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This is a discussion on Door Gunner/Crew Chief Questions within the Military History forums, part of the Armed Services category; Just as an FYI, I went through all that and there was no mount or way to anchor the However, we had a heck ...

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Just as an FYI, I went through all that and there was no mount or way to anchor the However, we had a heck of a time messing with kayakers and tubing people on the way back.

Our pilot decided to fly back with doors open, and I had the monkey harness and all. Was leaning well somewhat outside the aircraft with the M14 in hand in the good ol OG-107s, waving at people that saw us and waved (I finally found a use for my pasty white arms!!). Finally, they crossed a river on the way back and decided to do some NOE flying over the river. We popped around the corner and overflew a couple of kayakers. This lady had a very confused/concerned look and did a really slow "What the heck is going on?" style wave.....and I waved back. It was HILARIOUS to see!!!!

At any rate, it was a great time, and I am working with them to try to locate the M23 pintle mounts and get M60s in the they were a huge hit with the crowds.

Thanks to everyone that helped on this, and even more thanks to those that served as door gunners!!!

-Edit: Holy crap...I reread my post. The "messing with kayakers and tubing" was regarding OVERFLYING at a safe enough altitude/distance to not tip them but still maintain low level. It was the flight crew messing with people, not me pointing my weapon at people. The wave was with my hands, not my weapon. Sorry for the miscommunication. - Jon

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I recall a SOP for gunners and protocols.

In populated and friendly areas, guns were left pointed downwards and no hands on them.

In a tactical area gunners had hands on and the guns were pointed outwards.
This was known as "Guns Up."

To do this in a friendly area was a big deal and trouble ensued for the offender.
I saw a serious ass chewing over this and I believe it went further.

Waving guns at boaters and others would fall into the irresponsible and forbidden area.

It is not a game.

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I think I may have either not posted clearly or been misunderstood. I most definitely was not waving my rifle at boaters or ever pretending. Never did i,nor would I point a rifle at or near an individual outside of a reenactment or a lethal force situation. The rifle was on my lap and sling along my arm with barrel down and away from people. When I waved, I released my trigger hand and waved like a person would, with the rifle never leaving it.

Please rest assured that I'm not new to handling firearms and am not reckless with the responsibility of ensuring that veterans and gun owners have to maintain respect, bearing, and enduring vigilance in the form of muzzle awareness. I would never dishonor the memory of those that served, nor my own service time by acting like a fool.

Very respectfully,

Thanks from XXIV Corps
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