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This is a discussion on AR silencer info wanted within the M16 AR15 forums, part of the Rifle Forum category; OP, The AAC 762-SD can is the same 1.5" diameter as the AAC M4-2000 5.56MM can but is approx. 2.5" longer with a larger bore ...

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The AAC 762-SD can is the same 1.5" diameter as the AAC M4-2000 5.56MM can but is approx. 2.5" longer with a larger bore diameter. The QD function is very useful for moving the cans onto other weapons/uppers. I just have to make sure no one puts the M4 can on a larger bore weapon. Yes, the QD thread pattern is the same. Both these cans are of SS construction but with an Inconel blast baffle to deal with gas erosion even from automatic fire. The 762-SD has worked fine on 5.56MM AR15-M16/6.5CR/300BLK/7.62x39MM/7.62MM NATO M14 /.30 Cal BAR/ .300WM. bolt rifle. The M4 can is a bit quicker to get on target and a bit more quiet than the 762-SD on a 5.56MM AR15/M16. Both cans have now seen over a decade of hard service and will probably see me thru to the end of my hunting/shooting days. HTH

Thanks from dwight55

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Double tap.

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As others suggested, the AAC 7.62 might be your best bet. Call The Silencer Shop, ask about their different adapters compatible with the AAC, including the M1a, if there is one. I can go over there with barrel stub and take pictures how they look. I think I still have a 14 stub.

Let me know how I can help.


Thanks from dwight55
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sei has the sight 5/8 x 24 adapter

Thanks from Bamban and dwight55
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When getting a NFA piece like a suppressor and jumping though the hoops with the ATF I would save to get the one you really want because it's a hard process to sell it. If you do get one get the 30 caliber suppressor because it can work with anything lower as well. Over on the military arms channel on YouTube he tested the noise from a 30 caliber can on a .223 ar and it was the same noise level as a 30 caliber. I got my can last year and I use it just about every weekend with my savage mark II FV-SR and it's so nice. Good luck and look forward to have you join the club.

Thanks from dwight55
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I have an AAC 7.62-SD great can. I use it on four different platforms. But the next rifle can I buy will probably be from SilencerCo. Best customer service I have ever had and they make very innovative products.

Thanks from dwight55
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I'd look at the griffin can be reconfigured for handgun use as well and for a couple more hundred you have that covered as well with a modular system.

Thanks from dwight55
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Just finished an 18 month wait. Don't be discouraged by that, there was a paper work issue. Right now it will be about 12 months I'm guessing.
My personal experience includes:
Silencer Co Saker 7.62
Silencer Co Omega 7.62
Griffin Armament Recce7.
Those are listed from High to Low prices.
All three offer great sound reduction
The Saker and Omega sound a little better, but in my opinion all 3 require ear plugs while at the range. One or two shots in a hunting situation is pretty comfortable.
The Saker is the toughest. I've inspected one with 1000's of rounds with almost zero erosion. That one was bump fired on ak's, Ar's, sbr's, and other guns.
The other two showed some wear and baffel erosion. But for normal shooters who shoot less than 1000 rounds a year either will last a long time.
Saker pros- tough, rock solid warranty and company
Cons- heavier than the Omega. Costs a little more
Omega pros- Lightweight , same warranty as above
Cons- It's not as tough as a Saker
Recce7 pros- tough, costs less than the other two usually, another great company to deal with.
They should be releasing the newest
version in a couple of months
Cons- it's not as tough as the Saker
All three exhibit excellent accuracy and repeatability. Point of impact shifts are repeatable and straight down. Your barrel profile, concentricity of threads And the mount play a huge role in Poi shift. Any accuracy issue I've had was traced back to a canted suppressor mount. Pro-tip, use the fewest shims possible when mounting a suppressor mount.

Thanks from dwight55
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Not sure what the waits are for a Form 4, but it took 6 months last year to get my Form 1 back for an SBR. Silencer Shop will know the current wait times.

Thanks from dwight55
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[QUOTE=dwight55;2627554]I'm putting together an AR for coyotes, . . . thinking about maybe using a silencer to knock the noise down some.

First off, find a dealer in Ohio. I have three cans, one from out of state, two from in state.

If you go with an out of state dealer you are going to wait for the paperwork for them to transfer it to a local dealer to you, 4 – 6 months worst - case more, then another 4 – 6 months for them to transfer it to you. Worst case - more. So you could be waiting up to a year, after you have forked over the $$. I ordered my Fisher (M-14DC) can (spot on to a Smith Industries WindTalker) that way and it ended up being well over a year before I got my hands on the can.

So if you have to drive across the state, twice, you will still get it several months faster than if you deal with an out of state dealer. Silencer shop is a good business, but it will take you longer to get it from them than if you “shopped locally”. Cheap with silencers is a relative term. If you order it from out of state to save $200, it will still take you an additional 4 – 6 months to get it. Is $200 bucks worth up to 6 more months? Your call.

As to Cans, keep it as light as can be. I have a WindTalker that I add to my M1A, it drops the bullet impact by a good bit. My surefire for my AR is small enough so it does not impact the bullet flight in the least. But I have a 20” heavy barrel. While I get .3” at 100 Yards, I pay for it in weight. If you’re hunting coyotes, you are generally in a fixed potion than if you were hunting rabbits and walking all day. Any weight to the end of the barrel will frack with the harmonics of the barrel and the bullet leaving the barrel. Changing bullet weight and power load will do the same.

Last weekend I was testing out my new M24 and when I switched form 175 Gr Federal GMM to Hornady 178 Gr ELD-X the, both rated at 2700 FPS, the impact point was about 1 1/2'” up atnd to the right at 100 yards

The can will only muffle the initial report of the rifle, not the bullet travel as it goes down range at M 2.5 - 2700 – 3000 FPS. 1100 + or – is supersonic at sea level under a “Standard atmosphere”. But in a lot of case the animals will be more spooked by the gun shot than by the bullet travel.

My surefire is about 6” long, the WindTalker is 11. Big difference. Also look of r a can that has reduced blowback. Getting a face full of gun gas from an AR is a pain, and make my eye water a lot.

The 7.62 can has to handle a bit under twice the explosive force as a 223. So they are likely going to be heaver unless they are made out of Titanium or Inconel.

food for thought


Thanks from dwight55
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well,if you buy from out of state,you can get the form 3 copy,and start the form 4 xfer with the instate dealer immediatly

Thanks from dwight55
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The AAC 762-SD works well on deer.

My son Tom.

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Forgive me for posting off subject but what kind of rifle is that Dwight. I have never seen one before.
With Respect,

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As far as gas face, an adjustable gas block is a great idea. SLR makes a great one.
You'll get smoother cycling and decreased blow back. I set mine for reliable function unsuppressed, and unless I do a mag dump, gas face is greatly reduced.

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