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This is a discussion on Here ya go old timers within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; What ever, I will stick with my 1911 and the W-W Black Rino rnd. Makes me " feel " prepared....

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Old January 2nd, 2017, 09:04 AM   #46
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What ever, I will stick with my 1911 and the W-W Black Rino rnd.
Makes me " feel " prepared.

Thanks from MrM1A
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Refer to my first post about slapping! I just felt the need much quicker this go around.

Thanks from MrM1A
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Well, that was seven wasted minutes listening to an internet "expert".

Thanks from MrM1A and Wasted ammo
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Old timers

Originally Posted by nf1e View Post
What ever, I will stick with my 1911 and the W-W Black Rino rnd.
Makes me " feel " prepared.
Me too,
I have carried other handguns and to be truthful I just feel Naked. Not saying everything else is junk,but I get the warm fuzzes and peace knowing I have my 45, Ready for anything.. Also not sure about the time frame but it seems about a year ago a man and his daughter were hiking in Alaska and were charged by a griz. I think he shot it like 17 times but it did the job..And they both walked away!

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Meh. I still don't buy it, but I do respect that he addressed the criticism instead of running away with his tail between his legs. The asinine name-calling and disparagement of people who disagree with him does not advance his case.

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Originally Posted by Wasted ammo View Post
I believe Speer makes the gold dot hollows, not sure who loads them commercially.
Speer loads them. CCI might, because they are the same company. The CCI Velocitor .22lr uses Gold Dot technology, and it sounds like a baseball bat hitting a melon when used on P dogs. If I carried a .22 for SD, that's what I would use. I've seen and heard the damage that they can do.

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Something everyone needs to understand:

Youtube is no longer the outlet of amateur enthusiasts. These people are "professional" youtubers.

What is a Professional Youtuber? It is someone that makes money off the advertisement fees gained by their channel, and how much money that is depends on the number of views that channel gets. There are a number of ways to gain hits, you can post links to your latest video on various boards, you can spout opinions that are highly controversial or emotionally charged and open up the comments section, that will get you traffic as people come to argue under the video, or you can do both.

What these people truly believe. I don't know, but I do know a good argument in the comments section is good for business.

Now, you all need to pay me $25 for this lesson in: "How to make money on Youtube", next lesson: "The groin-shot, or kittens? Which is more lucrative".

Thanks from MrM1A
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Old January 9th, 2017, 05:52 AM   #53
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What was that guy saying , my hearing aid battery went out again . No replacement for displacement .

Thanks from MrM1A
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What did the DI tell the fat guy in FMJ? Boy, I think the best part of you ran down your momma's leg. Seems to apply to a lot of "people" these days.

Recoil? I know what recoil is, I feel it sometimes if I'm not "in the zone". How recoil affects you is totally up to you. I remember my wife shooting a GI 1911A1 with GI issue ammo (when I was training for the Bn. Combat Pistol Team in an earlier life). She was 5'5" or so and 108 lbs. The "recoil" would stop when her hands and pistol were up above her line of sight on the target. Her very first group with that old wore out 1911A1 was all in the black (we were at the indoor range at Ft. Belvoir but I have no idea of the distance). My buddy (6'4" tall and 230 lbs. or so) was really PO's because she was shooting better groups than he was.

The other day, she asked me if she could shoot my Ruger Speed Six 2&3/4" .357 magnum with factory 125 grain hollow points. Again, the recoil stopped with that little flash bang generator up above her line of sight. She shot a nice group, too, especially since I don't think she'd ever shot it before.

Remember when the 1911 was "obsolete/no good" because it was a single stack semi-auto with only 8 or 9 rounds in it when there were so many modern double stack 9MM handguns available with 14 to 16 rounds in them? Now what is the 'big" thing? Single stack pistols (XDS, Glock, etc) with 7 or 8 rounds of 9MM, or .40 S&W.

It's always about money and how to convince people to spend theirs on something you're selling.

Nope, don't carry my 1911 anymore. I carry a CZ P07. Why? I wanted a dependable accurate handgun that I would regret scratching, gouging, rusting, etc. from my EDC in the yard, the woods, the garage, the road, etc. The P07 fits that bill. I still have one of my Colt 1911's loaded and in reach in the bedroom.

Don't trust a 1911 and 230 grain FMJ? Read up on the MOH citations available/accessible from the internet. Think about those guys that used a 1911 to kick butt in battle against multiple armed and trained soldiers and then keep telling yourself the 1911 and hardball won't work anymore.

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Pick a platform and train with it. I don't believe one is better than the other. I'd rather spend my time and money shooting it than arguing semantics. I'm sure the enemies in their graves could give two ****s.

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Awards Showcase


When I see a man that looks like he is the progeny of Fozy the Bear, I have a hard time staying focused.....Wakha, wakha, wakha....

Thanks from Wasted ammo
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