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This is a discussion on Hyperacusis within the Hearing forums, part of the Gun Professionals category; After reading through various threads I noticed that hyperacusis has been mentioned some. As an extreme sufferer of Hyperacusis (H), let me explain a few ...

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After reading through various threads I noticed that hyperacusis has been mentioned some. As an extreme sufferer of Hyperacusis (H), let me explain a few things and offer some suggestions of relief.

As I have mentioned in an earlier thread, I have had Tinnitis all my life. And been an active shooter most of my life as well. Was doing unsupervised fireworks at age 4 and up in the age of m-80s and cherry bombs with no hearing protection as well as rock concerts 12-13 years later.

In 1991 I started shooting IPSC with the compensated pistols. While I did not shoot 38 Super, everyone else did. I wore double ear protection. In less than 9 months it happened.
A neighbor came over to the house with her baby in her arms. The baby started crying, and I immediately had extreme pain in my ears and then an intense migrane with lasted 4-5 days.

A few weeks later, a truck pulled into a gas station with a trailer full of steel, it a bump and the steel clanged and I got an intstant migran for a week.

Then again, at a gas station, a VW pulled in with no muffler, I got and instant migrane.

I then figured out I could not leave the house without ear plugs. My ENT told my wife I was Nuts. There was no information available for my affliction at the time. I could not go in church while the choir was singing. If anyone clapped their hands I got a migrane. If was in a room when anyone laughed, I got a migraine. Flushing the toilet, dropping silverware, everyday sounds, were hell.

Since we could not treat the cause, we treated the symptoms. I studied all the current medical journals at the time on migraines and talked my doctor in using me as a guinea pig since current modalites did not work.
And one med was being used for something else on me just happened to help my migraine triggers/H.

So if anyone is having bad migraines from H or a lot of pain from H and the current sound treatment therapies are not working, then here is what is working for me and I suggest you bring them up to your physician.

75 mg Doxepin
100-200mg Topamax
the most important two

1200-1800mg gabapentin

After over 10 years of hell, these medications saved my life!

I no longer wear ear plugs.

Good Luck

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