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Why did you buy a traditional M14 / M1a?

This is a discussion on Why did you buy a traditional M14 / M1a? within the The M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Originally Posted by rabbitone The quiz should not have been a one of choice but multiple reasons that did deeper. ... Shooting capabilities is an ...

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View Poll Results: Did you buy more because...
it's a weapon used by the U.S. military? 48 57.83%
of it's shooting capabilities? 35 42.17%
Voters: 83. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by rabbitone View Post
The quiz should not have been a one of choice but multiple reasons that did deeper.

Shooting capabilities is an all encompassing phase. You could have added a long list of check boxes. For some people reliability and dependability may be far more important reasons than accuracy.
Agreed, a poll could ask what was the main reason you bought the M14/M1a and it could have given "a long list of check boxes" to see what was the main reason people buy. It would be interesting to see which specific reason gained the most votes. Maybe that poll has been done--I didn't search.

However, my curiosity revolves around its U.S. military roots/history, and that being the main reason to buy. Maybe my poll should have stated more simply:

Would you have purchased the rifle if it had never been used by the U.S. military?

And since I ask, it's only fair to share my answer:

No, I wouldn't have.

So we likely have different opinions regarding its capabilities: one might say its top characteristic is its accuracy (after getting it set-up "perfectly" for example); I might think its best positive is its range. But lots of rifles are accurate, have good range, can be set-up this and that way...but not all of them were used by the military. So the question remains:

Would you have purchased the rifle if it had never been used by the U.S. military?

Thank you for your comments.

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Yes I would have, and again I agree with Lurp. This rifle can fill a lot of roles others can't. Buy that I mean how many rifles can you use for service rifle comp.,hunting anything in North America, shtf rifle, collectible, investment that actually holds it value, not to mention the badassness. What other rifle do we need?

Thanks from XM25Ren
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Me? Because the darn thing shoots and shoots good.

I carried an M16A1 in basic and AIT and suffered through various reliability issues (mostly magazine related). I got to Ft. Myer and got my M14 (TRW1490317) and fell in love with it.

We qualified with both M16A1's and our M14's just once. On a windy day. With the M16A1 we were guessing how far to the right to aim to hit the target. With the M14 we were putting our front sight on the targets and knocking them down. That was the afternoon I knew I had to have one.

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I'm neither ex-military or a Vietnam-era baby boomer. I've also got a bias toward European made gear. I own (and have built) G3s, FALs, AR-10s, and M14s. I've owned (and built) AKMs, AR-15s, AK-74s, Garands, MAS-49/56s, BM-59, SKS, SVT-40, and virtually all the milsurp bolt actions. I shoot the M14 best, and I like it best in its simplest form (all USGI + receiver, no NM). Here's why:

1. Sights and sight radius
2. Trigger
3. Meant for shooting with a sling
4. Unfussy gas system (ahem, FAL)
5. Low part count (again, FAL)
6. Findable brass (G3)
7. Rifle length (not as into carbines as everyone seems to be) with traditional ergos
8. Uses a cartridge I have stockpiled
9. Accuracy with surplus (~4" @ 200m)
10. Reliability (no malfunctions ever, actually)

I've shot more accurate rifles. I'm still waiting to shoot the better one.

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I'm a 70 yr old Army Vet. I first laid Eyes on a M14 during a U S Army Open House at Ft Jay NY in 1960 When I Was 14yrs old. Four years later after Enlisting in the Army I was issued my own M14. It was the first high power Rifle that I ever Fired, and it Kindled a Love and Respect for it that has endures to this Day. I own Two LRB Viet Era 22" traditional type Rifles, And a Sage Stocked JRA EBR.

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I bought one,.. well to be different.
All the rage are the black guns these days. They're fine and I have nothing against that, but there's something about walnut and the accuracy reputation of the M1A that appealed to me. I've always been fond of the M1 Garand and see this as the 'Garand 2.0'. Historical and...fun!

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I bought it because I wanted a rifle with more power than a 5.56 rifle, semi auto, and accurate enough for general purpose.

So I decided I needed a battle rifle. So I compared the M14, G3, FAL, and even the AR-10. After months of research I decided on the M14 for a multitude of reasons by weighing its strengths and weaknesses compared to the other rifles. Being a fan of the M1 Garand helped too.

And became a collector ever since.

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Because I wanted one!

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it goes POW!

not pew, pew pew

Thanks from pdedse and Coriolis
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Originally Posted by conditionone View Post
it goes POW!

not pew, pew pew
I was next to a friend at the range.
Him popping away with his AR-15. Me with my M1A. After firing off several rounds, he just looked over at me and said "d*mn!" That speaks volumes.

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Originally Posted by Lazerus2000 View Post
Complicated question with a simple answer.

In Canada the Chinese and US clones if the genuine M14 rifles are NOT RESTRICTED, and also are by far the LEAST EXPENISIVE SEMI AUTO FULL POWERED BATTLE RIFLE available.
This makes them the BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK for us Canucks.
The Canadians never banned the Chinese imports like we did. They will be cheaper for that reason alone. I picked up a pre-ban Norinco MAK-90 a couple of years ago. It was not cheap but a helluva lot better than anything around from Century Arms.

You guys are limited to 5 rounds mags for CF semi's but it is nice that they non-restrict them for you at least.

I digress. I got my M1A because I always wanted one but could never really afford one until last year. I liked the concept of the M14 as an upgrade Garand. I got the SAI loaded with the walnut stock because I wanted something as close to GI as reasonably affordable. I didn't know about Fulton Armory, etc at the time I bought it. Probably would have still got the SAI because of the price difference


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I bought mine in May '93. Too far back to remember why, but had to have. Clinton's assault weapon ban was the kick in the butt to get it right away. And no- I didn't register back then either.

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Talking Many reasons but one of them is the most important !

I have owned and shot/reloaded for many of the major military rifles of the modern era, FALs ( 4), M1 Garands ( 12 of them IIRC ) M1 Carbines (2), CETMEs (3), ARs of all types ( 10 plus IIRC), 03's only one. a few British and Aussie SMLEs and their variants in .303 and quite a few AKs from different countries both stamped and machined receivers and of course our beloved M14s ( 5 or 6 IIRC).

I like the M14s far better than any other battle rifle in any configuration I have ever owned or even had the pleasure to shoot belonging to other folks ( Many, many FA weapons BARs, M60s, Grease guns, M2 carbines, Thompsons, Brens on tripods, Stens, M16s, AKs and an Uzi.)

For me, the M14 comes to shoulder easy, fast sighting, great sights, IMO super accurate for an issue grade rifle regardless of what was posted earlier and I have recorded match results as proof of this.
As far as maintenance to maintain good accuracy goes I don't see it as any more intense than anything else. Well maintaned weapons are part of my upbringing and part of who I am so thats a non issue to me. Sure it's a bit heavy compared to some, ammo is heavy but I like wood and steel, not too crazy about poly this, and plastic that on any firearm.

With all of it's supposed claims of "shortcomings" there is NO OTHER rifle in the world that I would have my life depend on because I know what it can do.

A few times in my life I have owned a few M14s at the same time but I always had a favorite one and still do. I never have felt more closely bonded to a weapon in my life until I started shooting the M14s. I have enjoyed other types of rifles but never have I felt like one type was made just for me but the M14 was..............................made in the U.S.A. just for me !

To some of you my rant may sound a bit bizzare.............
It's OK, that's just the way it is.


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^^ well said my friend! as if you read a page from my mind.

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