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navy m25 sniper specifications

This is a discussion on navy m25 sniper specifications within the The M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; good afternoon ,its raining here in new york , damp and cold , how the weather where you are ??tell me its warm seeking today ...

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navy m25 sniper specifications

good afternoon ,its raining here in new york , damp and cold , how the weather where you are ??tell me its warm
seeking today a copy of the navy m25 ( m14 sniper ) that the navy seals the specs and procedures to make a clone , ,
please advise many thanks smiley :lol:

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Can't help you with the specs, but I can give you a weather report from Cache Valley, Utah. We've got overcast skies with very high clouds, relatively warm, low to mid 60's. Snow has been melting off steady for the last 2-3 weeks and plants are about ready to start greening up.

Good luck in your quest.


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It is sunny and high 70's. Rough, but someone has to do it. Are you looking to build or do you want to buy?

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Im building an M25 based LRB's M25 receiver. The receivers are back ordered about a year so it will take a while but I know that fulton armory offers XM25 receivers. As far as the specs check with TBA or IBA

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here in hell it was almost in the 80`s

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It got to 75 here yesterday and sopposed to hit 80 today. It snowed a few days ago though. Go figure.

I carried one of those rifles just before I got out but I never knew the specs for it. I remember it had a brookfield mount and a leupold scope. Forgot which one. It sure was a nice rifle. I wish we had something as nice when I changed over to the army!
I'd go for the fulton receiver myself. Nothing against LRB but the price. Fulton won't do ya wrong.

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From the soon-to-be-available print First Edition of M14 Rifle History and Development by Lee Emerson copyright 2005 (expanded from what is posted online at )

XM25 and M25

The M25 rifle is an improved version of the M21. In 1986, the 10th Special Forces Group at Fort Devens, MA had its own machine shop and ammunition reloading shop to support the unit’s sniper weapon systems. While the ART II scope and side two point scope mount design were great improvements for the M21 over the original XM21 configuration, these optical systems were still prone to loss of zero when knocked around in the field. The condition of the bedding compound in the XM21 and M21 rifles deteriorated with removal of the receiver and barrel for cleaning and maintenance. The bedding compound in use at the time was also susceptible to chemical attack from various oils. Loss of the bedding material further worsened accuracy by causing the receiver to shift around in the stock.

To alleviate these problems, 10th Special Forces Group armorer then Sergeant First Class (later Master Sergeant) Tom Kapp, now deceased, sought to improve the M21 rifle. So, he and Master Sergeant Amelung, worked with Mitch Mateiko, owner of Brookfield Precision Tool (BPT), to develop the XM25 rifle between 1986 and 1988. Master Sergeant Amelung was the Non-Commissioned Officer-In-Charge of the 10th Special Forces Special Operations Target Interdiction Course. Mitch Mateiko had served in the Army National Guard and worked as a tool and die maker for the M14 project at one of the four government funded manufacturers.

Meanwhile, higher authority within the U. S. Army sought Congressional funding to change its sniper rifle from the M21 to the M24 bolt action rifle. This effort was successful with the M24 officially replacing the M21 as the sniper rifle for the U. S. Army in 1988. U. S. Army General Guest, in Congressional testimony seeking funding for the M24 rifle, was of the opinion that the M21 rifle was at the end of its usefulness as a sniper weapon system. Consequently, the development of the XM25 rifle continued quietly. The rifle produced by the 10th Special Forces Group and Brookfield Precision Tool was classified as the XM25 since the M21 was no longer considered viable by higher authority. The 10th Special Forces Group intended for the XM25 rifle to be carried by the sniper team observer in urban operations with an effective range of 600 meters. The XM25 was found to be as accurate as the M24 bolt in the late 1980s when both rifles used M118 Special Ball ammunition. In 1991, the U. S. Army the XM25 was designated as the M25. The XM25 / M25 saw combat service in Panama in 1989, the 1990-1991 Gulf War and in Afghanistan in 2002. The M25 still serves admirably as the spotter’s rifle in Special Operations sniper teams.

Initially, the XM25 rifle did not mount a bipod and it was fitted with a 10th Special Forces Group made scope mount. But as adopted, the XM25 design specification required the rifle to have a synthetic material stock, a medium weight match grade barrel, Harris bipod and the following Brookfield Precision Tool parts: steel stock liner, operating rod spring guide, scope mount, and titanium nitride coated gas piston. Brookfield Precision Tool parts were not assigned National Stock Numbers. The Brookfield Precision Tool gas piston is coated with titanium nitride on the larger cylindrical diameter but not on the smaller diameter portion. Various Harris Bipod models were employed by Special Forces operators but over time the notched-leg swiveling bench rest height model was the typical bipod found on U. S. Army issue M25 rifles. A bipod was not always used in the field with the M25 rifle. Often, the M25 rifle was steadied with a ruck sack or a sock containing a plastic bag filled with cooked popcorn for making the shot. The side three point scope mount and gas piston titanium nitride coating employed in the XM25 were innovative developments.

Two side three point scope mount designs were tested by the U. S. Army for the XM25 rifle (see Side Three Point Scope Mounts). The Atlantic Research Marketing Systems, Inc. (West Bridgewater, MA) scope mount was tested by the 82nd Airborne Division and by the 10th Special Forces Group during development of the XM25. The 10th Special Forces Group also tested a scope mount made by Brookfield Precision Tool (BPT). The U. S. Army settled on the BPT model by 1988 for the XM25 rifle specification.

Optics on the M25 varies according to unit preferences. The U. S. Army XM25 rifles were first outfitted with Leupold & Stevens, Inc. M1 Ultra and Bausch & Lomb Tactical scopes followed by Leupold & Stevens, Inc. M3 Ultra models. Army Special Forces M25 rifles today typically sport the Leupold & Stevens, Inc. M3A 10X scope while the Navy SEALs prefer the Bausch & Lomb Tactical 10X scope on its M25 rifles. Brookfield Precision Tool also produced an adapter for its scope mount to accommodate the AN/PVS-4 night scope. The AN/PVS-4 second generation technology night scope was manufactured for the U. S. Army in 1980 and 1981. It saw service in 1991 during the First Gulf War. Generation III image intensifier tubes were available for the AN/PVS-4 by 1999.

Brookfield Precision Tool made two different titanium nitride coated gas pistons. Both have drawing number 7267047. The Revision 1 gas piston has the standard diameter gas inlet. The Revision 2 has a smaller diameter gas inlet. Only a relatively few 7267047 Revision 2 gas pistons were made. The Revision 2 gas pistons were designed for use in sound suppressed M14 type rifles. The U. S. Navy purchased 7267047 Revision 2 gas pistons but the U. S. Army and U. S. Marine Corps did not. For sound suppressed M25 rifles the U. S. Army welded and drilled the gas piston gas inlet to a smaller diameter and also drilled an approximate 0.030 ” diameter hole in the center of the gas cylinder plug in order to keep the chamber pressure and the force acting on the operating rod to acceptable values.

The XM25 rifle had a steel liner placed inside the stock to allow removal of the stock without loss of scope zero. The steel stock liner was designed by Master Sergeant Tom Kapp. The design was successful because it allowed the sniper to remove the barrel and receiver from the stock, clean the weapon and reassemble the rifle without a loss of scope zero. However, the stock liner was time consuming to produce. Consequently, the stock liner was not kept as part of the specification for the M25 rifle. The M25 rifle as used by the U. S. Army typically sports either a McMillan M1A or M2A bedded stock without the steel liner and a heavyweight match grade Krieger barrel. The M25 rifle does not have a rear receiver lug. The select fire components are not welded on the M25 rifle. The selector lock is installed but can be replaced with a selector switch if desired.

Thanks from XM25Ren
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Out of curiosity. Does anyone know what if any modifications were made to the gas system?

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Hello, I was looking into Tom Kapp and Devens and I was directed to this board, and I noticed something. I had a correction/heads up, Tom Kapp is not dead, in fact he still lives relatively close to Devens. I am good friends with his son Dan, and Tom is still kicking!

Thanks from Different
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Gas system

Yes, there were several mods' done to it.

Thanks from CNelson and XM25Ren
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Thanks Different.

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Originally Posted by SOCOM42 View Post
Yes, there were several mods' done to it.
What type of mods did they perform?

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M25's have adjustable trigger's ranging 1.5 to 4 lbs.... I wish I could get one of these

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Zombie thread.

Originally Posted by islandermyk View Post
M25's have adjustable trigger's ranging 1.5 to 4 lbs.... I wish I could get one of these
I believe your confusing the "M25 Whitefeather" which is a commercial product and the real deal nomenclatured xm-25/m-25 product improved m-21.

Wow this thread is old. Thank you lazerus for resurrecting this, well I shouldnt call it a resurrection as much as a zombiefication.

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Tomorrow I'm going to a USPSA shoot. Forecast is supposed to be 94F, clear skys and low humidity. Oh how I love being a desert rat.

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