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This is a discussion on Spanish 9MM Largos within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; You know, there are times when you have to ignore the old worn out clichés about guns that some folks talk down. Especially when no ...

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Spanish 9MM Largos

You know, there are times when you have to ignore the old worn out clichés about guns that some folks talk down.
Especially when no one really takes time to find out the facts.

A while back I got a hold of a mint Astra 400 made in 1935. It was chambered for 9MM Largo. A week later I was offered a Star Modello Super also in 9mm Largo.

I was told that 9MM Largo was impossible to get but within a day I found a large amount of Spanish surplus 9MM Largo. Yea, I know it's corrosive but
that also is a old worn out tale of horror that turns out to be foolish.

I took the time to really clean both pistols and took them to the range.

The Star Modello Super turned out to be a joy to shoot and built very well.
The Largo has more power than the 9MM parabellum and there was a little more recoil but the accuracy was very good and no jams.

The Astra 400 was a total surprise. I know most people look at it and think it's weird and ugly but I found it really friendly to shoot. It fits well in my hand and does not have any objectionable recoil and once I thoroughly cleaned the gun , the trigger pull was still stiff but not overly. Aside form being a little heavy, I liked it more than the Modello Super. The Astra accuracy was really amazing.

As I load for all my weapons, reloading the 9MM Largo was easy using regular 9MM dies.

I think in the future these two pistols will follow what happened to the Italian Carcano.

Used to be $50 now in the $200. range. Theres another urban legend about how bad the Carcano was. In good shape and WITH THE PROPER AMMO,
The shoot as well as many other military rifles of it's day.

Don't talk down anything till you've tried it.
You might be pleasantly surprised.

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My carry gun is a Star Modello Super "B" model, in 9MM para. I paid $150 wholesale at SOG and so far it has been 100% reliable. So far it's killed two coyotes & a sack full of armadillos! Thought about having some Novak three dots installed & having it parked.

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I had one of the Star's in 9mm Largo years ago and enjoyed shooting it and found it to be as reliable as any 1911 type pistol. I parted with it in a weak moment and wish i hadn't.

I've never owned an Astra 400, but kinda always wanted one. In the 80's or 90' sometime, several of the gun writer's did a combined article on what their one, world-wide carry pistol would be. One of them, I believe it was Duane Thomas (Thompson?) choose the Astra 400. ACCORDING TO HIM, the configuration of extractor/ejector/bolt face of the Astra 400 would allow most of them to fire any cartridge of 9mm caliber with the same case head as the 9mm Largo, i.e. 380, 9x18, 9x19, etc that was shorter than the 9mm Largo. Some would even feed and cycle with 9x19 but have to be manually loaded and cycled with the lesser cartridges. His theory was that a single shot pistol was better than a pistol with no ammo.

I am not advocating this but a buddy of mine has fired 9x19 thru his but it stovepipes alot but actually cycles fine with some Israeli 9mm submachine gun ammo that is way to HOT for any other pistol.


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CCI made some 9mm Largo aka 9x23mm Bergman-Bayard in their Blazer line. I still see it occasionally at gun shows.

As for the Carcano , I bought one 6.5mm carbine , supposedly the same rifle used to assassinate JFK , at the Woolworths in the KofP Plaza back in HS for $15. They had a drum of various old surplus rifles. A box of Norma ammo cost just as much. Firing it , I had horrible accuracy and most bullets keyholed. I too wrote it off , but later found out most post-war ammo was loaded with an incorrect dia bullet.

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