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This is a discussion on Most forgettable range trip.. within the The M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; We have all had that experience, as Gus Fisher would have labeled it, "A Walter Mitty Range Day".. Three days ago I asembled a Walter ...

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Most forgettable range trip..

We have all had that experience, as Gus Fisher would have labeled it, "A Walter Mitty Range Day"..

Three days ago I asembled a Walter Mitty M1A made up of a vast assortment of parts, to include a SAK NM barrel someone fired a few boxes of India ball through and forgot to clean the bore. He left it with me to do use for whatever..

The bore looks like a battlefield dig recovery from Verdun. Today was to be an experment in how poor a M1A can shoot.. The bolt must have a firing pin, 50 miles and a poor Lunch followed..

Share with us your Forgetable range Day.. Maybe one of the tales will make me feel better...Art

Thanks from XXIV Corps, drbub22, nf1e and 3 others
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One day I had 3 rifles with me. When leaving, a shooter at the other end of the line asked for some help boresighting his scope. I obliged.

I was half way home when a buddy called and asked if I wanted my 3rd rifle, which was still sitting on the bench near where I had parked.

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Back when I lived in Seattle I used to travel about 40 miles each way to a gravel pit area frequented by shooters. Headed out there with my new chrony to test some .280 Rem loads for hunting. Got all set up and ready to go and no ammo!!! Having nothing better to do that day, I drove all the way home and all the way back. What a PITA!

Thanks from drbub22, nf1e and Wasted ammo
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I once drove 2.5 hours to shoot a 100,200,300 yard bullseye shoot at a hunting club/range. When I arrived I realized I had got my tikka 204 ruger out of the safe instead of my tikka 300wsm. Arrived with nothing to compete with but a gun that wasn't legal to shoot. Rules where had to be legal to hunt deer with. I sat and drank beer while everyone shot targets and had a ball. First place was $500.

Thanks from nf1e and WaM14gunner
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Not exactly a range day, but one time I went turkey hunting with my old roommate, & we had gotten up really early to get to a spot before sunrise that we had scouted for weeks. It was an hour drive from my house. I didn't realize I had forgotten the key to the lock on my shotgun until we arrived at the spot. What was worse is that I didn't even need to lock the shotgun, I'm still not sure why I had it locked. The ride back to the house was one of the longest rides ever! I just remember sitting there in silence watching the sun rise as we drove back.

Thanks from drbub22 and nf1e
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Showed up to the range a couple weeks ago with a newly customized 1911, 200-rounds of factory 230-grain ball and no magazine...

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I friend has a home in the country and a range just over the creek.

I was over there shooting the M1A and the M40 (and the M9).

When I got home I realized I have over 200 chigger bites on me.

Thanks from drbub22, nf1e and High Hat
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Myself and the woman that would later become my Wife, our first date was a range date. The first round down range that she fired with my M1a and it erupted into a fireball and her head disappeared in the flash. I was expecting much worse, but thankfully after the bright flash was over it only singed half her bangs off, and blew the mag apart. No, Phil did not get lucky that night... This May 15 we will have been married 21 years....

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I must have forgotten my most forgettable range trip.

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I am an over-preper, need 1 of something I bring 4, all laid out checked and re-checked two days beforehand, checked again the morning of.

Went to attend a two day LEO Advanced Combat Handgun class. Arrived at 0700 for the 0800 class (on-time is late) wearing my off-duty S&W Shield, w/extra mag in the pocket for the classroom briefing part. I was first there (other than instructors). Sat and jawed with them for a bit as well. After class briefing, we went to our vehicles to get our duty rigs (yup, you guessed it) and discovered I left mine at home,

on the front porch,


(please don't tell anyone)

Called the wife. Started the class with the Shield and fumbled through some dry mag change and draw exercises till wifey arrived with my duty belt about 40 minutes later.

Exactly what I work to prevent from happening, I felt sooooo stupid.

Thanks from drbub22, nf1e and Wasted ammo
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I headed out to the range once and forgot my ammo. I had to go to the local bait & tackle store and buy some 30-06 ammo.

I took my father and sister out to the woods once so they could shoot my 45 and my silenced 22. I forgot all my 45 magazines and the silencer. Still had some good rifles to shoot though.

I did shoot a match a couple of years ago and 5 rounds into my 300yd rapid fire prone, my rifle enabled the automatic bolt disassembly feature. I lost my extractor and plunger. I had to borrow parts from a club Garand to get my rifle shooting for the 600yd line. I scored a 50-2X with those 5 rounds I got off in the 300 rapid. I was on the way to a clean!

I ended up placing 5th out of 18 shooters with a 50 point loss.


Thanks from drbub22, nf1e, High Hat and 2 others

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I guess my most forgettable range day I'll never forget.

I was 17 and had just purchased my first 1911, a WWII Remington Rand off the street. I cleaned it all up and went down to the local range and purchased ammo. I used a standard bulls eye pistol target a 25 feet. Shot my first magazine only to realize the target was a virgin. Next magazine same results. Third magazine I had one hole barely on the target. I asked the guy next to me shooting a 1911 if he would try mine. He promptly put seven holes in the target.

It was about this time I realized that shooting a handgun was much harder than rifles and shotguns. And to this day I'm still learning.....

Thanks from drbub22, nf1e, pupulepeter and 1 others
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Oh boy.

1. A long time ago in a galaxy all too near, I was wanting to show off my new rifle to some friends. Was out of town so I made certain I had everything I needed in my truck. Met folks at hotel, grabbed rifle and bag out of truck and hit the road.
Reached location. No mags. No go. Shot every round out of CCW and extra mags. Fun was had by all. Defenseless for a day and half. Evasion is best anyway.

2. Met friends at range of which I was the only member. Gate. Lock. Key. No key. Bypassed gate through thicket. 200 yd walk. Fun was had by all. Bag lightened 147 gr. at a time.

3. Met friend at same range recently to show off newly refinished stock and shoot. Rifle, check. Mags, check. Key, check. Buttplate assembly. Buttplate assembly...

I shot the thing anyway but the buttplate assembly is there for a reason, kids!

ETA Fun still had by all!

Thanks from drbub22, nf1e and High Hat
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I was supposed to take part in a Veteran's day demonstration shoot with an M-14 and an M1. Put the weapons in the truck and what I thought was a can of loaded mags and a can of loaded enblocks. When I set up my display on the range bench I realized I had grabbed 2 cans of linked WWII 30-06 AP and left the good stuff at home. Didn't get to shoot my rifles for the demo, but we had a blast with a 1913. We let visitors bang away with a couple of bursts. Not a total loss. A local artillery brigade was the hit of the day with their 3" cannon.
Pretty neat to see that thing nailing a 200 yd 16" bullseye with regularity.

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About 5 years ago in July or August it was a brutally hot day and some buddies and I went to a local outdoor range. Two of my friends brought their kids who have never shot before. In the mayhem of trying to assist with the youngin's and the oppressive heat and crowded range I somehow forgot a bag there holding 6-7 30 AR mags, 4 Sig 228 mags, 2 Beretta 84 mags and a couple 10/22 ones.
Got home and didn't even take inventory and it was a couple weeks before I realized what I had done. I still get mad at myself thinking about it.

Thanks from drbub22, nf1e, High Hat and 1 others
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