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Ruger.44 mag vs. Glock 20?

This is a discussion on Ruger.44 mag vs. Glock 20? within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I'm a 10mm fan so I'm a bit biased. I've had a couple G20s and a G29 but sold/traded them. Not because of the round ...

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Old November 27th, 2012, 10:04 AM   #16
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I'm a 10mm fan so I'm a bit biased. I've had a couple G20s and a G29 but sold/traded them. Not because of the round but just because I don't like Glocks. I have several other guns chambered for 10mm including Colts, Witness, S&W 610, Ruger Blackhawk and a custom built Fusion Commander. All shoot well and are fairly accurate. I prefer the 10mm Silvertips for carry and they are pretty good performers. I say go for the 10mm.

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Old November 27th, 2012, 06:35 PM   #17
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RUGER....goes bang everytime!!!!!

Thanks from berndog
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I have a Ruger Alaskan for a woods gun, and I can see how it gets heavy QUICKLY. I carried my 1911 on a 5 day backpacking hike on the AT and the wieght showed quickly. I have been considering this as a solution:

If they dont make one for your specific model, there are dozens of Leather-smiths that can copy the same design.

Im not a revolver guy, just a guy that likes options. Worst case - get both.

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I love my 1911 and .45acp ball has great penetration on thin skin big game but if big bears are even a remote possibility I'd stick with the Ruger.

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Old November 27th, 2012, 07:30 PM   #20
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Originally Posted by edporch View Post
If you would decide to try the Glock 20 10mm, replace the stock barrel with a 6.02" aftermarket stainless barrel.

I replaced mine with a Storm Lake 6.02" stainless barrel for better chamber support and an increase in muzzle velocity.

If you reload, the much fuller chamber support will allow you to load some really potent rounds.

Combine this with the 15 round magazine capacity, and the more compact profile, you get a gun that though not as powerful as a .44 magnum, is no slouch either.

Though going against a grizzly, a .44 magnum is not enough I'd trust, but I would trust my Glock 20 10mm in NW Wisconsin where I have a cabin in the woods and black bears.
The Glock, with a 6" match bbl & a fully supported chamber will push a 180 grain bullet 1,400 fps! That's nothing to sneeze at. If I were to encounter a bear, I'd rather have a .44mag, but I think a Glock, outfitted as described, would be able to do the job with the right ammunition.

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Originally Posted by huntinghawk View Post
ANYONE that has an animal charge at them can tell you penetration is everything. And with a bear or hog, about all you will have for a target is the head. You best have something that will penetrate skull & brain. And that skull is rounded so easy the round can be deflected.

Years ago I was swamp hunting for deer with a bow. Young boar charged at me. Three shots with a 357. Two deflected off the skull. Shots were 30-10ft. If a fourth shot was needed it would have been point blank.
Was less then a month later I bought my first Super Blackhawk.

So my experience was penetration was the most critical thing. When I had gone to Montana moose hunting a year later I was warned to bring a 44. Most hunters mulled by bears was while they were cleaning their game & rifle wasn't in reach.


another good Post HH. From what i have learned from folks who have had run ins with species near our rung of the food ladder....

It's not like "oh my god a bear, i better draw" it happens fast.... real fast.

I know the times i have come across hogs they were 5 yards away or less ...

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Old November 27th, 2012, 08:20 PM   #22
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I had a S&W 10mm that I carried in the back country for years. My wife (girlfriend at the time) my friend, and myself walked over a small hill and ran headlong into two bull moose eating less than 15 yds away. My first thought was, crap, all I have is this 10mm, this is not good.

I LOVE the 10mm round, it is my favorite semi-auto caliber, but I bought a Ruger in 357 mag and load it hot for my back country excursions. Where I go, Grizzlies are very rare, but black bear, cougar, drunks, bums etc are the species I need protection from.

Hope that helps.

BTW the G20 SF, G21 SF, and G19 are the only Glocks I would own, but if I had another S&W in 10mm I would still choose the larger revolver caliber. (I guess I did choose it actually)

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Originally Posted by huntinghawk View Post
i would get a shoulder holster & some speed loaders. Cheap fix is suspenders. At the range of a charging bear just how many accurate shots do you think you would get off? Penetration is everything when defending yourself from something like a bear or a boar.

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