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This is a discussion on most accurate defensive pistol? within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Originally Posted by fragglestickcar What do you think is the most accurate defensive pistol? I've shot a Glock 26 many times and have never been ...

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Originally Posted by fragglestickcar View Post
What do you think is the most accurate defensive pistol? I've shot a Glock 26 many times and have never been good with it.

HK? Glock 19? Sig?
Like most have said, from a practical standpoint, far more of an issue in terms of how well you handle it, how often you practice with it, and how well your automatic ingrained response will serve you when you've got adrenaline pumping alongside with the sudden and intimate understanding that this may very well be when you and somebody you love dies.

Will you choose the right time to draw?
Will you get it deployed without accidentally shooting yourself in the penis?
Will you be aware of anybody around, maybe across the street, who shouldn't be shot?
Will a round be in the chamber, and if it isn't, will you remember to rack it, and will you have accounted for that when you chose to draw?
Will you remember to take off all the safeties, or will you be pointing a gun at an armed opponent, guaranteeing that they have a very strong motivation to drop you, and have a dreadful realization that you are actually about to die immediately after the trigger feels funny and nothing happened?
Will you remember to aim, both how, and at what?

Everybody will have an 'ideal' gun that works better for them, but far more important, training for specifics matter more. Most people can learn to use anything, given the time, better than they'd be able to operate the perfect gun that sits unused for months at a time. Better fit, less complex, less training for a given level of proficiency, but nothing is going to eliminate that side of the equation.

I have a glock 26, bought it upon a friend's suggestion when I specified small, dirt simple to operate, capacity, and reliability. It shoots well for me, but only after two things.

First, a magazine extension of some sort, so that my pinky finger has something to lay against. It can be a g19/g17 magazine with a sleeve, (I prefer a g17 magazine) or a Pearce grip extension that simply replaces the floor plate, or if your state allows it, one that increases the magazine capacity. It doesn't seem to actually shoot less accurately without some kind of grip extension, though it feels a whole lot more secure with one, and I shoot it more easily with full finger purchase, and probably more importantly, I don't really enjoy shooting it without something for my pinky.

Keep in mind, depending on how your fingers lay, a grip extension can pinch your fingers between it and the bottom of the native grip. You can eliminate that possibility by filing off the corner of the extension, if you want. Maybe I just should have gotten a G19... but I've got options.

Secondly, I put a piece of soft velcro on the bottom of the trigger guard. The trigger guard is large enough for very large hands. The grip finger indents, probably due to the compact size, are space for small fingers. This means that, for me, my middle finger knuckle gets banged around a bit if I'm shooting it. I might be able to avoid this with more grip pressure, but I'm not looking to impress anybody with how this thing looks, and the velcro adhesive seems to be holding, and if it really was an emergency and it detached, I'm not going to notice some minor discomfort.

The factory trigger feels like a toy compared to a Colt 1911, and a piece of trash compared to a S&W 686 but... the funny thing is, when I'm shooting, particularly quickly, I don't notice the feel of the trigger itself, and while my 686 is certainly a better gun to shoot at cans at 50 yards, within 20 yards, for torso-sized targets, that junky trigger seems to be more than adequate. Maybe someday I'll look into upgrades, but honestly, it's not high on the care queue.

That all being said, while I like the G26, especially the compact brickness of it (and I actually like the 'ugly' aesthetic of the glock) I much prefer the grip on a G17, and intend to eventually get one of those. I'd guess that the wider grip spacing my alleviate my need for velcro, but even if it doesn't, it just feels better in my hand.

Good luck finding whatever it is that does it for you, and make sure to set aside regular playtime. As they say, good relationships require work, and that work can be fun.

Thanks from rabbitone

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I bought my first 1911 in 1978 or 79 (after falling for them while on the battalion combat pistol team).

In almost 40 years I've bought (and still have):
Colt (several)
Browning (one)
Glock (one)
XDM (two)
M&P (two)
CZ (nine)

semi auto handguns.

Only two brands have met my accuracy expectations. Colt and CZ. As much as I hate to say it, my best CZ's are more accurate than my best Colt's. And just as reliable, in my experience up to this point.

The list above is in order of purchase/trialing. I started with Colt 1911's and worked through the other brands, not finding anything to suit my "need" for accuracy, till I got my first CZ, then my second CZ and the rest followed. Nothing but CZ's for the last 4 years or so.

There's a guy on the CZ forum who regular uses his CZ 97 to aggravate the 1911 guys in his Bullseye shooting competitions. He used to use the P09 9MM to win with and went to the CZ 97 because it makes bigger holes in the paper.

The reliability of the CZs is right up there with the 1911's, in my experience. They feel good in my hand, too. I haven't spent money on any pistols by CZ's since I bought my first one.

Thanks from sandman2
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I do terrible with glocks. Its all about how a pistol fits you. I do well with 1911's, CZ75 and clones, and I did really well with a friends FNFiveSeven.

Thanks from sandman2
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For me it's whichever one I practice with the most.

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I shoot my single action Ruger SBH and Blackhawk best.

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Awards Showcase

Thumbs up

Everyone is stuck on what pistol is mechanically the most accurate, so I'm going too step outside the box and throw out this reminder. I think Col. Cooper said something too the effect of the most accurate pistol is the largest caliber you can physically control.

Its hard too argue against any 1911, but I prefer mine in .45acp thank you very much and I'm also a fan of the CZ(but the SA ), they make them for big hands and small hands. So go out and fondle a few, find one you like that fits your needs and pound some rounds down range.

Who am I to argue with the good Col..

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What you describe is known as the "Glock knuckle" some 200 grit along that right lower edge of the trigger guard (in the hump) followed by 600 grit and then finish with 1,000 and you'll never have to think about "if the Velcro falls off". I only needed to take off like one billionth of an inch. If you are very careful and take your time, it will take seven minutes to sand it out (that includes cleanup and test firing and having a cold drink). I see folks gouge out a bunch with Dremels and torches but it really only took a very small amount on mine.

(You probably already know all this)

Thanks from MuppetMeat4Me
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If you are willing to accept that the Extar EXP 556 is a pistol. It will easily shoot sub inch at 50 and sub 3 inches at 200.

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Talking Pick one...................

I have tried the Glocks, H&Ks, S&Ws and few I can't recall right now and all were nice to be sure.
HOWEVER.............. I am pretty much equally accurate with both my stock 1911A1s and Beretta 92 FS Brigadiers..................AND they both fit my bear paws nicely and look cool to boot !


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I think most of it boils down to practice. My current favorite is the new TP9SF Elite, but is it the pistol or better technique? I think it has more to do with the latter.

Thanks from Wasted ammo
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The OP asked for the best defensive pistol and I'm certainly in the 1911 camp for a carry gun. But when the dogs start raising hell at night I go out the door with a Remington 870, 12 gauge, 20" barrel, 8 rounds.

Your best defensive weapon needs to change based on where you are at the moment. Is the OP intending to use a handgun for home defense?

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My most accurate defensive pistol is my Sig P226.

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There is an element of randomness in the question.

Truth is that a 'self defense' pistol almost by definition means inside 15 yards, or possibly 15 feet. Close. You do not shoot someone with a pistol at 30 yards and call it self-defense.

So any discussion of a pistol's accuracy being 1 MOA or 2 MOA is a trigonometry discussion of if a pistol is accurate to within 0.05" or 0.10" at 15 feet. Which is not really a relevant discussion if you are talking about your bullet hitting a 6 foot tall target.

Thanks from High Hat

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Average gunfight?

According to FBI statistics the "average" gunfight lasts 2.5 ~ 3 seconds, 2 to 3 shots are fired and the combatants are ~10 feet apart. ANY handgun that will function correctly is easily accurate enough to hit center mass from those distances. The "winner" of the fight by a large margin is the guy who gets the first shot off. So, it would appear that the important variables to look at would be,

1. Does the handgun function reliably?
2. How quickly can you produce and shove your fist out, holding your handgun, toward your opponent (which roughly places the handgun 7 feet from your opponent), and pull the trigger?
3. Can you maintain roughly the same position and hit the opponent a second time in the torso (supposing you shot first) if needed?

Thanks from rabbitone
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Originally Posted by ShootingSight View Post
Truth is that a 'self defense' pistol almost by definition means inside 15 yards, or possibly 15 feet. Close. You do not shoot someone with a pistol at 30 yards and call it self-defense.

I do not agree. While about 90% of all shootings occur within 7 yds, some are at longer ranges. This is particularly the case when dealing with so-called "active shooter" scenarios. If your assailant is intent on robbery, expect the engagement to be at a close range. If your assailant is intent on killing for the sake of killing, you might have to engage him at longer ranges. I am a firm believer in the fact that if you can successfully engage a threat at longer ranges, you will have little difficulties at short ranges.

Thanks from nf1e
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