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Best oil/grease to use on M1A

This is a discussion on Best oil/grease to use on M1A within the The M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; I use Slipstream grease and oil from Crusader Weaponry. Its black so it looks bad but it really does slick up the action....

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Old April 7th, 2012, 07:58 PM   #31
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I use Slipstream grease and oil from Crusader Weaponry. Its black so it looks bad but it really does slick up the action.

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Thanks for that Different,

I suspected as much because my rifle's action hummed away in the desert with XF-7, and when it got any grit on the bolt or lugs, it wiped off so easily with a Q-tip and replaced.

I put a glob on the lid of my barbeque pit for the summer to see how it did with intermittent extreme heat and cooling. After three months of using the grill a lot, and it being in the rain and sun all day, I examined the XF-7 glob. It blackened on the outside, but the interior grease was still golden and perfect!

That really won me over.

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I also recently bought one and purchased Shooter's Choice grease. Does anyone have any opininon on this before I use it on my rifle?

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please remember oil and grease are 2 different things. i use white lithium grease from the auto parts store for things that need grease and hoppes oil for thing that need oil.

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Originally Posted by JBIRD825 View Post
I also recently bought one and purchased Shooter's Choice grease. Does anyone have any opininon on this before I use it on my rifle?
This lubricant is on my comparison spreadsheet. From the MSDS, the viscosity has not been established. It does not have a NLGI number that I can find. This grease gets good reviews from semi-auto pistol users. It's thicker than TW-25B which is a NLGI # 1 grease. The M14 likes a NLGI # 2 grease which is less runny. So, the consistency sounds like it's what you need. Shooter's Choice All Weather grease has corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.

My personal opinion is that it will likely do just fine. Give it a try and see how it works for you. I like knowing what's in the secret sauce, so to speak, so I stick with lubricants with published physical properties but that's me.

Like a lot of products, if you buy in bulk you get a better price per pound. Grease is no different. The smaller containers are more convenient but pricey by the cubic centimeter. Why carry a tub of grease to the range when you can get by with a syringe or lip balm size tube of lubricant? There's a place for small and large size containers of grease. My $0.02.

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Originally Posted by Different View Post
There are differences among the various makes and types of automotive grease and other types of grease. That's why I put this spreadsheet together. The military specifies a narrow band of values for the physical properties of rifle grease.

Pennzoil 707L Red Grease is in the lubricants comparison spreadsheet. The viscosity is higher than what the military specifies for rifle grease. Other than that, it falls in line with what the M14 needs. If you are using another grade of Pennzoil grease, let me know. I'll research it and add it to the spreadsheet.

Yes sir. It's good old Pennzoil 707L in the yellow tub. I have been using it on M1As and M-1 Garands for years. I also use it on one of my AR-15s. I have some in a small syringe for getting to those hard to reach areas.

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Originally Posted by KaribouKidd View Post
+1 for Super Lube
Its also FDA approved.....meaning you can eat it if you get hungry. Just kidding. I worked at a food place where they made generic tv dinners. When the mash potates would get stuck in the pipe they would push it out with superlube and let it go into the mash potates. LOL I worked there for a day. Anyways Ill be using this stuff have cases of it.

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Been using Mobil1 and Slick 50 synthetics where grease is required for years. 1911, M14, Garand. Any opinions?



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Using Mobil 1 for years? Guns still humming I'd bet. Good enough for Vette's and Ferrari's.
Refer to Different's research, but you're using top shelf premium lubricants and doing your machines a favor already. People have their favorite exotic lubes, I think Mobil 1 in your stuff will never let you down. IMHO

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Used Shooters Choice high teck grease for years. Supposedly good from -65 to +350 so that covers temp range pretty well. Pennzoil Premium Wheel Bearing grease 707L Red Grease appears to be just about the same stuff. I have used them interchangably for many years. I keep a tub and solder brush on my bench.

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Been using Wilson Combat's great on the M1 as well as the 1911

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Rig +P grease has been my grease for years. Birchwood Casey Synthetic Gun Oil.

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I use the red grease in the little pots with a yellow cap that reads "GREASE RIFLE". I got a case of like 200 pots for 10 bucks. Good enough for Uncle Sam, Good enough for me.

Thanks from Mainzer
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Red and Tacky?

I am a new M1A owner and just curious has anyone tried red and tacky marine grease on their rifle?

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