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Elevation adjustment problems

This is a discussion on Elevation adjustment problems within the The M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; I was shooting my M1A yesterday and was having problems adjusting the sight to increase elevation. After some examination it seems that the elevation only ...

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Elevation adjustment problems

I was shooting my M1A yesterday and was having problems adjusting the sight to increase elevation. After some examination it seems that the elevation only works sometimes. It's like there are teeth missing on part of the pinion is my best guess. If I pull up on the aperture when it stalls I can feel it move up. Is the pinion replaceable? My rifle is early 90s all usgi. Where can I find a replacement that is suitable? Thanks!

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Yes it's replaceable, place a want to buy add in the PX here and someone will hook you up. Does the elevation knob feel correct when you turn it?

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Everything is replaceable, but all it probably needs is to be tightened up. Turn the nut on the windage knob half a turn or check the screw on the elevation pinion.

Thanks from woodstock31
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What Ted said.

The field manual covers it. Rear sight tension is something that needs to be checked frequently.

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Remember to hold the elevation knob while you tighten the windage screw.

Make sure your elevation screw is tight as well. You may have to hold the knob with a pair of padded pliers if you don't have enough finger strength.

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Well recall shooting HP XC match in Florida some years ago and did pretty well at the standing, sitting and rapid prone, but went back to the 600yd. line and shots kept going lower and lower even though I had dialed in the right elevation for that distance. Guess what, that pinion had become loose and with each shot the rack/aperture kept creeping downward and downward. Since that time actually tighten that little slotted screw head in the wind drum tighter than probably should and if I do need to move it while shooting will simply press in on the elevation drum relieving pressure and move it as needed. After the match back off the screw head tension so as to not over pressure the spring washer in the elevation drum. That screw in the elevation drum needs tightened as well to give positive, sure engagement of the serrations on the left sight body ear.

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My guess is the screw in the ELEV knob is loose, and is alloying the elev knob to 'ratchet' w/o actually turning the elev pinion shaft.
Either use pliers with padding to hold the elev knob, or just allow the aperture ramp to go all the way and stop.
Don't overtighten the elev screw it just has to be 'firmly snug'.

The elev knob is made that way so the distance marks on the knob can be calibrated to the proper setting when sighted in at a known distance.
But most people just 'count clicks' for various distance because the knob is 'close' but not exact.

Jay Kosta
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Never thought it may be loose. Will try this tonight. Thanks!

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