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This is a discussion on Bula Defense Systems Parts within the The M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Hi all, I wanted to let everyone know that I have been having really good parts come out of Bula Defense. I fully intend on ...

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Bula Defense Systems Parts

Hi all,
I wanted to let everyone know that I have been having really good parts come out of Bula Defense. I fully intend on using their parts on my rifle builds for BAR receivers, unless anyone has other special request.

There was some hubbub about a trigger group several weeks back and I also wanted to clear that up completely.
That started because of one trigger guard which had the two hole diameters for the hammer pin reversed, that I purchased from Wolfe Firearms for my customer.

The larger hole for the hammer pin on the right was in the left side, and vice versa. The customer couldn't get it assembled, ask for a return and refund, and was given it immediately, and the shipping cost refunded.

The customer then claimed they never got the refund and demanded another refund on an open sales thread in the px.
Anyone that has lost a money order knows that you cannot initiate a trace for a set amount of time, pursuant to postal regulations....and the px is the wrong place for such demands.

We did initiate the trace and found that the money order was in fact cashed in his home town. No apology has since been forthcoming from the customer for terrible remarks made toward me and my friend and employee Gtostokes32, and none is needed.

To understand anything, you must have all the facts.

This same trigger guard also had the locking ears that latch on to the receiver U cuts made too wide and would not insert in between the receiver legs.

I contacted Wolfe and he immediately told me to send it back and he would stand behind it. Just as customer service should go. I declined, fixed it myself, and it now resides in one of my personal rifles.

This is the only problem I have seen with "any" Bula part, and I use a lot of them, and will continue to use many more of them. Buy with confidence, you will be supported.

Thanks from Foxfire32, RDS, tonyben and 12 others
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I built my match rifle with all of the parts Bula had to offer. I went all out and used the advice on this forum and TonyBen's YouTube instructional videos to the letter. I shot 4 matches already and I am very pleased.

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A pic
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Sales in the PX rely on the trust members have in each other to honor their word. I agree that if there was an issue then it should have been handled privately, but since it wasn't, I for one would like to have seen the name of the individual in question so that either
a) he can have the opportunity to clarify the matter or
b) so other members can avoid a similar situation in future transactions.

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Smile Things happen.


A bad part can get by any manufacturer - it is just in the numbers.

Most of our products are made in the U.S. or Canada - and many are made by hand.
Occasionally a "boo boo" gets through.

Last night I got an e-mail from a customer who purchased some U.S. made brass battery terminal extensions.
One did not have the internal threads.
I have a replacement sitting on my desk ready to send to the customer.
You have to make it right.

That said.

We have been selling online since 2001, and in general, the customer base is not getting any better.

Keep yer powder dry and yer sense of humor ready,


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Glad all went well. I plan to have Wolfe build an XM21 Bula Receiver up later on this year with all Bula parts. Having worked retail years ago while in college I can say this, the customer is NOT ALWAYS RIGHT, and can many times be an as@#&$e.

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