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This is a discussion on Bore cleaning help within the Modern M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; The Otis rip cord is like a bore snake but is thread for 8/32 accessories. You can in one pass swap the bore and pull ...

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The Otis rip cord is like a bore snake but is thread for 8/32 accessories. You can in one pass swap the bore and pull a soaked patch or a brush. While these don't have brass bristles inbeaded in them they are very versatile. My wife does too sometimes that's why I said old ones, meaning ask her don't just grab her good new ones. Ask me how I know this!

Thanks from WaM14gunner
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My personal conclusions on cleaning. I'd be interested in others that have many like Art and Kurt for their observations.

1. My Higher end barrels don't foul as easily and clean much easier. For me , my Krieger, and my Ruger precision R5 barrel whoever makes it doesn't get dirty and cleans up quick and easy.
2. My 2 loaded models from Springfield get dirty more and require more cleaning effort.

Cleaning the more difficult barrel as in the SA can be done in a variety of ways and you will figure out works best for you. I find I can do it manually with 20 Otis patches but I prefer to do it another way which is to allow time for the Hoppes to do its thing. Allowing time reduces the patches used to about 10 instead of 20.
Wet patch, wait until
The next day. Wet patch, Dry patch, wet patch. Wait until next day. Repeat for 3 days. That's how I do the loaded barrel which by far get more effort. I need to shoot the Bula more to see how that one will need to be cleaned now that it's broken in.

If I only had 1, I'd probably take the quicker option but I always have a few ready so time is never a factor. Plus having it out on the bench for a few days gets me thinking on what change I want to do next. It's a sickness.

Thanks from boomerpusher and Wasted ammo
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Thanks everyone for the informative replies.I am going to turn a guide that will approximate the 12 gauge shot shell style out of delrin to allow the use of my Dewey rod and brushes ,I will need to keep watch for an Otis kit.

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Hello. I found that wipe out bore cleaner is the absolute best. It strips all debris form barrel. You can leave it sit over night and run patch 24 hrs later. I turn the barreled receiver upside down , shake bottle well, give a 4 second squirt of wipe out. It will foam up and you will see it at the breach. Once foam dissolves a little bit, give it another squirt. I give all my rifles a squirt every 15 min and leave it sit.

The only place that I found it on was online or amazon. It's not that much money, but shipping sucks.

Hope that helps you

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Get an m14 stripper clip put it in the guide. It will block the bolt from closing. You can also make a bore guide from the tapered plastic cap from a tube of silicon caulk.

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^^^ this!!
And get a
One piece. Ar on fiber cleaning rod

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Get a flash suppressor guide, a one piece teflon coated cleaning rod and new brushes and jags for use during barrel break in, and for deep cleanings. Then get a bore snake, and you'll forget you have the stuff above, lol.

I pull a bore snake with a few drops of Hoppe's #9 through the barrel 3 times after every range day. Pulling it out the muzzle of course. My barrels are all bright and shiny new looking, even on my AK-47 that gets abused regularly.

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Originally Posted by chevy2 View Post
I am ready to do the first good cleaning of my new Scout Squad.
I have the correct rod,brushes,and solvent but can not locate a Scout specific bore guide. Will the guide made for a standard model with a flash hider work or does the Scout with the factory muzzle brake need something special? This is my first rifle of this type and first post on the site.Thanks in advance for any help.
This is the bore guide I have, It works great in the NM flash suppressor, but I just checked and it doesn't fit into any of my .30 cal muzzle brakes.

You could just use the generic wedge shaped plastic bore guides that are on the shelf at most sporting good stores. All you are trying to do is to center the rod in the muzzle so it doesn't scrape the bore.

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