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This is a discussion on Jm ?????? within the Lever Action forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I was at a gun show this last weekend and I came across a Sears/JC Higgins Model 45 in 30-30. I know it's a Marlin ...

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Jm ??????

I was at a gun show this last weekend and I came across a Sears/JC Higgins
Model 45 in 30-30.

I know it's a Marlin 336 and the serial number prefix dates it to 1959.
It had to be a long term closet queen because it was in exceptionally nice condition.
Some small items that would have to be looked at close to be noticed.
Mint bore and no wear on the moving parts.

One question I had though. When did Marlin start with the "JM" stamp?
It's obvious it was made before Remington bought Marlin out but It has no "JM" on it unless I'm looking in the wrong place.

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I don't think Marlin put the JM stamp on guns they built with store brands. I don't know if they put it on their Glenfield line either.

Come to think of it , they didn't use their Micro-Groove rifling on the economy grade brands either.

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The JM should be on the left rear of the barrel, just in front of the receiver, and just above the hand guard. As M14E2 mentioned, it may not have a JM proof, but I thought proofing a barrel was a legal deal. Rem put their proof on a JM 1894c I sent back because the barrel was not indexed correctly. Now it has extra numbers, a JM and REP proof stamp. Remington would not tell me what the various marks meant.

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The proof stamp on very early Marlins was a M in a circle. It was on the bottom of the barrel, forward of the receiver. It was then changed to JM in a oval and then in 1986, they went to a JM without the oval. After that date though, it is common to see proofs with and without the oval. (Brophy p.620)
It is also known that some New Haven and North Haven made Marlins have been observed with very weak stamps, partial stamps, stamps in the wrong or a different location and no stamp at all.
My FIL told me how they put them on with a electric stamping tool, done by hand so it makes sense that it could vary. He worked both factorys and retired just before they sold.

Thanks from boomerpusher
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My Glenfield Model 30, from 1968,
has the favorite gun.

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I love my JM Marlins. I hear the new Remlins are getting much better though.

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