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This is a discussion on Sig 2022 or Smith M&P within the Handguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Looking for the one in a million shooter that has experience with BOTH pistols. This with be the new 9mm truck pistol. Both feel decent ...

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Old May 19th, 2012, 07:20 PM   #1
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Sig 2022 or Smith M&P

Looking for the one in a million shooter that has experience with BOTH pistols. This with be the new 9mm truck pistol. Both feel decent in my big paw (Smith a little better) so I'm looking for someone with experience in their reliability department. I'm aware neither trigger is going go impress me.
THX in advance.

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Old May 19th, 2012, 07:38 PM   #2
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I have shot both, and both are very good. I like the Sig because of my personal preference for DA/SA triggers, but in fact, I shoot the striker-fired autos more consistently. I also prefer the ergos of the M&P.

But first, I would ask what you carry on a daily basis?

If your regular concealed carry is a Sig P229, obviously the Sig Pro is going to give you that familiar feel. However, if you pack a M&P9C as your regular carry, the M&P is your best bet. Familiarity with a single platform is hard to beat.

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Old May 19th, 2012, 07:43 PM   #3
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Springer 1911 is what I am used to. I've shot my wife's Beretta quite a bit and its OK.

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Old May 19th, 2012, 08:53 PM   #4
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I have two 2022s and the triggers on those guns are better out of the box than the other, more expensive Sigs that I own. Both of my 2022s have been 100% reliable. I've never had an issue with either one.

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Old May 20th, 2012, 06:52 AM   #5
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My SP2022 .40 has been awesome from Day 1. I have ~550 rounds through it with 0 failures of any kind. Finding a holster for it that I like has been 'challenging', i.e., I'm still searching for The One.
That said, I currently use it as my EDC CCW using a Lightningwear deep concealment holster - very stealthy, but not as fast as some of my other holsters. The SP2022 along with some humongous Federal JHPs? I trust this pistol with my life.

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Old May 20th, 2012, 07:49 AM   #6
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I prefer the SIG for the simple fact is traditional DA/SA and not striker fired like the M&P

id be all over the M&P if it were traditional DA/SA

Ergonomics are great on both maybe slightly better on the M&P

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Old May 20th, 2012, 02:30 PM   #7
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Are there not any ranges in your area that rent them out, so you can try them?

We have a range that just charges $5 per gun and it goes towards the purchase.

It would be worth checking out.

Good Luck

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Old May 21st, 2012, 03:56 AM   #8
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My vote would be for the 2022 (9mm), but I am a sig fan. I have shot the M&P, but I own a 2022. I shoot it all the time, I have never had any failure to feed or stove pipes...or any failure for that matter. I'm talking thousands of rounds at the range and tactical competitions. Never noticed any kind of issue with the trigger, I was really impressed, it shoots very well, when I do my part. I really wasn't expecting much for how cheap it was.

Downside is the magazines are not cheap and difficult to find, I had to call sig directly to find/order some. It also has a plastic guide rod(don't know what the S&W has) not that it has ever caused any issues, maybe its just a mental thing that a plastic guide rod bothers me a little, but I've heard there are steal replacements that you can get. I've just never bothered because I inspect it very well when I clean after shooting and so far so good. Still overall I was very impressed with what I got for how low the price is for the 2022.

Not to say the S&W would be a bad choice, I have shot them and had no issues. Everyone that I know that owns them loves them. They felt very glock-ish to me, so if you are a glock fan go with it.

Either way they are both good firearms and you'll probably be happy with either.

-if you go with the sig and this is your first sig, be prepared for the sig addiction to begin :)

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Old May 21st, 2012, 01:53 PM   #9
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Quick follow up..... Stopped in to see me local gun shop this morning. He had a Smith M&P NIB came with 3 mags, kydex holster, holster for mags AND speed loader (that ill never use but wife will). He cut me a smoking deal and I couldn't resist. It feels great in the hands. Actually like the holster. Cleaning and fondling today, desert range tomorrow. Over got 100 rounds 115 gr Winchester and 50 rds Federal. The more I fondle, the more I love. My cousin is a State Trooper in Washington, says they issued the. 40 cal version up there 2 years ago, his has over 2500 rounds through without a hiccup and he loves his. I couldn't be happier. Unless it was free!

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