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This is a discussion on Fulton Armory Reviews? within the The M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; i have had a sai loaded and scout in the past and am looking to add another m14 in the near future. i have been ...

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Fulton Armory Reviews?

i have had a sai loaded and scout in the past and am looking to add another m14 in the near future. i have been looking at fulton armory as i like their options but i am not finding much in the way of reviews, maybe my google skills suck.

i may just keep saving and have a build done off of a LRB M25 but the fulton gets me most everything i want except the m25 receiver.

my plans are to have a bush rifle build done with full NM specs to get it in the 1-1.5moa range to have as a complimentary rifle to my 20" R700. more of a DMR role that is accurate to the 1.5moa or less and have the follow up shot capability.

the specific FA build i was looking at is their enhanced service rifle which is pretty much all nm specs except bedding and guarantees 1.5moa. not sure which stock ill go with just yet but im hoping bedding it into a mcmillan or other similar quality stock will bring it closer to 1moa.

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Fulton makes good rifles but I would stay away from their bolts. They are known to be soft and they admitted so. I personally don't like Fulton for numerous reasons all being related to how they run their business. Others have no problem with them.

Personally I would have a rifle built by another builder.

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I've noticed that their builds tend not to hold their value as well as rifles built by others.

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They're a good source for quality parts if you need something they usually have it. They're prices are in my opinion for gunsmithing and complete guns is a bit high. I've had them build a couple things for me. Talk to Ted Brown or Isaac McCaskill, Derek Martin, Gus Norcross to name a few good smiths who know their way around an M14 for a price comparison for what you want. You may have to wait, but the work is good.


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I have two near identical rifles (NM triggers, chrome lined barrels, otherwise service configuration), one from Springfield, the other from Fulton, both just over two years old, just over 400 rounds through each.
I bought the Fulton after talking over options with one of my local firearm dealers. His son had one and was pleased with it. I bought the Springfield when I grew impatient waiting on the Fulton build to arrive.
There is normal wear along the operating rod path and bolt lugs on the both rifles. The Fulton is showing some wear on the gas piston that is not present on the Springfield piston....not much but noticeable.
I use Federal 150 grain soft points because my range doesn't permit FMJ. With those, the Fulton shoots a slightly tighter pattern on the 100 yd range than the Springfield. Neither has had a failure to fire, feed, or eject. I get frequent brass strikes on the Springfield operating rod, none on the Fulton. Both actions sound 'authoritative' when cycled after cleaning/greasing.
When new, the trigger assembly would not remove from the Springfield. They replaced the assembly and I was out the rifle for only 9 days total. The Fulton operating rod is difficult to remove from the track.
Dumb questions are answered professionally by both companies.
From my perspective, the only real difference at this point is the cost difference. Most other builders are significantly more than the Springfield.
My only lingering question concerns long term durability.
There were too many complaints from listers about apparently soft Fulton bolts some time back. Enough that they can't be dismissed. Recent bolts seem fine.

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I have 3 Springfield M1As and a M1 Garand built by Fulton. The Springfields have all been reliable, if unremarkable. I had a slight complaint with the feel of one of the NM triggers and SAI replaced it no questions asked. SAI has a lifetime warranty and I've read stories here that Fulton's customer service is not as good. However, the quality of the Garand built by Fulton is second to none. The build took eight weeks, about two weeks longer than they estimated. You will pay more for Fulton but there is a clear difference in craftsmanship compared to SAI.

I've ordered parts from Fulton and their prices are comparable to Brownells for certain things. Their own parts like gas cylinders and triggers are on the expensive side. Shipping is always fast.

Much has been said here about the Fulton bolt issue and hopefully they've sorted things out. I noticed they recently listed a Gen 2 bolt, so clearly they are differentiating current bolts from previous ones.


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+1 brycom, better places to deal with than Fulton IMHO.

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Some of their stuff is kind of pricey, but they run regular sales of 10% off around most every Federal holiday, like Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or Independence Day.
I used one of their barreled receivers with a forged Fulton Armory bolt for building a CMP M14 Kit, and I've had no problems with it. It shoots fine, and the bolt I got shows no signs of "softness" or excessive wear.

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Fulton Armory Reviews?

I have had the opportunity to shoot several Fulton Armory service grade M14 type rifles, and one of their service grade Garands. Each of the rifles shot tight groups at 100 yards, and the function was smooth and reliable. The fit and finish was outstanding. While you will pay a little more for these rifles, and have to wait for them quite a while, IMHO, you will get what you pay for, and enjoy and be proud of the end product.

Having said that, armorers like Jon Y. Wolfe and Ted Brown also build outstanding custom M14 rifles, and will do so generally at a little lower cost than Fulton Armory. You would not go wrong with either of them as well.

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