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New here bought my first M1A yesterday

This is a discussion on New here bought my first M1A yesterday within the The M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Originally Posted by rovobay Wow thanks for all the replies. I have so many questions. this will be a great resource. I am blown away ...

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Originally Posted by rovobay View Post
Wow thanks for all the replies. I have so many questions. this will be a great resource. I am blown away by some prices of various things. there has to be a delicate balance for between money spending on firearms and not totally pissing off the wife!

Here is what I was going to buy as far as mounts


do you find that when you zero your scope in, can you confidently remove the scope (for like brush hunting) to use the iron sights, and reattach the scope?


I'll tell you this about your choices from my three decades of fooling with this weapon platform from both a military perspective of the real M14 I taught Soldiers how to use and the civilian version M1A's I own:

You can get the same type of rings on Ebay for less. The rings you have presented for opinions will work, however they may not stand up to constantly taking them off and on, and potentially the beating of 7.62x51mm ammunition recoil. Take a look at three anchor top screw versus the two top screw, as three hold the scope down in the mount with more surface area and tension - important for longevity of taking the recoil pounding without movement of the scope in the rings over the years. It's an aluminum ring on either the steel, aluminum or titanium mount you choose. When you do the first proper setup of the scope on the mount all is good because everything is new, tight, and you've not done repeated removal of the scope from the mount yet. Taking those rings off and on repeatedly will wear the specific two rails you have them setup on. I do have those rings on my .17 rimfire Savage BMag, 93R, Ruger American Rimfire, etc because the rimfires don't beat them up with excessive recoil and I don't take the scopes off that often (but more than the M1A's). I bought ARMS rings and Sadlak mounts for a more precision repeatability of off and on hoping for "close to zero" each time I take it off and put it back on. I only take them off the M1A's for the once a year detailed technical inspection of all the parts and cleaning, or if I ever encounter a serious problem (not happened - yet).

Springfield Armory mounts - well, some love them and some hate them. I bought one a few decades ago (seriously!) and put it on a chinese Polytech M1A. The were the GEN 1, actually before they called it the GEN 1 really, and it would NEVER stay tight (it was of a little different design than the one you have shown) even with more Loctite than I care to mention. Take your time and do some reading on all the available mounts on the manufacturer's website and then conversations over the last 15 years from a Google search on M1A/M14 Forums like this one discussing the mounts, especially the mount you are most interested in.

Just remember this: you purchased an expensive weapon, you are considering purchasing a quality Vortex optic, take some time and do some informed reading on the different rings and mounts available, because in the end, you really want a weapon package that performs to your expectations on what should be your lifetime of shooting it. Don't skimp on the additional parts. When it is all said and done, you really want a weapon that is of a much BETTER quality than your actual shooting skills. Weapons that are that good give you the opportunity to enhance your shooting skills. If you skimp on the parts, and your skills are better than the shooting quality of the weapon, then have nothing to keep enhancing your shooting skills.

That's my 50 cents worth of advice so far... YMMV

Very respectfully,
Master Gunner
US Army (Ret.)

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Welcome from another wet Oregonian. How was that for your answer. There are a lot of really good folks here and an incredible wealth of knowledge. Enjoy!

Thanks from rovobay
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I have a Basset with a leupold vx3i 3.5-10 x 40 mm it is the picatinny regular hight no problems useing irons with rear sight at lowest adjustment .it does good as far as the zero thing goes but I would not trust any removeable setup without checking zero before hunting .

Thanks from Wasted ammo and rovobay
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@Buckxo01 Thanks so much for the reply. I am learning so much on here. since my rifle is equipped with the adjustable cheek rest, I think I would be better off with getting a mount and scope that would still let me utilize the iron sights. I killed my first elk when I was in high school with a lyman peep sight for springfield 1903 (30-06) from 175 yards. I love open sights in certain situations.

I did drop a lot of money on this rifle whom I am considering naming Mia (looks like M1A) or perhaps Lucille (walking dead fan) so I should not fret another 100 in good gear. i missed a big elk and deer last year because I was using weapons that I was not comfortable with. I am fully aware how heavy this beauty is but I always carry a lot of gear on me anyway.

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Please spend the time to reading our Rules of Engagement (ROE).

New members READ THIS FIRST.

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welcome from the So CA desert you guys

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I use the Bassett Picatinney mount which allows for the use of the irons looking under the mount.

Have a Leopold in 40mm mounted with no interference with irons.

Thanks from Wasted ammo
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Welcome aboard, You've made a nice acquisition. Enjoy your range time.

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Welcome from Michigan. I also own 3 Vortex scopes and they are all mounted with Vortex rings and tightened properly with a bit of loctite have not moved.

As for your wife, buy whatever you want!! Remember it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is for permission. At least that's how it works for me.

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Welcome from Wisconsin. Nice purchase. You're in the right place to learn all you want/need to know, lot of great, knowledgeable members here. Enjoy. I'd recommend you stick with CMI mags they'll serve you well.

Thanks from Wasted ammo
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Welcome from Florida

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Welcome from South Dakota. Using Leo QD rings on my Scout-seem to hold POI ok.

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Others have said it before me, others will say it afterwards, but; welcome to the forum, the members here have an astounding depth of knowledge and a willingness to assist you with ANY question or problem you may face.

I, too, have waited a very long time before I purchased my M1a. I did a web search to find mags and accessories and stumbled across this site. I am grateful I did and hope to be able to contribute in the future.

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Awards Showcase

Welcome from SoCal!

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