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Walther PPK for CCW?

This is a discussion on Walther PPK for CCW? within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Well I have been looking into getting a CCW as being out and about seems to be a little more of a hostile environment than ...

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Walther PPK for CCW?

Well I have been looking into getting a CCW as being out and about seems to be a little more of a hostile environment than when I was a kid. I had a PPK in .380ACP from S&W with the extended beaver tail. I gave it to my mother for her CCW needs. She loves it.

But as I was saying I have been thinking of finally getting a CCW. But I have a strict preset of requirements for a CCW. First I would rather it not be polymer. I don't know why but I just do not like polymer firearms. Also very few polymer ccw pistols have my next requirement. It must be a DA/SA with a drop safety/decocker. I do not want a revolver. And it must be reliable.

I keep coming back to the ppk and ppk/s with the steel frame. Relatively small as well. Not as small as a pocket pistol but decent. Traditional American button safety not the paddle Pk380 safety or the odd European safety. A decocker safety which is a requirement for me. And as we all know they are reliable.

I think I am going to buy another as my ccw. What do you guys think? I am a rifle guy, I like M14's. Pistols are not really my thing. Any info would be appreciated.

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PPK & PPK/S are top shelf. I really like them.
You said no revolver but I will still suggest you look at the S&W airweight 642.
I have a Desantos hook grip on mine and carry it when I need to wear light clothes or shorts.
I have forgotten it was there.
My next purchase will be Sig P239 9mm for CCW. The little women won't give me back my 642.

Although I could probably get used to a polymer gun, striker fire is definitely out.
Got to be DA/SA or DAO if I'm going to CCW.

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In the summer it is my choice for daily carry when I can't hide a .45 . I found a S&W PPK for the extended BT ,no slide bite and revamped feed ramp. With the thought its not a collective piece and it's going to get marks on it. I made the choice for the reasons you stated and I can just shoot one very well compared to the small 380's. I've had a PP in .32 for 35 years with thousands of rounds through it without any hickups and only a few FTF's on reloads, never on factory ammo. The largest problem is ammo in the 380. You will have to make your mind up on that one. FMJ' s burn through and most if not all HP don't penetrate far enough. I settled on Penetrator +P's in mine and it likes them fine and nearly 9 mm ballistics. Your not going to find a big fan base for the Walthers these days , it is an old design , hard to find,a little expensive and there are 9mm about the same size that are in Vogue but it's still a great little hand gun.

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I've carried the PPK/S and quite a few others, I found it to be a tad heavy for what it is, caliber & capacity is a bit lacking, I remember it didn't feed some hollow points like Federal Hydra-Shok, recoil was a bit heavy and watch out for the hammer bite. Also much as I hate to admit it, I once dropped my PPKS and put the firing pin & safety out of commission requiring repair.

You may not like my answer, but, I started carrying a G19 over 2 decades ago and never looked back, it has a nice size & weight for a pistol carrying 15+1 of 9mm vs 6/7+1 of something else, a (Sub) compact that handles like a full size duty pistol. You can sweat on it all day long and beat the crap out of it, and it goes bang every time.

Just my .02 cents since I've carried both, so, let the Glock bashing begin, you won't change my opinion.

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You may also want to consider the CZ P-01 (if you need a rail for mounting a light) or the CZ PCR. Both are DA/SA with decocker, steel slide and aluminum frame. They are reasonably light, comfortable to carry and very accurate. They also have better capacity than the PPK (14+1 of 9mm). Spare parts, mags, holsters, etc. are readily available and there are several options for aftermarket sights.

Thanks from chief on one
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It's SAO, but a great platform, if it's gonna be a .380.


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Kill a, take a very close look at the Sig p239 I had one in 9mm and carried it for about 8 years. A guy I shoot with sometimes really wanted it, I joking said go buy me a new p226 and it yours, a week later he brought one to my house. The 226 is much to big to conceal, but it's a great target gun/ bug out bag type pistol. CZ also has some good compact carry guns, I don't know a lot about them. The p239 is what you described.

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+1 for James Bond gun. Been tinkering with the idea of a German made one for a while, but just for a range toy.

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I carry the Walther clone. The Sig P-232. Da/sa with a de-cocker and no safety. -Lloyd

Thanks from danthman114
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Originally Posted by Gen Jack Ripper View Post
I've carried the PPK/S and quite a few others, I found it to be a tad heavy for what it is, caliber & capacity is a bit lacking
I would tend to agree. Because it's a blowback pistol, the slide is quite heavy compared to my Colt Gov't .380, and the recoil sharper. I did a head-up comparo with my brother's PPK/s and my Colt .380... and I much preferred the Colt, for a number of reasons, many personal.

Questions: Why the insistence on a decocker? Why a .380? Why DA/SA?

I, too, as a born 1911 man, have hated plastic pistols since before they were born. Until I tried one. You are seriously selling yourself short if you don't consider them in your hunt.

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buy a stainless smith ppk,email below,say trigger gritty/sloppy,they will pay shipping both ways.no rusting
frank has 35 plus years as smith repair station.

franks@wildblue.net(authorized smith repair station)

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PPK is off market. They had some real issues- frame annealing, the safety, slide rails improperly machined leading to feed issues.

The CCW is discontinued and prices are going up, whereas they were firesaled on CDNN not too long ago.

If you're going small- I have a PPS and it is identical in size to the P22. It is .40 S&W.

9mike is cheaper to feed but the CCW just felt like dead weight.

I gave my momma a PK380 for her birthday last year with the laser and after we got the laser sighted in she got good enough to kill a snake with it with the laser on. Very accurate little semi-auto.

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feg makes a blue ppk clone on gunbroker

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Here is mine.

It was NIB and unfired when my dad gave it to me before he up and died. We took it to the range and put 100 rounds through it. The first DA trigger pull is about as smooth as a Stanley Staple gun but the follow up SA shots were as easy as Sunday morning. 5 shot groups were tight. Would not hestitate to carry one as my primary.

Is the .380 a man stopper? I have no doubt.


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I had an Interarms PPK that I carried for a While. I compared it to a Kahr MK9 and they were of equal size and capacity. Why carry a 380 when you can have a 9mm Parabellum of the same size and weight. Kahr is all Stainless just like the PPK.

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