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Norinco MAK 91 National Match

This is a discussion on Norinco MAK 91 National Match within the Foreign forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I traded off my slightly defaced P-08 Luger today at the gun show for a very nice Norinco MAK 91 National Match rifle. It has ...

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Norinco MAK 91 National Match

I traded off my slightly defaced P-08 Luger today at the gun show for a very nice Norinco MAK 91 National Match rifle. It has a crappy painted thumbhole style stock but otherwise is beautiful, milled receiver has JPE Pomona Cal stamped on it. It has a milled barrel the guy said was made by Steyr??? He claimed it was dead nuts accurate and from I've heard about them I have to believe him. Can someone enlighten me as to dates of manufacture, barrel info?
I also picked up a nice built '84 Yugo M72 RPK, all its missing is the cleaning rod which I assume is specific to the model with the longer barrel, is it the same as the one used on the AES10-B? Thanks for any info...Happy Guy

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Old July 22nd, 2008, 10:00 PM   #2
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Sounds like a nice find, though I'm not sure about any Chinese connection with Steyr.

I know Bulgaria had some tech transfer from them, Steyr regarding barrel mfg. so you couldn't rule out them dealing with another combloc country.

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There are two versions of the NHM90/91, both made by Norinco. The first is the NHM90/91(AK47 Thumbhole) imported in 1991-1993. Came with a 5 round mag, in 5.56x45 or 7.62x39. This, apparently was the original rifle referred to as the Mak-90.

The second NHM90/91Sport had a choice of 16.34" barrel (NHM-90) or 23.27" barrel (NHM-91. The NHM-91 came with a bipod, and a hardwood thumbhole stock.

I have an NHM-91 Sport. The stock is varnished wood, with a funky recoil pad. It has the longer barrel and bipod, and what appears to be more of an RPK contour barrel, chrome lined. When I bought it, only the mags designed for it would fit without modification. There was a rivet installed in the mag-well, and the magazine was machined with a groove in the locking lug, to allow the rivet to pass.

Fortunately, the rivet soon loosened, blocking any magazine insertion, and then fell out. Today, the gun accepts any AK magazine.

I don't know why the Chinese would have bought technology from Steyr for this rifle. They were quite adept at stealing and copying anything that they found interesting. I do believe that the story was just another "I heard" selling point.

The rifle is accurate, and has the nicest trigger that I've ever shot on a Chinese rifle. Accuracy may well be from the longer barrel, and sight radius, rather than any barrel technology, though.

According to the Blue Book, a 98%, pre 1994 NHM90/91 is worth $675.00. The later NHM90/91 is worth $500.00.

Amazingly, I bought mine, NIB, with the 3 5-shot mags, sling, and cleaning kit, in the mid-1990 time frame, for $275.00.

I'm not familiar with any having a painted stock, all of them that I've seen were thumbholes, with varnished wood. A group of County Police that I shot with back then all bought the "Mak-90" versions, and cut and shaped the thumbhole stock into servicable versions of the original AK wood.

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"Steyr barrels" are often brought up in sales literature, when in reality, it should be "Steyr style barrels" or "barrels built with the Steyr process (but not actual Steyr licensed machinery).

The Chinese and other places where there is no copyright protection can build their own barrel making machinery using Steyr patented processes and get busy with no fear of litigation.

Marketing departments then stretch the truth so far, that sometimes it comes 'round and bites 'em on the posterior. . .

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I had an NHM91 I bought NIB in 1994 (about 2 weeks before the ban) for $225 but it did not come with a bipod. I traded it along with a Chinese drum mag in 2005 for a NIB Kimber 1911, but have come to regret it. It was one of the more accurate AKs I owned. The chrome lined barrel looked to me to match the build quality of the rest of the rifle. The dealer I got it from seemed pretty knowledgeable about the rifle. If it had a Steyr barrel I am sure he would have told me. Enjoy your rifle though-- I certainly miss mine.

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I have one of these - it was my first AK. Bought it new right before the ban. The original stock was a brown painted thumbhole, with a recoil pad. It came with a bipod, I think 30-rd mags, cleaning kit & sling. I replaced the thumbhole not long ago with walnut furniture from Ironwood Designs.

I certainly don't think it's a Steyr barrel, but it's definitely a nice shooter. The materials, fit & finish are all excellent.

Here are a couple of pics.

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I have deciphered from the serial number that this is a '93 model, it is without a doubt the most accurate AK I have ever fired. It doesn't appear to have ever had a bi-pod on it, I had the little Chinese characters deciphered and it basically says "very accurate rifle". Its interesting in the study of the two corporations Norinco which was state owned and Polytech which was as close as privately owned as was possible and run by Chinese government official's kids. Polytech got into some trouble with the U.S. goverment for apparantly trying to ship some FA AK's through the U.S. to another country without filing proper paperwork or some damned thing. They no longer are in business. The 386 factory that built most of these MAK 90/91 was state run and sent rifles to both Norinco and Polytech. I've been told that the MAK90/91s were basically Legends without bayonet capability, the longer barrel is another difference. I like this thing almost as much as I do my Yugo M72.

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