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This is a discussion on Okinawa Tours within the Marines forums, part of the Armed Services category; Originally Posted by DevilDog3381 Where you a cook? idk what they called them back in the day but now we are Food Service Specialist, 3381. ...

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Originally Posted by DevilDog3381 View Post
Where you a cook? idk what they called them back in the day but now we are Food Service Specialist, 3381. i work in the Messhall on Kinser, and also worked in our Field Mess along with the Food Service Company HQ.
I was a 3371.... Was a "Cook". I've taken some flak about that....usually until I start shootin and then the laughin stops. I was at two different mess halls while on the rock.

Originally Posted by siefly View Post
Hawk-----I can't remember what the Barracks number was.
We were on the hill, could see the South China Sea
from my window. I was in H&S Co. Supt. Bn. 3rd
FSR. Worked in the Co. Office and checked a lot of
guys back in that were TAD Nam Phong.
We probably crossed paths, being on Foster at the
same time .

We were in the barracks that was 2nd from the bottom of the hill on the south end of Foster. If you continued up the hill and made a right on what I think was Tarawa St, if ya kept goin you'd go out the back gate in to Futenma ville. I lived off base with my wife and later daughter. My oldest girl was born at Kue hospital.

You could see the South China Sea also from my office window.

While at McT, I was one of the cooks and our barracks were the old quanset huts. Luckily, I didn't have to stay there for long as my wife came over and we lived off base. Lived in Akamichi (red way) which was about half way between Agena and Koza. I used to have to be tow work at like 0500 so I'd have to get up quite early in order to allow time enough to walk if I didn't get a skosha cab.(sukoshi meaning small). Never had to walk in all the way, but I'd done some walkin though before getting picked up.

One morning I got a ride as soon as I got out to the main road and got to the base at like 0345. I sooke to the firewatch and asked him if he was awake. He was so I laid down on my rack (had to maintain a bunk just in case and for inspection. Well the firewatch fell asleep and didn't wake up in time to wake everyone up so the mess hall could be opened and it was about 0545 and chow was supposed to start at 0600.

Well we managed to get everything going and were only several minutes late with chow, but the mess Sgt was smokin mad. The chief cook a Sgt McDonald, was called in on the carpet and explained what had happened with the firewatch. The firewatch and I were both called in. The Mess Sgt, still on the furious side, started ripping into the firewatch. When he was done, he looked toward me and asked me where I was during all this as he knew that I always came in from off base.

Told him that I was lying down as I had gotten in over an hour early and he started in on me how I should have stayed up.

Well an opportunity to go TAD to B co H&S BN Camp S.D. Butler, over at Foster came up a week or so after that and I was asked if I'd like it. So there I went.

I'll relate my move to Futenma ville in a later post. You'll like that one.

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I was an 0341 with Wpns Co 2/2 stationed at camp schwab from 1/88-5/88 from what i remember it was fun went into naha quite a few times, had chow at the kadena chow hall...

remember one time i partied too hard in naha and woke up in a friends barracks over at hansen.

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1963-1964, Camp Sukiran, ASD Bn, 3rd FSR....shared the post with the 173rd Airborne. Probably the best time I had in the Corps!

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Originally Posted by DaPitRat View Post
I was an 0341 with Wpns Co 2/2 stationed at camp schwab from 1/88-5/88 from what i remember it was fun went into naha quite a few times, had chow at the kadena chow hall...
Kadena was the first (and only) time I ate in an Air Force chow
It was like a fine restaurant, good food. When I was done eating I got up and started walking around with my tray to dump to trash and put away the utensils. I must have looked like an idiot, after a few minutes I saw a couple airmen leave their trays on the table and walk out. A mama san cleaned the table after them.
I thought I enlisted in the wrong service.....for about half a second....

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I was station at Okie !

I was there in 70 &71 with 6 months inbetween in Nam ,at Futema Air Base ,we had the better chow as I hated going to Camp Smedley as a chaser once and then eating there as their food was a testing place for starvation !

One thing is we wingers had , " far better chow " !

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I belive bc street and whisper alley was outside gate 2 in kadena.I was stationed in futema in93-94.I had such a bad, "good"night in bc street.i found out my orders were changed from cherry point to 29 stumps.also was padi open water certified there.the water clarity and fish there spoiled me on many future dives elsewhere!

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Camp Hansen with 2/9, 64 & 65 We deployed from there in early 65 for RVN.

I remember Kin Village very well. The best memory is the tiny New York Cafe, where one night I stopped in with a pretty good load on and tried to order a hamburger, the young waitress brought me something else and I told her is wasn't a hamburger! She said "you no order hamburger you order pork chop sandwich" We ll being a gentleman I ate it. It was the best sandwich I ever ate! The next day I thought about it and keep thinking it couldn't have been as good as I thought. The next night that's the first place I went and by golly it was that good! I told my buddies back at the barracks and they started ordering them. It got so when we had guard we would send a taxi driver in to get some for us.


NRA Endowment Life

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My Favorite Duty Station

Hey Devil Dog 3381,
I worked on Kinser (3d FSSG, HQSVC Co) from Feb 97 to Mar 98 and loved it. It was excellent for running along the road next to the beach because the scenery was EXCELLENT. I remember getting busted by PMO for trying to walk out the the rusted ship during low tide. Too bad I never got close enough to check it out.
As far as Camp KInser ghost stories go, supposedly the Armory is haunted because it was converted from what used to be a morgue/refrigeration area during the Vietnam era. While making after hours security checks, several Armorers reported seeing Marines in the green sateen uniform walking around the area. One Armorer was really shaken up so badly that he volunteered to hand out towels at the gym instead of working at the Armory.
I returned to Oki in Jul 00 with my family and spent four excellent years out there. I did a tour as the S-2A at 4th Marines and then later as the 2 at 12th Marines. We would have stayed longer, but the boy was going Asiatic on us. After he started to develop an Okinawan accent, the Mrs thought it was time to get back to the States.
Enjoy your time out there! Hiji Falls in the summertime is excellent, same for the nearby Okuma USAF beach area; beautiful beach and hot Air Force chicks.

Semper Fidelis

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Was at Oki from 99-00 and again from 01-02 at Camp Hansen with B 1/3. Used to hit up the Mom and Pop Soba stand early in the morning after a long nite at the Country bar until I saw Papa San dropping cigarette ash in with the Soba.

We were at Hansen when the towers fell, three days later we were put on alert. 24 hours later we pulled and pack all of our gear and boarded buses for Destination unknown. We were keyed up because we thought we were going to Afghanistan and as Kadena got closer you could feel the tension rising. The tension turned to confusion as we rolled past Kadena and then to downright disgruntlement and anger as we rolled into Camp Kinser, with the mission of providing security.

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Had a great 30 month accompanied tour in Okinawa from 1981 to 1983. Lived in Kishaba Terrace housing area adjacent to Camp Foster. Worked with the Navy just inside Gate 4 at Kadena AB. Got to know many of the Navy Corpsmen assigned to the FMF (3d MedBn, Camp Hansen, 1 st MAW, Futenma, and 3d FSSG at Kinser) and NAVHOSP at Kuwae/Camp Lester.

One of my old shipmates, a retired Master Chief, still lives in Okinawa and works at Camp Courtney for the Division Inspector General.

Earned my PADI Scuba Instructor certification while in Okinawa. Fantastic, crystal clear waters were very inviting. Great diving in places like Suicide Cliffs, Maeda Point, Sunabe, Horseshoe, Bolo Point, etc.

Can actually say that duty in Okinawa was one of the highlites of my naval career.

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Didn't have a 'tour' on Okinawa, only a short 2 month stop over in early '66 for jungle training on the way to RVN.
2/5 was at Camp Schwab at the north end of the island.
We semi-destroyed the EM club the night before we shipped out.

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I was a 1833 at camp Schwab back in 81 lots of fond memories of that place! too many storys to tell. YAT YAS!

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purple haze

Was on the rock in 82/83. Anyone rember sgt. peppers and there famous purple haze

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DevilDog3381, you are bringing up some old memories. I was in Okinawa from 1993-94 and I spent 1/3rd of my time on Foster with 9th Motors, 1/3rd at Camp Kinser with MSSG-31, and the other 1/3rd on float in support of 31st MEU (SOC). I figured that they would have torn Kinser down by now? I loved being stationed on that base. MSSG-31 was an awesome unit in that we just trained, all the time for the deployment. There wasn’t the typical Thursday night Field Day like with the rest of the units…Hello take everything out of your room and scrub the tile with your toothbrush. Those barracks we were in were old Korean War era and no one in the command was worried about waxing the cracked tile there. The mission was TRAINING, nothing else mattered. What was crazy was they were removing the barracks across the street from us when they found an unexploded 500 pound bomb from WWII. They had to call out EOD and close off a few blocks until they were able to remove it. They built the barracks right over the top of it!

Jumping off from the high seawall at night (after a beer or two) was always fun with a few buddies. The Bio-luminescence in that warm water at night was like holding a sparkler under the water – Awesome! Someone already mentioned Kadena and the two things that ALL Marines notice when they are on that base. Their awesome chow hall (and the lack of clean-up) and the hot Air Force chicks….where did they find all the babes? I enjoyed how they put their best looking female MP’s up at the front gate to wave you through…Hey, the Air Force knows how to keep their morale up. I don’t know how many times we got kicked out of the Airmen’s club there…I think our unit eventually got banned.

To sum it up I loved being a part of MSSG-31 for their no frills, awesome training, and West PAC float, I hated the humidity which I NEVER did get used to, and I drank WAY to much beer there. Speaking of, do they still have those beer machines out in the middle of nowhere? I thought that was the strangest thing ever, but it came in handy when you were staggering around the Hanson area at like 3am and suddenly one of these machines just “Appears” like the Alcohol Gods were looking out for ya. Keep the stories coming!

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I did two tours on Camp Schwab with 1st Bn 6th Marines as an 0331. I was there in 2000 & 2002. I also went to Camp Fugi on the "mainland" twice & climbed the mountain once. I also did the Jungle Warfare Training Course twice :(

And if you've ever heard of a shady place called "the stage" I've been there & done that! By the way Gate 2 Street off of kadena AFB is SCARY!

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