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This is a discussion on S&W M2.0 5" FDE Review (Long) within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; S&W M2.0 5” FDE w/ TS a review. I’ve primarily been a 1911 shooter since the late 80’s and I’ve shot and owned a few ...

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S&W M2.0 5" FDE Review (Long)

S&W M2.0 5” FDE w/ TS a review.

I’ve primarily been a 1911 shooter since the late 80’s and I’ve shot and owned a few high cap 9mm semi’s of that era and never really warmed up to the DA/SA guns of the time. Glocks, I’ve shot them and I shoot them pretty well but I never liked them enough buy one. Lets face it, the grip angle, the controls, nasty trigger, lack of manual safety and having to pull the trigger to disassemble, I considered them more an accident waiting to happen than anything else.

As of late I started carrying a S&W 9mm Shield and for a small carry gun it’s a
Great little carry gun. Things I like about it, a thumb safety, decent grip width and angle and 8 to 9 rounds of 9mm (instead of say .380) in a compact package. Things I dislike, the trigger and the effort needed to load that last round in the magazine.

My experience with this nicely thought out design got me interested in
the 9mm again and in the possibly of getting a high capacity 9mm as I didn’t have one
in the safe. I have a 1911 in 9mm and it’s a good shooting gun but I didn’t see trading
9 rounds of 45 for 10 or 11 rounds of 9mm in the same size and weight package.

I looked at Glocks again, no thanks, looked at a few others but the M&P line held
my interest the most in the polymer guns. I really like the Thumb Safety on the M&P and the fact it’s a natural (at least for me) motion just like the 1911, no training or familiarity issues. I almost pulled the trigger on a M&P (1.0) but decided to wait when I heard about the M2.0, boy am I glad I did.

I got the opportunity to get out and shoot the new FDE M2.0 yesterday.

First it is a very smooth running gun, recoil is very manageable and
its quite pleasant to shoot, follow up shots are a quick and easy. The guns presents and points naturally, I was very surprised.

My first 5 rounds where about 2” left and about 2” low, I was able with concentration and by really watching the trigger to get the group to center up. Something didn’t quite feel right about the small backstrap insert I was using. It felt good while holding the gun in the hand, but not while firing.

Since they are so simple to change out, twist the lock at the bottom of the grip turn
In either direction and pull it out. Then remove the backstrap, install a new backstrap, insert the lock and give it a twist you’re done, super simple.

So I installed the Medium grip backstrap and much to my surprise, groups effortlessly went to point of aim and elevation dead on. I was surprised how much difference just a change of backstrap made. I tested the gun with the other two backstraps, Medium-Large and Large and settled on the Medium it just worked best for me.

I ran 8 magazines of 17 rounds with no malfunctions running WWB 115grn ball.
The gun just runs so smooth its scary and the thumb safety worked just like a 1911
so there were no issues there for me.

The slide release was a little stiff but got better as the gun was shot as did the trigger. The trigger is such an improvement over the old M&P and seems to be getting smoother the more rounds I put through it. I’ve shot Glocks and this trigger is much better than a stock Glock trigger. I also think the grip angle makes the M2.0 handle better and easier to shoot good than a Glock.

Now the bad, I reloaded my magazines and ran out of WWB and opened a couple of boxes of Perfecta I’d picked up at Wally World. I wanted to run all the mags with 17 +1 in the chamber. First mag ran great except this time it did not lock back the slide on the last round, Loaded another mag of Perfecta, this time I got a slide over cartridge jam and a failure to lock back the mag. Went to a mag of WWB, ran perfect. Watched the next mag of Perfecta and the spent casings would just pop a inch or two out of the ejection port and fall at my feet. Report and recoil was not on par with the WWB either. This was some weak under loaded ammo so looks like you’ll have to run the good stuff in this one. Perfecta is not Perfection.

I ran a mag of 17 +1 of 124grn Federal HST, absolutely no issue with it. However where
The 115 grn Ball was printing at the top of the sight, the 124’s were printing more about the level of the white dot, just under the top of the sight.

I also did some draw and fire drills, double taps etc and was really impressed by how the gun presented on draw and handled over all with follow up shots being quick and easy.
I just really can’t say enough about how well this gun shot and felt( yeah I know I’m repeating myself). I also shot some Dueling Tree with it and it handled very well doing that. Not as good as the ole 1911 but I have vastly more experience shooting a 1911.

I really think I’m going to enjoy this gun, I might just have to get the Dillon setup to reload 9mm. I have the dies, toolhead, shell plate everything I need but just no real reason to do it till now. Oh and I need bullets.

Next clean up was easy, Q-Tips and brush, all was good. I did and do like to remove the firing pin from the firing pin channel after each outing on my Shields, so I did the same with this one. Very easy to do and I noticed something not present on the Shields. S&W has drilled a hole in the slide toward the front and side of the firing pin channel. I believe this is probably to let water drain from the firing pin channel and prevent hydro locking as demonstrated in the testing of the original M&P on the Military Arms Channel.

Over all I’m just tickled sh*tless with this Pistol, will it make me a total convert to 9mm?
No, I just got my new .45 Shield zeroed yesterday too, but it does fill a long time void in my handgun repertoire and quite nicely at that.

The Gun:

The little taped over cluster of 5 to the low left are the first 5 shots. (Range on a pictures is about 12 yards).

After shooting a few drills:

Another example of grouping. ( What a difference a backstrap makes).

Dueling Tree Pic. ( Tons of fun).

Thanks from 1KPerDay and Dougboffl

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