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MCRD San Diego
Aug. 1990
Plt 3079
3rd Battalion India Co
231 Expert

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May 1966
Plt 3018

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MCRD San Diego

1st Battalion Plt 1023

M16A1 Expert

Feb 1983

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Originally Posted by JavierC View Post
MCRD San Diego
Plt. 226, 2nd Bn, RTR
April - July 1965
Marksman (193 - barely qualified, but I did)

NOTE: On requal after first tour in Nam, found I had become a sharpshooter.

You were in boot camp when I returned to MCRD from S.E. Asia. We felt pretty salty in our tiger stripes until a light colonel tried to tell us we were out of uniform. I explained to him it was all I had since my other seabag got lost and I was getting out in 2 days and didn't plan to buy new utilities for that amount of time. He didn't say anymore but just returned my salute and left. My buddies had extra utilities that I could have worn and I had my greens and Trops that I hand carried in a garment bag...but I didn't tell him that

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I am not yet a Marine. Like you good men are, however....
I ship to MCRD San Diego June 20th 2011.
Ive been waiting to earn the title as a Marine since I was in second grade with the terrorist attacks on the twin towers happend.

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San Diego
Finished Boot camp October, 2 1992
PLT: 2050
2nd Battalion, Hotel Company
Pizza Box (But went on to 2nd award Expert)

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Parris Island
Plt. 1064 (Ssgt Williams, Sgt Guffey, Sgt Pike
May 2004
M16A2 - Marksman but 3 experts awards in the fleet

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San Diego
2014 Feb. 2000
M16 A2

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San Diego
Platoon 2063
Qualified Sharpshooter

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Banned Camp
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MCRD Dago, 4/61
1st Batt.
Ser. 19XXXXX

While boot camp was a memorable experience for everyone, I observed that as I progressed through service schools and ultimately to a permanent duty assignment, the quality of the personnel with whom I was associated increased accordingly. I don't know if others have had the same experience, but the Marine Corps friendships that have withstood the test of time are those from my regular outfit, both stateside and overseas. Boot camp is a blur and I am able to identify only a few fellow recruits from pix who were standouts on both ends of the spectrum. Getting out was one of life's high points and if anyone had told me then that thirty years later I would be spending $1,500 to attend a reunion, we probably would have gone to fist city, but they would have been right.

I still shoot expert with M1 and 14, as well as the 1911A1 with iron sights, but glasses are required and weather that doesn't contribute to arthritis is aso a plus. I don't feel too badly because many buddies had to start using scopes years ago.

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MCRD San Diego, May 29th thru August 25th, 1972
Plt 3060, Series 3057 - 60.
Plt Comander: MF (mother fvcker) Brown
Sharp shooter

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Parris Island
2nd Bn
H Co
Plt 2072

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MCRD San Diego

3rd Battalion Platoon 3122

M16A1 Rifle Expert

October 1974

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MCRD Parris Island, SC
Summer '81
3rd BN, H Co. Plt.3037

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MCRD Parris Island, SC

2nd Battalion, Plt 2094, Oct '78-Jan '79

M16A1, Marksman...had expert in the bag, forgot to flip my rear sight at the 500 yd line!

Expert x2 in the fleet

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