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This is a discussion on Colonel Grierson's Calvary Raid within the Military History forums, part of the Armed Services category; Colonel Grierson of the Union Calvary lead a long distance raid deep into Confederate Territory during the Battle of Vicksburg during the Civil War. The ...

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Colonel Grierson's Calvary Raid

Colonel Grierson of the Union Calvary lead a long distance raid deep into Confederate Territory during the Battle of Vicksburg during the Civil War. The raid made the Confederates divert badly needed forces away from Vicksburg during the battle and the railroad center at Newton Station was destroyed causing supply problems for the Confederate Army. Though he intensely disliked horses because one kicked him in the face when a child, he became one of the Union Army's best calvary commanders.

The movie, 'The Horse Soldiers', starring John Wayne, was loosely based on this raid.

Thanks from 4th award expert
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The south was always the underdog fighting more with less, I am not impressed with this raid as it only shows the union position.

Lets remember the Indiana raids and the Ohio raids made by John Hunt Morgan, far more impressive and had much more effect than the aforementioned raid.


ps taught history for a bunch of years, with an emphasis on American Military History.

Thanks from dwight55 and GardenValley
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I don't know who said it, . . . but the quote goes something like:

"History is always best remembered and told by the victors".

There will always be 2 sides to the story.

While I am totally opposed to slavery in any form, . . . had I lived in the South during the Civil war, . . . from what I have read in many history tomes, . . . I could easily have put on the grey uniform, . . . and rode North.

May God bless,

Thanks from GardenValley and XM25Ren
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Cavalry. Calvary is a church organization.

Thanks from GardenValley, racer and Crashbox
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Originally Posted by cavtruper View Post
Cavalry. Calvary is a church organization.
Thank you. As a retired CAValryman myself, that is one of my biggest pet peeves.

Col. Grierson went on to become the first Commander of the 10th Cavalry Regiment, the "Buffalo Soldiers". He accepted what was considered to be a career/reputation ending assignment and made it a success.

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I am still a Confederate in spirit and my Confederate veteran ancestors never owned slaves, however my Union side ancestors DID own slaves and didn't free them until ordered to do so....strange, but true.

Corporal Jenkins Brown Irwin.... 4th Alabama Cavalry, B Company. After capture and release from Prison Camp Chase, Ohio he took his young wife and settled in tell his tale to family members the rest of his life. Confederate flags are still placed on his grave marked by a Veterans Administration plaque noting his service to the CSA.

Thanks from XM25Ren and mau
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Real good John Wayne/John Ford movie
that drags in the VMI charge made
at New Market, VA in '64.

Oh, I do love all those 45-70 Trapdoor
carbines and lots of original Indian
War gear.

The way the country is going these
days, hard core a Yankee that I am, I
may have to don the gray and secede
my own darned self. I think I am
starting to better understand why the
Real Rebs did what they did...and, it
was not just about, or even mostly
about, slavery.

But, I guess that is a discussion for
another thread.

Thanks from Stg1944, XM25Ren and sfc higgins

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I actually live where in Newton where the raid took place. What the dont tell is all the churches including the hospital in Newton that was burned so as not to help the southern wounded.

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