or a return is a possibility.
Is the serial number traceable thru the FFL process?

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Having been a computer retailer who sold inter-state the first thing I look at is their return policy. Here is what I found about their return policy on fire arms in the Buying guns online section of Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore . Here is what it states:

“...Can I return a firearm?

Any firearm purchased from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore can be returned to us, provided that it hasn't been picked up from the receiving FFL dealer.

While the firearm is still in the possession of the FFL dealer, please inspect the firearm thoroughly to ensure that there are no visible defects. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please contact us before picking up the firearm from your dealer. We can arrange to have it returned to us, and upon delivery and careful inspection of the firearm, we will provide you with your choice of either a replacement, if available, or a refund of the firearm.

Return and/or restocking fees may be deducted from your refund depending on the reason for return.

You can reach us toll-free at 855-755-0523 Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm Eastern time. We will be happy to work through any issues you may have. ...”

The first warning sign is restocking fees.Why? Larger operations often are forced to take an item back because of federal interstate commerce laws in conjunction with New York state consumer laws (which I do not know). What these consumers do is go back to their bank credit card and state they received a defective item. The bank credit card may hold up payment to retailer until this is resolved (based on state consumer laws). The retailer may be forced to take the item back by the credit card. The one item that may stick are restocking fees that are part of the consumer sales contract (or they may be disallowed by state law). The one thing the retailer is trying to avoid is landing in a small claims court. Let us look more at packaging.

The second warning sign is packaging. So with different than expected packaging the retailer may be avoiding the selling used laws by stating the firearm had never been used but had damaged packaging and had to be shipped in suitable new packaging. This should have been a warning...warning..Will Robinson moment. I would have called or not taken delivery (but that is me). Then there is the half torn label...status used? This looks bad...

The third warning sign is tags. Manufactures I dealt with were loath to put tags on retail items because consumers would call them and ask “...what was it you repaired on this unit?...” In addition it is a warning sign that the item was a return. It states to me that SOS had their gunsmith check the consumer complaint an found it unwarranted...”

The forth item factory refurbished is tricky. Manufacturers go over board to label items refurbished. They have to by federal law so they are not held to full warranty. If it is not labeled used or refurbished the consumer should assume new.

The “... I registered the gun online for the warranty with no problem...” is irrelevant. The bigger question is who does SOS expect to warrant defective merchandise. Sadly many online seller’s expect your local dealer to be stuck for dealer warranty work and never do this kind of work. I was a local computer dealer who got stuck with big costs in warranty work that took 60 days to get paid for.

You have to make the decision what to do. I think you got a repackaged return based on the posted warning signs. First know your N.Y. consumer laws. These dominate the sale. Many states give the consumer a return period without penalty. A big item against you is you accepted delivery. A big item against them is the repackaged item.

What to do?
1. Copy of sales statement - review what it says. This should state new or used in the line item. By default new is assumed.
2. Bill of lading - what did the retailer state they were shipping and what you were receiving
3. Take pictures of the packaging and the fire arm - high light the box items (above) and the tags
4. Call your credit card (CC) - Ask about their policies about being shipped a used/defective item where you expect new and what options are available to you.
5. Talk to retailer - Ask about the packaging. Was it just switched to get you a nice case? I find this questionable. I would write a note to my customer explaining the new packaging. Consumers hate surprise...surprise...Ask about restocking fees.

Then you have a decision to make. Take the item. Work with the CC and withhold/dispute payment (if allowed) to get a full return of item. Return and accept restocking. Or file in small claims court (using all the documents and photos) action (which may get a return without restocking). Most sales do not get beyond the CC. And in the future under stand what the term “refused delivery” means in interstate retailing.

Well I hope I got it all its been a few years...

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New rifles shipped with the fancy nylon case come in brown generic shipping boxes.

Current rifles are over the 400k serial number. If your rifle is in this range, it hasn't had time to have been used and refurbished. I don't believe SAI has any policy for reselling used firearms, like SigArms does.

I suspect the "used" label was applied by the distributor. Lots of distributors apply their own inventory label to firearms, new or used. Give them a call.

Thanks from M1AFL
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Definitely not a used gun. I called Springfield, the gun was manufactured last month. Just slapped on by either SOS or maybe the FFL since I picked it up either a few days after the fact. Its brand new.

Thanks from Rich D and WaM14gunner
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My Son bought a NY Legal SA Scout about 2yrs ago with the Supplied Case. This is the Tag on the Box. Gun looked 100% New

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