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Need info on CZ75

This is a discussion on Need info on CZ75 within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I shot a CZ75 (target model) a while back and was fairly well surprised with it, . . . in a good way. Just wondering ...

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Need info on CZ75

I shot a CZ75 (target model) a while back and was fairly well surprised with it, . . . in a good way.

Just wondering if anyone here has any good "pro" or "con" ideas on it you would care to share.

I'm thinking on getting a 9mm and that is the first one I've really liked. I had a Shield for a while, . . . and it was just too small, . . .

Thanks for the help, guys.

May God bless,

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CZ manufactures very good firearms. I have a few, CZ75 9mm, CZ75B .40 S&W, two P1s and several CZ type clones. I realy like the brand. The pistols fit my hands well and they are very accurate. They are much less expensive than my favorite pistol (SIG). If you are looking for the best trigger pull several companies tune and provide parts to upgrade the pistols. As they became more popular the price has increased. On indygunowners they have a large following.

Thanks from dwight55
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I really like my CZ75B.
I feel it runs a very very close 2nd to my P226.
Which I've been carrying and shooting since before Sig opened a factory/outlet in New Hampshire.

Thanks from dwight55
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Originally Posted by dwight55 View Post
I shot a CZ75 (target model) a while back and was fairly well surprised with it, . . . in a good way.

May God bless,
What CZ75 was it, the Grand Sport, Target Sport, SA or one from the Shadow line? There all solid pistols.

Thanks from dwight55 and Gen Jack Ripper
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Have a 75 compact, great pistol.

Thanks from dwight55 and Gen Jack Ripper
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CZ 75 b SA with manual safety gets the most trigger time of any of my 9's. The p-01 I think has the best grip of the three I own and has a decocker which I like for carry. The sp-01 is fun but I prefer the trigger on the SA....eventually I will convert it to SA only. I have a kadet kit and it fits all three which is fun for training and introducing people to different triggers and sizes of guns while being able to shoot .22lr.

The rubber grips I think are by far the best, I've had wood, vz grips and aluminum...rubber is the way to go.

Thanks from dwight55 and Gen Jack Ripper
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I have a few CZ 75, my favorite by far is their 75 Tactical Sport. It is single action, trigger pull is a crisp 2.5 lbs straight from the factory. Got a nice weight to it too. I like it so much, I actually have 2 of them, one in 9mm, the other in 40sw. I recently sold my 40, below is picture of my 75 TS 40sw. Also, those CZ custom aluminum grips are really nice, I had it on 3 of my CZ, they are really slim and grippy.

Thanks from dwight55 and ifithitu
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If you think the Shield is a little too small, you may find the 75D (PCR) or the P01 to your liking. They are both very similar with outstanding ergonomics, in my opinion. Both 9s. I have the PCR and it fits my hand like a glove.

I also have an SP 01, which is a full-size, all metal pistol but very nice in it's own right (see photo with mandatory knife). Be forwarned: CZs can be habit forming.

Thanks from dwight55, donmor53 and ifithitu
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Old April 26th, 2017, 04:45 AM   #9
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Cz' md are really nice handguns, and a good value for their price.

I have the75b which was my first purchase based on a few friends that had them and highly recommended them.. And the sp01 tactical I bought because I liked the cz75b.

Pros, solid , all steel full sized handgun. Tight and well made. It's a tank. Fits the hand perfect on. Egonomics. Accurate shooter. Not one failure ever in many thousand rounds.

Cons, inside the frame finish could use some polishing up for astetetics. Trigger could be a bit lighter but you can alway get Angus to work his magic..

I would buy them both again in a heartbeat.

Thanks from dwight55
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KapnKrunch, I see your SPO1 has ambidextrous safeties. The CZ USA web site description for the SPO1 doesn't mention ambidextrous safeties. Did yours come that way or did you have it converted? I'm sort of considering an SP01, but it would have to have the ambidextrous safeties.

As for CZ's, I have very strong opinions on them.

I have Browning, Glock, XDM and M&P handguns in my safe. IN my safe. The two brands of handguns I have in my house are Colt (1) and CZ (several).

The handgun I carry every day (concealed or open) are CZs.

I'm serious about small groups. If the gun won't shoot nice groups there is something wrong with it. I don't care how reliable it is, large groups are a NO GO for me. My CZ's give me reliability and small groups. I only have a couple CZ's in .40 S&W (P07 and P09). The rest are 9MM guns. P01, Compacts (3), P09, and a Pre CZ 85.

So far, the most accurate CZ 75 gun we have seems to be the Compact my wife confiscated from me last fall (she likes small groups, too) after she shot better groups with it than with her previous CZ 75 Compact.

Two examples of what a good CZ can do. Her Compact has a DP Pro on it. The barrel/bushing are stock. It does have a 15 lb. hammer spring, reduced power trigger return spring, reduced power firing pin return spring and extended firing pin in it. No polishing of the internal trigger/sear/hammer parts. It didn't need it as she is happy with the trigger as is.

The day was cold (back in January I think) and we'd been at the range almost 2 hours and she was getting cold/tired. She wanted to shoot from a rest to see just how she and the pistol could do when she wasn't tired/cold.

Five shots with the DP Pro (four into the big hole and the single hole a little high). Then she turned the DP Pro off and shot two shot (one into the existing big hole and the single one low). The range was only 7 yds., but she is very happy with her new pistol.

Oh, ammo is hot 115 grain hollow points (my reloads with 8.0 grains of Blue Dot - snappy load).

I see two problems with CZ pistols. The first is they are habit forming. The second is they can be hard to get, when you want one. I bought my P01 Urban Gray model in June of 2016 and since then they've been pretty much unavailable until just recently when some of the black finished Omega P01's started showing up for sale.

Bottom line for me - since I bought my P07 .40 S&W about 4 years ago I've not bought any brand but CZ's. After shooting my CZ's both my sons now own/carry CZ's and so does my wife.

Good luck with whatever you get.

CZ parts sources (and advice if you call them up and ask about parts/work to make it exactly what you want). CZ USA has parts you might not find (factory stock parts) at other vendors. CZ Custom has some factory parts and aftermarket parts to make it cooler/slicker if that's what you want. Another good custom parts vendor. They also seem to develop new stuff on their own that can enhance your CZ 75 experience.

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I love CZ pistols, I only own two at the moment but I do plan on getting a SP-01 Tactical Suppressor Ready model whenever they become available again. I think CZ has been working like crazy the last few months producing their new polymer, striker fired P10C. People who have shot the protoypes say it has the nicest striker fired trigger around.

Thanks from dwight55
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Picked up a CZ-85 (Now the Combat) back in 1990 when I was stationed in Germany, still have it in the original box, back in the day the 75-85 pistols were considered top shelf and a favorite mention in Cold War spy novels. What makes them so accurate is the internal rail system and tight fit.

I'm Kinda busy lately, but, if I get time I'll drag mine out for a few pictures...

Thanks from dwight55
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And it's easy to break down and put together blindfolded.

Thanks from dwight55
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The only 'con' I can think of is that the safety on the CZ-75 (no B) is just like an M1911. It only locks the hammer when cocked, so it either carry it cocked with the safety on single action style, or manually drop the hammer to half-cock and use the double action.

Thanks from dwight55
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Awards Showcase

Here ya go :

Thanks from dwight55, CowetaCo and ifithitu
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