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This is a discussion on FEG Mod. PJK-9HP within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I've been working on a side project over the past 2 years with the Browning P-35 design of the High power FEG clone. I purchased ...

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I've been working on a side project over the past 2 years with the Browning P-35 design of the High power FEG clone.

I purchased a lot of surplus FEG imports and one FN made High Power. All are the P-35 design.

I wanted to pass on my quick review of two of the FEGs that I've finished restoring.

For those that are not familiar with the FEG imports, many were faithful clones of the FN produced P-35 design. This means they will accept all replacement parts with usually little to no hand fitting.

The two I restored had a completely worn finish and were in rough shape. I machined new crowns on each FEG and replaced the sear, other small parts, roll pins, and thoroughly went over every part to make sure it was in spec and serviceable.

I then nitrided the major parts including the slide, frame and barrel. It was a fun project that yielded three very reliable and accurate high-power handguns. The finish is not your shiny blued finish that is common on these because I like my guns to be working guns. The nitride leaves a matte finish that is corrosion resistant and very hard.

I'm a Sig 225 and 226 fan from way back and still love my Sigs, but these HPs are some of the most impressive shooting handguns I've every owned. The genius of John Browning never ceases to amaze me.

I shot these three more accurately than anything I've ever shot. What's more, the FEG clones are well done and the original PJK-9HP models are very faithful to the P-35 design, and I can't tell a difference in accuracy or reliability between the FEG and FN at the range. I push them very hard and get'em hot, and they just keep on doing their thing.

One caveat; the later models of the FEG changed the design of the barrel cam and slide catch. If you want a faithful clone of the HP, the early model PJK-9HP with the cross bolt FN/Browning type system of barrel, slide and frame lock up. These early models make finding replacement parts as easy as finding Browning HP source because the parts are interchangeable.
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Thanks from liftrat22

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A problem with the FEG guns is though the parts were made to original BHP specs in measurements most parts received no tempering of any kind. Not all parts need to be tempered. So with a FEG when they fail multiple parts often need replaced unlike a FN or Browning that a single part needs replaced.

I had a used FEG once & was not impressed. Fixed the thing & used it as a trade in for a new FN. The FEG did light primer strikes. Firing pin was bent & someone replaced the firing pin spring with the wrong size. I've never even heard of a bent firing pin on a FN or Browning but have had to replace firing pin springs.

But more to the original post, not hard to find military & police trade in Hi Powers. And if you want to learn about them it is the way to go. But keep in mind that there are different versions so some parts are specific to that version.

There are other knock offs of the BHP. The Argentine FM is suppose to be a good copy but poor finish on the slide & frame. The Israeli Kareem is sought after as a collector item.

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My FEG has well over 2k rds with a spring change the only trouble. Mine has a high polished finish. The pistol now resided in my best friends volvo as a defender while in root to CLT Airport ( believe it or not the 12 years I worked for USAirways there were 3 incidents of gang bangers trying to jack a pilot or mechanics car within a mile of the airport...all three resulted in no car jacking with 2 likely hits given the blood trail left behind). The only beef I had is the Hi-power mags don't interchange.

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FEG mags wouldn't fit my HPs but the HP mags would fit in the FEG.

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Does this meen you're getting into the pistol-smith buisness as well? if so, send me a price list!

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I have a old Belgian HP that has had slide/action and decocker work done to it. It is my favorite 9mm to shoot. My uncle picked up a FEG HP and that was cerakoted duo tone.(kinda ugly at first) After shooting them together other than the FEG not having the decocker the 'clone' shoots surprisingly well.
So now my uncle want to trade his FEG and really nice looking a Savage 99 in .243 in exchange for my sidestamped polytech M14.

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Nice work John, I have one of the same pistols and it has become my favorite pistol. Mine had an unreliable extractor which I swapped out for a browning part and it has been a tank with thousands of rounds of reloads and various factory ammo.

Its hard to beat the way it fits the hand and points instinctively....

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