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WW2, Battalion level unit crest ID help

This is a discussion on WW2, Battalion level unit crest ID help within the Military History forums, part of the Armed Services category; The cap badge is odd since the 345th Inf was part of the 87th Inf Div and they only served in North/Central Europe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/87th_I...United_States) The ...

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The cap badge is odd since the 345th Inf was part of the 87th Inf Div and they only served in North/Central Europe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/87th_I...United_States)

The campaigns annotated on his -214 sync perfectly with service in D Co, 6th Armored Inf Bn, 1st Armored Div. Per KurtC's wiki link, the 6th Inf Regt was, on 20 Jul 44 reorganized such that the 1st Bn became the 6th Armored Inf Bn. 2nd and 3rd Bns became the 11th and 14th Armored Inf Bns respectively.

As others have said, the pic could've been taken later, even spur of the moment when the opportunity presented; maybe he borrowed the cover for his 'hero shot?' Based on when he entered the theater, he should've been near the 'head of the line' in 1945 as soldiers were processed for return to CONUS.

Glad you received his Bronze Star. Don't believe it is widely known that awarding of the CIB was considered sufficient for the award of the BSM. General Marshall advocated for this somewhat early on and it was eventually approved for the last couple years of WW II. Not well known by the mainstream but even by 1944, the U.S.A. face a manpower crisis which manifest itself on the battlefield as a real shortage of riflemen. As a result the ASTP program was truncated, draft age raised, etc. General Marshall had somewhat foreseen this and wanted to recognize the sacrifice and importance of the basic Mark 1 Mod 0 rifleman. I did not know about the CIB / BSM connection myself until researching why my grandfather also received a BSM (posthumously) when my grandmother was getting replacement ribbons for him and I did some digging.

Your FIL is a hero. Thank you for honoring his memory and sharing with us.


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My father-in-law was a scout in the 88th Infantry Division "Blue Devils". He fought in Italy from March 5, 1944 to May 1945. His first action was at Anzio when his battalion was sent to help mop up after the Anzio battle. The 88th was the first all draftee division in Europe. They fought their way up the boot of Italy and finished the war at the Brenner Pass. He too was awarded the Bronze Star for actions as a scout, when he received his CIB. In August '45 they shipped out of Naples for the states. A day after passing Gibraltar, they were told that they would be granted 30 days leave then were to report to Ft. Ord to train for the invasion of Japan. Japan surrendered the day before they arrived in New York. He was discharged from Ft. Ord at the end of Sept.'45. -Lloyd

Thanks from XXIV Corps
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The 345th was in the 87th ID. My grandfather was in that same unit. We have the same regimental crest.

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My old man, an immigrant from Austro-Hungary, went to war with the 77th Infantry in the Pacific. He fought on Guam, the Philippines and eventually was wounded on Ie Shima (Okinawa).

When I was a little kid he gave me his decorations to play with. I remember that he thought his CIB was for being a "sharpshooter" with his favorite rifle, the 1903 Springfield. Talk about the greatest generation. He thought the war was just something "that needed to be done."

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