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This is a discussion on .50 BMG "M14" within the Military History forums, part of the Armed Services category; Not exactly, but very cool none the less. The linked video details a prototype Winchester anti tank rifle developed during WWII. It combines a Garand ...

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.50 BMG "M14"

Not exactly, but very cool none the less. The linked video details a prototype Winchester anti tank rifle developed during WWII. It combines a Garand type action with a David Marshall Williams type tappet gas system, so in that regard it is a cousin of the M14. It's quite something to see the action scaled up for .50 BMG. The rifle has some other interesting features as well. Enjoy!

Moderators: my apologies in advance if I placed this in the wrong forum.

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I want it.

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That's pretty sweet.

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The 50BMG is my Holy Grail. Just can't justify the expense. If I started a little slush fund, maybe someday.... but methinks it would be mighty tempting to invade that slush fund for other firearm purchases. Sigh.... someday...

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Not that familiar of various 50cal. firearms, but had a neighbor some few houses down from me showed up at my door one day to borrow my portable air compressor and while in my garage he noticed my Dillon presses and asked me if I was a shooter. Well, yes I do shoot matches and he invited me to come to his house to show me some of his firearms.
He had some half a dozen machine guns ranging from the Browning M2 50 down to M16's all legal with papers he said. The guy had literally dozens of crates full of spare parts, ammunition, tripods, etc. Not familiar with the models but the machine gun with the water jacket looked like new to me, model 1917?? Anyway he asked me where I shot locally and told him about the range I used some 15 miles or so away and said he would like to take the machine guns with me to shoot them. Well, the club has a ban on machine guns being used and I asked if I could take him down there to shoot and they said yes, but not to let anyone else shoot them and we would be responsible for any mishaps that occurred, figured that out myself. Range goes out to 400yds. and that 50 was a real treat to shoot but not that accurate from what I could tell, but the sheer power helped make up for the accuracy part. Unfortunately the fellow ended up in a nasty divorce case and he sold them all to a collector in Indianapolis area I was told. He did offer me one of the M16's at a very fair price for he knew I liked them, but just did not want the hassle of owning a machinegun and suffering a much lower budget for food.

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This .50 BMG "M14" looks like a fun project for Jeff at Bula to knock out during a coffee break. I look forward to seeing a group buy for this in the classifieds soon.

Thanks from hytekrednek
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Old March 9th, 2017, 09:28 AM   #7
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It looks uuummm , painful

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I visited the Cody Firearms Museum a few years ago. This guy is right. A visit is very worthwhile and you should plan on the better part of a day there at the museum.

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Awards Showcase


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If you scoped it, it would probably be more accurate then a Barrett M82/M107 because it has a fixed barrel.


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Originally Posted by hardheaded View Post
It looks uuummm , painful
Yeah ! no brake.. i would not want to shoot that.

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This was my .50 BMG toy. It would group about 6 inches at 1000 yds. I reloaded for it.. The press and dies were quite impressive. Those are 850 gr turned solid bronze Barnes bore-rider bullets. For a comparison, I loaded 41.5 gr IMR 4895 in my .308 but this sucker took 214 gr (can't remember the powder off hand). I sold it a few years back for lack of a decent range to shoot it in FL.

Thought I'd include the last pic just for giggles. This is my 'Big Bullet' as the wife calls it and NO, I don't reload for it HA HA. It sits in my garage and that is a 55 gal oil drum dollie it is sitting on. I bought it demilled 15 years ago and restored it. It weighs 1950 lbs empty and is about 5 ft tall. 16" Mk14 HE projectile for the Iowa Class Battleships.

It is for sale if someone wants it BUT you have to come get it. HA
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Thanks from dsdmmat
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