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This is a discussion on M1A in 7.62X39 within the The M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; I would love to have one too. As long as its a Norinco for <$500. I have always wanted a Ruger mini 3p/14 but quality ...

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I would love to have one too.
As long as its a Norinco for <$500.
I have always wanted a Ruger mini 3p/14 but quality has always been to low and price to high.

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And in Canuckistan, the magazine capacity for semi auto center fire rifles is 5 rds. So those long AK mags have to be limited.

Back in the day, I reloaded .308 WIN to duplicate 7.62x39 external ballistics using the 123 gr FMJ Russian .310" bullets. Nice light load in both the AR 10 and M14. Accurate enough, minimal recoil, and perfect for 200 yd practice or FAST run and gun stuff. I bought 1000 of the excellent and inexpensive Lapua bullets, played around with Win powder till I got reliable function, at about 2450 fps., and had fun.

But honestly, in 7.62x39 I would rather have a Russian SKS

OR a Czech CZ/VZ


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Its good they're in Canada - they can stay there

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Originally Posted by Phil McGrath View Post
I'm all for it, so why not.... Would you all say the same about a M1A in 5.56?
I'm thinking the same thing. I'm honestly surprised that Jeff hasn't convinced his engineers to make it happen.
A 20rd mag should fit it in a 14 mag I'd like to think. I would buy one. Yes I'm aware of the mini 14, they don't really interest me much.

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6.5 Creedmoor is fine for M14. But 7.62x39 or 5.56.........no. M14 is just too large. Leave those calibers for the Mini 14, Ak's, Sks's, and AR's.

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I am new here and not an active shooter so this is just me shooting off my mouth, but...

I don't see the point of the conversion (or build?). The M-14/M1A platform is designed for a much bigger cartridge and everything is sized to match. If one wants an M14-ish package in 7.62x39 why not get a Ruger Mini-30 in that chambering? An argument might be made for the very short SOCOM-16 configuration I guess.

I would rather have the Mini-30 in .300 Blackout myself.

Jujst my $0.02 worth.

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LOL!!!! A Norinco m1a, what the hell is that? Is that like Norinco M14 type copy of a Sprongfield copy of the M14.

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If SAI made it, they could trademark the 7.62 Soviet as an M1B, and the 5.56 Nato as M1C. Then people could start clubs in which, to be a member, you had to have the set!

Thanks from Snyper762
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