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here's my choice for weapons grease

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Originally Posted by Wasted ammo View Post
...If you ever need to talk feel free to PM me! I understand and then some!
This Forum's members are awesome!

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Lubriplate is pretty good stuff. I use it on all my rifles, handguns and shotguns. It works when it is hot and it has worked for me in temps down to -15 F. It also doesn't burn off easily.

Thanks from Stg1944
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I picked up a 14 ounce can of Supertech Hi Temp grease from Wallyworld 2 years ago. Works just as well as the GI grease I had to toss due to water contamination. I use it on all my semiautos and really works to take the SPRONG!!! out of an AR buffer tube during firing.

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Thanks from Stg1944
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Motion Industries has Lubriplate products. See post #33 here ...

Lubriplate 130A

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Midway has 1 pound buckets for about $9. It is not always listed on their web sight but if you call to place an order and ask for it they have it.

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Originally Posted by Puccini View Post
All this talk about grease needs a little reality. Military quality grease is made for high volume applications and extreme changes of humidity and temperature and dirt. Battle condition are the primary reason they choose a formulation.

In our world of average shooting and careful storage practically any decent grease is ok. All this talk about this special grease or some producers high end expensive grease is a waste of money. Hell just plain old marine quality grease a $3 a tub from your local auto store is good to go.

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I couldn't agree more....

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As a retired techie I research and keep parts of old posts on M14 grease and oil suggestions (at my age I have to). I have been amazed how each thread on this subject in the last 20 years has its own champion grease or oil. Here is an example of past relevant posts in quotes on grease and oil and a few notes i have collected.

General Oil and Grease comments on the M-14

“.... Oil was originally used on the M1 Garand, too. The way I remember it (from reading about it, not living it) was that oil was used to start with but in the Pacific, during heavy tropical rainstorms, the oil would wash off and the rifle malfunctioned. At that time testing was done to find out what would stay on the metal surfaces and keep the rifle functioning and they settled on a specific type of grease. ...”

“... After my Army years I only oiled my M1A (from 1978 to about 2005, when I got my first M1 Garand from the CMP). I never greased my M1A till I was doing it for the M1 and just moved to grease for the M1A as well (one M1A, several M1 Garands.) For grease I use(d) marine grade bearing grease (more water/moisture resistant than many greases) and Mobil One for everything not greased. ...”

“... One reason not to lube is a desert environment, that sand and dust gets into EVERYTHING! And grease & oil only exacerbate the problem, we ran our M16's dry. ...”

“...We used Lubriplate, oil and WD-40 in 1966 Viet Nam. We had WD-40 coming out of our ears; rumor was the company was shipping it to us for free. We almost had as much WD-40 as we did Kool-Aid.

The WD-40 was used to 'dry-clean' the M14 and to displace the moisture as most everything there was either wet or almost dry. Lubriplate was used on the bolt rails and oil most everywhere else. ...”

“... Civilian use of the M14 is much more forgiving as most civilian shooters don't drag their rifles through the mud, sand, and weather conditions that play havoc on actions, etc. Competition shooters do grease their rifles. Grease is the best lubricant for the M1 and M14. It should be applied and practically wiped off at the same time, leaving only a very thin coating in the op rod and bolt lug ways of the receiver and to the bolt roller and cam areas of the operating rod. I do not recommend greasing the op rod shaft. A drop of light oil should be applied to the trigger and hammer pins. ...”

“.... There are times when grease should not be applied. I found this out the hard way at Ft. Ord while shooting a ITT match on the beach range. Blowing sand and grease in my rifle thoroughly bent my operating rod, disabling the rifle. That put me out of the match. The op rod was so well bent that it took a good sized mallet to open the action and remove the rod. I still grease my rifles, but there are exceptions for conditions. Without lubrication, parts wear out much faster so keep that in mind. ...”

“... no location lubricated by grease on a rifle (M1 or M14) should exceed 170 deg F. The reason that Lubriplate 130A was originally specified for use on the M1 rifle had nothing to do with heat - it had to do keeping those surfaces (specifically the rear of the bolt) lubricated in a very wet environment - like in a hard downpour. Water tends to wash light oil from surfaces while grease repells the water much better. ...”

“Lubricant technology has developed greatly in the 100yrs since Lubriplate was #1.
Lubriplate is basically petroleum oil mixed with powdered calcium to thicken it. ...”

Historical Oil and Grease (around but not in wide use today)

LSA (lubricant,small arms) The little green/brown squirt bottle. Hard to find today except in some surplus markets.

GAA (Grease, Automotive and Artillery)

Thanks from Old Sarge
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