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My H&R Build starts today !! ( Pic's )

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Awesome rifle

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God dang that is legit! My build will be all USGI minus receiver and barrel. But you even got the barrel. That is such a beautiful rifle man <3

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Nicely done! My JRA rifle I get will be that exact setup.

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Nice, keep the updates coming. I saw 4 of these M-14 receiver conversions built into M-14's approx. two years ago at Dupage's shop in Tempe, it took me by surprise until in investigated further. Supposedly it was the first batch done.

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Originally Posted by Buelligan View Post
Wow... wow. I have the same op-rod, hammer, and safety. My sight base has "H&RB9" stamped into it. I wonder what the difference between a B2 and a B9 is?

I did not know WCE was a subcontractor for H&R. I have the same WCE elevation knob, but my windage knob is also a WCE.
Courtesy of member Different for his hard work and research:

The following companies made non-match USGI M14 rear sight elevation and windage knobs in the 1960s. The M14 elevation knob was marked with "M" to denote in calibration in meters. This is an item of ongoing research for me. As I learn more, I'll update this.

Elevation knob and pinion assembly

Druge Brothers - DRC
Frazier Manufacturing - FZR, made in 1962
Globe Union - made in 1962, possibly later
New Haven Clock - NHC, made for TRW and in 1965 as replacement spare
Springfield Armory - made in 1959, possibly later
Wico Electric - WCE, made for H&R and TRW and in 1969 as replacement spares

Windage knob assembly

Bruce Machine and Engineering - BME, made for Springfield Armory
Druge Brothers - DRC, made for TRW
Frazier Manufacturing - FZR
Stewart Iron Works - SWK
Weather Manufacturing - W inside a hexagon
Wico Electric - WCE, made for TRW
Wright Manufacturing - HRA-W, made for H&R
Wright Manufacturing - WRIGHT, made for TRW

Thanks from Buelligan
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For the record folks, the final finish on these JRA/GI heeled receivers is a spray and bake finish. Not sure of the actual product. Sooo,, there is a chance that the pimples and popped pimples seen on the left side of the OPs receivers are from the paint.
OP,, great job, she's looking dy-no-mite!!!!!!! Congrats.

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