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This is a discussion on Enfields ? within the Foreign forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Originally Posted by Lazerus2000 I spent some time shooting DCRA matches, and had a 7.62 NATO conversion that was unbelievably accurate with military issue IVI ...

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Originally Posted by Lazerus2000 View Post

I spent some time shooting DCRA matches, and had a 7.62 NATO conversion that was unbelievably accurate with military issue IVI 7.62 NATO BALL ammo, and the precision Parker Hale Target iron sights. There were several different 7.62 NATO conversions for the Lee Enfields, with different 7.62 dedicated magazines. The DCRA 7.62 target versions were built on MAGNAFLUXED receivers. Extraction of the smaller based 7.62 cartridges involved a new dedicated 7.62 extractor. Reliable ejection was often an issue in rapid fire with some conversions that relied on a ejector built into the magazines as a protruding "finger". A better ejection system involved cutting a slot into the bolt face for a spring loaded pin that popped in during the bolt travel to the rear.

All in all, the Lee Enfield was one of the most rugged, durable, and RELIABLE rifle designs ... EVER!
The Indian 7.62 NATO versions are not always of best quality, but the 7.62 NATO AUSTRALIAN Lee Enfields have re-designed bolts, ejectors, and use slightly modified M 14 magazines ( no hole in the front to accept the op rod guide). In Canada, where there is a 5 rd magazine limit for semi auto center fire rifles, these Australian Enfiekld 10 rd mags are LEGAL for use, and are seen in practical rife competitions ...
where they seem to feed fairly reliably ...even without the op rod guide hole.
As we say in the British Empire
( Ta Ta For Now)

I was lucky enough to at least "See" one of these Canadian service rifle conversions you speak of down her in Florida at my local pawn shop, obviously he had just screwed someone out of it because he was smiling like a Cheshire cat playing with it, I asked him and he told me it was a 7.62 match rifle, it had a micrometer diopter sight on the rear that looked suspiciously like the Lyman, could've been Parker-Hale. Told the pawn guy I might be a player for it, but, he turned me down saying it was going into his collection, he said something about the value being North of $2000, he didn't even want to let me touch it, but, it looked like the real deal.

I did a little reading because I was curious after seeing it, seems some conversions have extraction issues and they just use 5 round mags designed to aid in getting the fired case out manually and folks just live with it(?) And some are full on modified with bolts & magazines to extract 7.62 as it should(?)

I'm a sucker for almost any milsurp 7.62 conversion. Thanks for sharing...

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I thought everyone had at least one.

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Originally Posted by smleenfield View Post
These are much more appropriate for what they should be drilling with considering the uniforms.
2nd Boar War ?

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I want one of the 7.62 versions

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Originally Posted by CharlieLima View Post
2nd Boar War ?
They date from 1889 to 1901 so would have seen service then.

Thanks from CharlieLima
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The only Enfield I have is a really nice L1A1 kit made in 1959, it's got very little wear at all , I'm just waiting for a decent receiver preferably an Imbel to finish

IMG_0002 (11).jpg IMG_0003 (13).jpg IMG_0003 (10).jpg IMG_0009 (5).jpg

Thanks from Littlejohn

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Originally Posted by CharlieLima View Post
Never seen Enfields carried that way.

The only way I ever saw Rifles, other than the L1A1, carried was at "slope arms" (as known as "right" or "left shoulder arms" in the US) or "port arms".

The Foreign Service helmet, and the Slade-Wallace equipment were phased out after the Second Boer War in 1903-ish, however, given the far-flung nature of the British Empire, and the parsimony of the Government, troops outfitted as shown were probably not that uncommon.

(And, every D.I., D.S./DSgt ever, just cringed at their close-order drill....)

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Sporterized (1917) Enfield gifted to me.

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In the early 2000's I bought a 1903 Enfield SMLE that has the original volley sights on it. Paid $85, and gave it to my Dad. Now the original magazines cost almost as much as I paid for the rifle.

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