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This is a discussion on M1A Bush Rifle/Lots of Q's within the The M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; I could use some info about the M1A Bush Rifle. I am trying to sort out a lot of questionable info and I am sure ...

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M1A Bush Rifle/Lots of Q's

I could use some info about the M1A Bush Rifle. I am trying to sort out a lot of questionable info and I am sure that someone here can straighten me out.

I had read somewhere that the difference between the Bush and the Scout is that the Bush came with the long flashhider and the Scout came with the special muzzle break and forward rail. Others have said that the Bush also had a forward rail available and that BOTH models can come with either brakes or hiders. Finally I had read from still another source that the special muzzle brake for the scout was not a replaceable item making the addition of a typical M14 flashhider questionable. (? that doesnt sound right at all)

If I were looking to buy a Springfield M1A in its original (from the factory) configuration and I wanted the 18" barrel with typical M14 flashhider in Black Fiberglass or Wood stock then what would you suggest I look for?

If your answer is the Bush rifle then...
Does anyone know where to find a NIB M1A Bush rifle? Did Springfield stop producing them because they were so close to the Scout Squad? For a rifle that was recently produced, it is sure hard to find a shop that still has one in stock.

I appreciate your patience with these questions. I have just become bogged down with info that I cant substantiate.
Thank you,

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From M14 Rifle History and Development Second Edition by Lee Emerson copyright 2006:

"The 18 barrel M1A model series debuted in 1981 with the M1A-A1 model, later known as the M1A Bush. In 1985 and 1987, the M1A was available in four models, Standard, National Match, Super Match and M1A-A1 Bush Assault. The manufacturers suggested retail price for the Standard M1A in 1985 was about $650.00 and in 1987 it was $782.00. The M1A Scout Squad model was first marketed in 1996. Through the years, the M1A with an 18 barrel has been available at different times as the M1A-A1 (catalog number AA9116), M1A-A1 Bush Assault, M1A Bush and M1A Scout Squad model. The butt stock on the 18 " barrel M1A rifles has been fitted with a USGI butt plate or commercial rubber butt pad."


"Bush and Scout Squad M1A - The Bush and Scout Squad models are similar to each other. Each has an 18 " 1:11 twist six groove non-plated molybdenum-chromium alloy steel barrel and synthetic stock. The Scout Squad has a scope mount installed on the barrel and is also available in a walnut stock. The barrel scope mount will fit on a standard model M1A barrel and it is available separately. Before 1994, the 18 " barrel M1A model was known as the M1A-A1 Bush. The M1A-A1 Bush model was introduced in 1981. The M1A Bush (AA9104) was a variation of the Scout Squad model. It was last offered in 2002 and 2003."


"Commercial Stabilizer Springfield Armory, Inc. very briefly made its own version of a muzzle stabilizer for its folding stock M1A-A1 Bush rifle. Two variations of the Springfield Armory, Inc. muzzle stabilizer were made, one with a bayonet lug and one without. This muzzle stabilizer was made before the 1994 Assault Weapons ban. The muzzle stabilizer without the bayonet lug was installed at the factory in 1984 on M1A-A1 serial number 0298XX. The front portion of the Springfield Armory, Inc. muzzle stabilizer has a combination muzzle brake and short bird cage style flash hider. It threads on to the rear portion but is held in place by a single SAE 10-32 thread setscrew on the bottom. Removing the flash hider reduces the length of the rifle by 2.75 . The rear portion of the muzzle stabilizer consists of the front sight base and bayonet lug. It is marked on the bottom, front to rear: first line - SPRINGFIELD ARMORY second line MUZZLE STABILIZER third line CAL. 7.62. The outside diameter is 0.6 for the entire length of the stabilizer. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation and Sarco, Inc. imported cast reproduction M14E2 muzzle stabilizers which may or may not have any markings such as numbers or lettering. If there are no numbers or letters on a M14E2 muzzle stabilizer at all, it is of commercial manufacture."


"Springfield Armory, Inc., Smith Enterprise and Entreprise Arms offer muzzle brakes for the M14 type rifle. Springfield Armory, Inc. also installs its standard muzzle brake on the M1A Scout Squad model and all M1A rifles shipped to California except the M1A SOCOM models. The M1A SOCOM models have a proprietary combination gas cylinder lock and muzzle brake."


"Springfield Armory, Inc. M1A Catalog Numbers

Catalog numbers were used by Springfield Armory, Inc. beginning no later than 1989. Catalog numbers were indicated on the end of the factory shipping box. If the factory installed a California compliant muzzle brake on a model that was available with a flash suppressor, the letters CA are added at the end of the catalog number, e.g., MA9102CA.

The rifles were assembled with molybdenum-chromium alloy steel barrels unless otherwise noted. Though not complete, the following is a list of catalog numbers used by Springfield Armory, Inc. over the years.

Table 9: Springfield Armory, Inc. M1A Catalog Numbers

AA9116 M1A-A1
AA9122 Scout Squad with walnut stock
AA9124 Scout Squad with mossy oak stock
AA9126 Scout Squad with black fiberglass stock
AA9626 SOCOM 16
AA9628 SOCOM 16 Urban
MA9101 collector edition with standard contour barrel and USGI wood stock
MA9102 standard with walnut stock
MA9103 collector edition with USGI barrel and USGI wood stock
MA9104 standard with mossy oak stock
MA9106 standard with black fiberglass stock
MA9117 standard with woodland camouflage fiberglass stock
MA9201 loaded standard (promotional)
MA9222 loaded standard with walnut stock
MA9226 loaded standard with black fiberglass stock
MA9801 select fire
MA9822 loaded standard w/ walnut stock & stainless steel barrel
MA9826 loaded standard w/ black stock & stainless steel barrel
MA9851 collector edition with stainless steel barrel and USGI wood stock
NA9102 National Match
NA9802 National Match with stainless steel barrel
SA9102 Super Match with oversized walnut stock
SA9115 Super Match w/ Shaw stock & Douglas barrel
SA9802 Super Match w/ oversized walnut stock & Douglas stainless steel barrel
SA9804 Super Match w/ black McMillan stock & Douglas stainless steel barrel
SA9805 Super Match w/ camouflage McMillan stock & Douglas stainless steel barrel
SA9121 M21
SA9131 M21 with Krieger stainless steel barrel
SA9502 M25 with Krieger molybdenum-chromium alloy steel barrel or Krieger stainless steel barrel"


Thanks from Quentin2
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Thanks Different!

I have been very impressed by your website in the past and now I find the speed with which you access your information is remarkable. Your quick response is appreciated and the info you have supplied would have taken me forever to locate.
It will be a valuable resource while I try to obtain my first M1A.

Thanks again,

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