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This is a discussion on Open Carry Handguns??? within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Not long ago the law was changed that in WV you no longer have to have a license to carry a handgun concealed and yes, ...

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Open Carry Handguns???

Not long ago the law was changed that in WV you no longer have to have a license to carry a handgun concealed and yes, you can carry openly as well. As to whether this applies to non residents, don't know?? However I have noticed in grocery store, fast food places, etc., etc. a lot of people are carrying a sidearm openly. The State naturally did not ask me about the no license issue and don't agree with it for some training is a must in my opinion but I have mixed feelings about so many openly carrying a handgun. I am a Certified Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Home Safety, Range Safety Officer certified as they say and been such since the late 70's and taught many classes over those years and from that experience have seen quite a few students who frankly should not be carrying anything, they just are not smart enough to realize how much actual life and death power they are holding in their hand.
Today riding my motorcycle and stopping for a cup of coffee there were a group of, in my opinion, "punks" sitting outside where I was and everyone of them packing some sort of handgun openly. One had two what looked like Ruger Blackhawks w/ 7 or 8 inch barrels and probably 44mags and they had them out on the small table looking at them and could hear them talking about how those revolvers would cut you in half. If they had any level of training they would know you don't do things like that and they could have well been highly trained guys, but I seriously doubt it. Lots of families in the area with children and to me not the place to have firearms out in the open. Again, the State never consulted with me about such things so I just moved on and shook my head in disbelief. Could be I am just old and kind of set in my ways.

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Texas has been an open carry State for a short time now, but you must have a license to carry.

I have yet to see anyone, other than LEO's, carrying open.

Thanks from charlie98
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Personally, I see no reason for me to carry openly. I loose the element of surprise, if I have to use. I saw a fellow in Walmart carrying a SBH openly last week. I don't think it helps gun owners, all things considered and it may actually have a negative impact on the perception of voters.
Also, I don't have a problem with training requirements.

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I'm a firm believer in our 2A Rights,and I conceal Carry every Day, but I consider Open Carry Negative to Our Cause.
The fact of the matter is that for every person who Elects to openly display their weapons, there are many more non Gun People who are Nervious and Frightened by the sight of Firearms Carried in Public. When Election Day rolls around, they will Vote for the People who promise to get rid of the Gun Toting Cowboys in the Street, and we will all be SOL.

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Same here as I am in Texas. I just don't see it and I am in stores and restaurants all day. I even ask the establishment managers if they see it. They tell me very little. Personally I dont open carry as I don't want to draw attention to myself. It's just my opinion but I believe the element of surprise is best if I ever have to use it. I really hope I never have to. I'm sure I will get flamed for my constitutional carry opinion but I believe one should be required to have atleast some training and the real background check that goes with the LTC...

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In Michigan, open carry is legal only because there is no law outlawing the practice. There have been a bunch of zealots who go around creating concern among other citizens and tie up law enforcement assets for the sole purpose of "exercising their rights". Of course, they don't carry a small firearm while marching around in public places - they carry AR's and AK's. Citizens who witness these demonstration logically are lead to believe that something is out of place and call the police who must investigate. The demonstrators most often give the responding officers a hard time and won't even provide identification when asked. This whole situation does nothing good for responsible gun owners. Aside from that, I feel that open carry is a tactically foolish move in most cases. By open carrying, you have surrendered the element of surprise. If a criminal is intent on doing evil, he will shoot a person who is open carrying first without warning. As for me, I know I do not pick the time and place of an armed confrontation and my only advantages are good training and surprise. I will not give up surprise - it's just too valuable in that sort a situation.

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I live in an open carry state, I carry concealed. I don't think people should be in the grocery store or walmart open carrying. But lots of people do it and it isn't against the law, yet. To each is own what ever floats your boat. The only time I open carry is on my property or while hunting. I had quite a good time this morning shooting at field rats while bush hogging my field.

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I've only seen three idiots open carry so far. It's foolishness from a defensive and political stand point. I can't wait until all 50 states allow concealed carry. You can flush Illinois, New York, etc. for how they mistreat gun owners.

Thanks from Old Sarge and Wasted ammo
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HH I saw a moron in a Kroger grocery store with an AR slung from a single point sling. They call LE buy technically he wasn't breaking the law.

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Originally Posted by Instructor View Post
Could be I am just old and kind of set in my ways.
I am a young guy & would agree with you that the behavior of the "punks" you observed is bothersome & inappropriate. Responsible people who carry firearms should not act that way.

Where I live (Arkansas) I can't open carry because I have a concealed carry permit, they require that your firearm is always concealed. I wouldn't open carry even if I could though.

Originally Posted by Wasted ammo View Post
HH I saw a moron in a Kroger grocery store with an AR slung from a single point sling. They call LE buy technically he wasn't breaking the law.
I look at this situation the same as people who ride a motorcycle without a helmet, just because it's legal to do so doesn't mean it's a good idea.

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Hell in GA you have to wear a helmet! Lol

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Arizona, my last domicile, has constitutional carry; open carry allowed, concealed carry without a permit also allowed. I didn't open carry (I saw very few people doing so), and I still have my AZ permit. The permit allows two things that are not legal without - carrying across state lines (where allowed by that state's laws), and carry at some 'restricted' locations - places that serve alcohol being one (with NO drinking allowed).

I welcomed the open-mindedness of the people of AZ for allowing constitutional carry, especially since my previous domicile was in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Maryland, where guns are evil and gun owners are perceived simply as not currently incarcerated criminals.

I agree that open carry in most locations only harms our cause, and choose not to participate. I feel that there are a large number of people carrying concealed weapons who should probably not be allowed to own one, let alone carry it. That said, I will NOT stand for anyone attempting to decide who is, and is not, competent to exercise their constitutional rights!

Thanks from Deacon
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It seems that sometimes when you get your rights reaffirmed people get stupid. While having permitless carry be either open or concealed we should remember to have a little common sense and decorum. We complain when people are arrogant while they're stopping on our rights and feel that we've been wronged. So why do some do the same by carrying openly in places where people of other sensibilities congregate ? Is that just to shove it back down their throats? I've carried concealed for over 30 years and it times have carried openly but and where I feel it was proper like hunting I don't carry concealed, or at the range or with others like-minded but not in the store or at the park it just makes sense not to. But having the option it's great because there's less of a chance to be hassled if you show a little. I wish people we just stop trying to prove a point just because they can. The fight itself is going on for too long so we should just learn to be polite when we finally win. Many people just have to stop feeding into stereotypes because that's what people see when you carry a big hog leg openly in the middle of the grocery store.

Thanks from Deacon and Wasted ammo
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Open carry hurts the cause.
Much as, in your face leftist tactics, hurt their causes.

Discretion and discipline is part of ownership. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should do it.

Most open carriers, are probably not veterans.

Don't be a jerk.

Thanks from nicholst55
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Old April 13th, 2017, 05:27 PM   #15
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^^ well said my point too a T.

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