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This is a discussion on Open Carry Handguns??? within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Wrong?? I think confusing courage with foolishness is a mistake and to do so is kin to taking a knife to a gun fight and ...

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Wrong?? I think confusing courage with foolishness is a mistake and to do so is kin to taking a knife to a gun fight and I mean lots of guns and big guns. Been to Texas few times for business and hunting and a grand place it is, but don't believe siding with the Confederates turned out very well for you. If and when it ever occurs that the "government" would turn on it's population in an obvious evil way I can certainly understand armed resistance then, but we are far from any such actions by any form of government in America. Now is the threat of armed resistance and an armed population a deterrent for such evil actions, yes I would say that is a factor, but there is a high price to pay for that resistance. Don't know about now, but if you read the history of those who signed the Declaration of Independence, some 58 I think, they were ruined in all respects as well as their families. Thank God they had the courage to do what they did, but those aspiring to act as those brave folks did, doubt there are many today to take on such a risk. Again, better the ballot box than the cartridge box but I freely admit I don't care for some actions taken by our leaders, but trust me, there is no better form of government on the planet than what we have and it needs to be preserved, not broken up in to civil war. Fortunately we all have the freedom of choice in our actions and thinking.

Thanks from boomerpusher and Rich D
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Well, it is Rockin' Friday:

Thanks from Wasted ammo
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I've had my TX CHL for over 10 years... I only carry concealed unless I'm downrange (so to speak.) Even in Texas, walking around strapped still freaks everyone out (particularly in the higher population areas like Dallas, and the domesticated lap-dog areas like McKinney, where I live) and I don't think it's a good idea unless concealed carry isn't an option for some reason. Happy to note that I haven't seen much of it, either, which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned, and no one going full retard and carrying an AR, etc.

You can preach all you want about the 2nd Amendment... and I will largely agree, but you also have a responsibility to show some decorum and restraint. If you feel the need to go into Kroger with an AR, because you think you might need it, you shouldn't have gone in there in the first place.

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Lmao thanks Rich!

Thanks from Rich D
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I agree with most everyone's assessment, that if concealed carry is legal, open carry is ignorant. As has been said, it's best not to advertise! In some states, where it is close to impossible to get a concealed weapons permit, and open carry is the only option there needs to be some "common sense" utilized. Unfortunately that is a trait, that appears lost on many of our younger generation. Of course the same could be said of most ages within the liberal or progressive movement.
Just as mentions, of the AR and AK toting individuals, sends chills up my spine at times, because some of them will normally start some idiotic antics if there are more than one involved. Their bravado in some cases, challenging Law Enforcement to take any action, is in my mind no different that the leftists doing the same thing trying to provoke an incident. That negative publicity, in my mind does more harm than good, when exposed to the masses, that are easily influenced by the talking heads in the liberal media.

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In GA, we have open carry.

I frequently see guys in Walmart etc w/ a glock in a belt holster. I note and don't worry about it.

I carry concealed because it makes no tactical sense to me to carry open.

Thanks from boomerpusher
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Old April 14th, 2017, 11:09 AM   #37
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Open carry and concealed carry are both legal here in Arizona. As a matter of fact, Arizona has a "Constitutional right" to open carry. In 1912 Arizona would not enter the Union unless it had such right (passed in state legislature by one vote). It wasn't until nine years ago that the Governor signed into law that a concealed carry permit was no longer required for concealed carry. As mentioned before, there are person's who have concealed carry permits who probably shouldn't have one (anyone that can pass a test and backround check can get one). Your going to have a few idiots no matter where you live. I carry concealed or open depending on the weather here in northern Arizona. A lot of folks here carry either way and have a lot of respect for their fellow gun totter's and non gun folk! It's GREAT to live in a FREE state!

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If it's allowed, exercise your rights with impunity!

Thanks from m14brian and sfc higgins
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I agree with Jefe 73. Here in SE North Carolina, I see open carry all the time, especially in Sam's Club and Wal Mart. Pace picks up immediately after a Hurricane, when a lot of folks pack heat - concealed or open carry.

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Originally Posted by Instructor View Post
Not long ago the law was changed that in WV you no longer have to have a license to carry a handgun concealed and yes, you can carry openly as well. As to whether this applies to non residents, don't know?? However I have noticed in grocery store, fast food places, etc., etc. a lot of people are carrying a sidearm openly. The State naturally did not ask me about the no license issue and don't agree with it for some training is a must in my opinion but I have mixed feelings about so many openly carrying a handgun. I am a Certified Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Home Safety, Range Safety Officer certified as they say and been such since the late 70's and taught many classes over those years and from that experience have seen quite a few students who frankly should not be carrying anything, they just are not smart enough to realize how much actual life and death power they are holding in their hand.
Today riding my motorcycle and stopping for a cup of coffee there were a group of, in my opinion, "punks" sitting outside where I was and everyone of them packing some sort of handgun openly. One had two what looked like Ruger Blackhawks w/ 7 or 8 inch barrels and probably 44mags and they had them out on the small table looking at them and could hear them talking about how those revolvers would cut you in half. If they had any level of training they would know you don't do things like that and they could have well been highly trained guys, but I seriously doubt it. Lots of families in the area with children and to me not the place to have firearms out in the open. Again, the State never consulted with me about such things so I just moved on and shook my head in disbelief. Could be I am just old and kind of set in my ways.
Next thing you'll be up for is limiting someone's speech, or maybe training to vote, is that right? Point being how any one exercises their right is none of your business, your thoughts and opinions stop where rights begin and that's the beginning and end of that nonsense.

Thanks from sfc higgins
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Originally Posted by M1A FireTeam View Post
Next thing you'll be up for is limiting someone's speech, or maybe training to vote, is that right? Point being how any one exercises their right is none of your business, your thoughts and opinions stop where rights begin and that's the beginning and end of that nonsense.
Many rights, in fact, have limitations. The Supreme Court has ruled that there can be certain limitations placed on weapon ownership as well as where someone can legally carry a firearm - like in a federal building.

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Originally Posted by M1A FireTeam View Post
Next thing you'll be up for is limiting someone's speech, or maybe training to vote, is that right? Point being how any one exercises their right is none of your business, your thoughts and opinions stop where rights begin and that's the beginning and end of that nonsense.
After reading Instructor's story.

If you want to open carry open carry, if you want to carry concealed, conceal carry.

If you are carrying period, keep your firearm in its holster unless you have to use it.

It an accident waiting to happen having it out fondling it in public.( could be considered criminally negligent if it did go off)

And it might be considered brandishing in some locations.

Also so part of exercising your rights it being considerate and respectful of others rights.

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Old April 15th, 2017, 04:50 AM   #43
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We live in an open carry state.

Call me silly, but in my mind, open carry is the same as wearing a target on ones back.

My next project is a concealed carry permit.

Always wanted a ccw but living in the Golden State up until last summer meant "Not A Chance".

Keep yer powder dry,


Thanks from boomerpusher
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Old April 15th, 2017, 06:08 AM   #44
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Have no intentions or thoughts of limiting someone's speech, but do believe from grade school onward students should be taught about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Far too many younger folks today can barely spell properly, have a difficult time making a correct complete sentence, and their speech is almost a form of garble, similar to apes making a series of grunts for communication. Emotion is not the basis for casting a vote in an election, knowledge of the issues at hand is a basis and but that requires some delving into the issues, studying them, and making a sound logical decision, but that does require an individual to get off the rear ends, think about the issues, and don't just follow what the politicians are espousing over the news networks. Yeah, if it were up to me all those voting would be required to at sometime in their life have to pass a basic test on the Constitution/Bill of Rights and swear and Oath to the United States. At one time voters had to be able to read, but that was deemed as an extremely harsh way to prevent voters from having a voice in the elections. No, I don't deny anyone's freedom of speech, but do strongly believe those voting should have enough "smarts" about them to comprehend the spoken or written word and if not, don't want them determining the outcome of an election. Many politicians would prefer folks to remain deaf, dumb and blind.

Thanks from boomerpusher
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Originally Posted by Chingon View Post
If it's allowed, exercise your rights with impunity!

You are lucky to be able to open carry. I did as well when we could here in CA, shockingly a few here said myself and others doing so was the reason they banned open carry, because I was actually doing it. Backwards logic if you ask me.

Thanks from Chingon
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